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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Moon River Episode 9-10 Recap

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Moon River Episode 9
Thoughtful as he watches Xiao Xi interacting with the orphanage kids, Liu Bing couldn't help but feel a similarity between himself and the defensive orphanage kids since after his mother suicide he was essentially an orphan as well. 

Unwilling to bend to his father's will, Liu Bing has no choice but to start living his life without the monetary support from his dad and that means trying new things like riding the bus. 

Lack of money doesn't stop Liu Bing from plotting though and he decides to pit Xiao Xi directly against Sha Xing (the spoiled princess) by anonymously entering her name into a contest to become the school's next spokesperson. Stunned to find herself the center of the attention again, Xiao Xi has no interest in the contest but things seems to be spinning out of her control. 
Shaking his head at Xiao Xi who is more concerned about her latest project of getting the orphanage kids computers and desks than winning the contest, Liu Bing can't helped by feel the urge to help out. 

Just when Xiao Xi is about tell the orphanage kids that she can't deliver on her promise, a shipment of new computers and desks all the sudden show up in the name of Liu Bing's grandfather. Jumping with excitement when he spies Xiao Xi crying tears of happiness from reading his note, Liu Bing's grandfather wonders why his grandson wouldn't just tell Xiao Xi that he was the one who ran to all those computer companies to convince them to sponsor the orphanage. 
Things are noticeably getting friendlier between our two leads despite Liu Bing's continual tendency to provoke Xiao Xi whenever he opens his mouth. Grateful to Liu Bing again when he pulled some strings to get the hospital to treat an orphanage child for free, Xiao Xi takes Liu Bing out for dinner.  
Furious that she would have to compete with someone like Xiao Xi, Sha Xing ignores Xiao Xi's attempt to to assure her that she never wanted to enter into the contest in the first place and declares that she will win for sure. 

Sha Xing's furry is fueled even more when her minions report to her that Jian Che (second lead) has taken to the streets to play his violin to help Xiao Xi raise money for the orphanage.  
Stopping Xiao Xi in the middle of her nervous rehearsal for the contestants' speech, Jian Che hands Xiao Xi the money he earned from playing in the street then rips up the speech her roommate had written for her. Looking at a completely freaked out Xiao Xi, Jian Che calmly tells her "Just say what you really wants to say." Walking past Liu Bin who has witnessed the whole thing, Jian Che warns "I told you not winning the contest would be better for Xiao Xi." Sigh... I am not on Jian Che's ship but I am pretty moved by the extend he is willing to go to help Xiao Xi.  

 Episode 10
Left with no choice but to follow Jian Che's advise to just speak from her heart now that her written talks has been ripped up, Xiao Xi stuns the crowd when she lectures the students' about their lack of charity toward other people. Fortunately, thanks to Hao Xue (the collage president's daughter/her friend) who was brave enough to stand up and publicly clap for the rather unorthodox speech, Xiao Xi's little lecture was received rather well.  
Wanting to reward Xiao Xi for how well she did on her impromptu speech, Liu Bing calls Xiao Xi out and hides as he watches her happily skip away with the Ramen noodle he prepared for her. 
While Sha Xing has called in the professionals (her dad's people) to combat Xiao Xi's increasing popularity among the students, Xiao Xi is busy with another crisis from the orphanage. The lack of funds has forced the director (and Xiao Xi/club) to desperately search for a business to sponsor the orphanage so it wouldn't have to close. 

After convincing Xiao Xi to stay in the spokesperson contest AND share a bed with him in exchange of him finding a business sponsorship for the orphanage, a rather dejected Liu Bing comes home to inform a disappointed Xiao Xi that he was unsuccessful in fulfilling his end of the deal. Watching Jian Che who showed up bright and early to take Xiao Xi out to find a business sponsor, Liu Bing couldn't help but be bothered. Unfortunately, even with Jian Che's help Xiao Xi was still unable to solve the orphanage's crisis and has no choice but to admit defeat. Fully expecting a crestfallen orphanage director, Xiao Xi was instead greeted by a giddy director who informs her that someone has donated fifty thousand dollars to the orphanage.  
Walking into her bedroom, Xiao Xi looks at Liu Bing who is pretending to be asleep and thank him for selling his watch in order to donate the much needed money to the orphanage. Keeping silent even when Xiao Xi compliments him for having a lot of charity, Liu Bing finally asks "More than Jian Che?" Sadly, Xiao Xi's snore is the only thing that answered Liu Bing's question. 
Not too surprised that she didn't win the spokesperson contest, Xiao Xi smiles when all of her friends rally around her to cheer her on. 

Showing up at the orphanage with her club that has since gotten bigger thanks to her charity speech, Xiao Xi gets a pleasant surprise when a business all the sudden shows up to sponsor the orphanage.  
Not in the mood to celebrate her hard earned victory over Xiao Xi at all, it is obvious that Sha Xing is not happy even with her supposed boyfriend Hao Nan beside her. 

Prompted by a tv program that asserted a candle light dinner is the best way to a girl's heart, Liu Bing decides to toss his pride aside and borrow money from Xiao Xi's roommate to personally make dinner for her. Wincing as he walks around the grocery store to buy a bunch of things that's way below his standard, Liu Bing mutters "Ming Xiao Xi, you better like this." 


  1. Thank you for the fast recap. I've watched only up until ep 6 and have been repeating the episodes while I wait for new subs. Times like these make me wish I can understand Mandarin. Again, thank you

  2. Thanks Miss Ninja, for the quick recap. @ Raisa Ramos said, waiting for the subbed episodes is torture.

    I really appreciate Lui Bing helping out Xiao Xi, he does have big heart to match hers. Poor Xiao Xi knows that she is being used by Lui Bing to be his shield against Sha Sha. Yet he won't allow her to remove herself from the battlefield, he all but forces the situation that makes Xiao Xi the centre of attention and keeps on showing people her best self and she will in turn make Guan Yu a better university.

    @ Raisa Ramos can catch up to ep 8 subbed in Dramafire look under Taiwanese & Hong Kong Drama.