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Saturday, September 19, 2015

She Was Pretty Ep. 1 & 2 Summary & First Impression

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Drama: She Was Pretty (그녀는 예뻤다)
Airs: Wednesday & Thursday
Episodes: 16
Synopsis: A fat kid in his school days, our hero returns to the country after 15 years to reconnect with the beautiful friendly girl he used to know. Stunned to see her first crush has grown up to be an attractive man, our heroine can't bring herself to reveal to hero that she has actually transformed from a swan to an ugly duckling. 

Episode 1 Summary 
Seemingly quite accepting of the fact of her own unattractive appearance, our heroine Kim Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) makes a strange pair with the femme fatale Min Ha Ri who is her best friend/roommate.
Busy living a life of working part time gigs with a dream of eventually getting a real job, Hye Jin's monotonous existence all the sudden turns exciting when her childhood friend/first crush suddenly contacted her after 15 years.
Thrilled to meet Ji Sang Joon (hero) again after so many years, Hye Jin's excitement turns to dismay when she realizes that the fat little kid she used to know has grown up to be a gorgeous man. Ashamed of her own appearance especially knowing that Sang Joon's memory of her is still that bright little girl that was the goddess of their elementary school, Hye Jin refuses to show herself to Sang Joon.
Convincing her best friend to pretend to be her for one night, Hye Jin watch with sadness as Sang Joon happily hugs Ha Ri. Faced with Sang Joon who obviously would really like to develop their friendship further, a flustered Ha Ri tells him that she is going to study abroad in England the very next day.
Deleting all of Sung Joon's e-mails, Hye Jin tells herself that it was for the best that she was able to end her first crush and not spoil Sang Joon's beautiful memory of her.

Hye Jin's dejection over her dead end crush soon turns to elation when she is informed that she has been hired by The Most, a magazine publishing company.
 Hye Jin's foray into the world of being a career woman doesn't start well as she first rips her pants then almost scares herself silly when she trips and freaks out over a minty gum thinking she has just knocked out her front tooth. Not feeling guilty at all that he was the cause of Hye Jin's fall and her subsequent little crisis, Kim Shin Hyuk (Choi Siwon and our second male lead) calmly picks up the gum (the one Hye Jin thought was her tooth) and puts it in his mouth.
From the hints the show has dropped so far it's probably save to assume Shin Hyuk is the company president's son so that makes him a chaebol in disguise.   
Despite a rather rocky start, Hye Jin is overjoyed to be working and eagerly does all her tasks even though she seems to be the only one working in her department. Thanks to Shin Hyuk who recommends Hye Jin personally, a rather confused Hye Jin is all the sudden transferred to the magazine editing department for the next three months. Hye Jin's confusion turns to horror when she finds out that the department's new vice chief editor back from U.S. is none other than Sung Joon.

Episode 2
Terrified that Sung Joon would recognize her and find out how ugly she has become, Hye Jin tries to beg her ex-boss to transfer her back but was informed that the only way out of the editing department was for her to resign.

Notwithstanding Hye Jin's valiant effort to avoid Sung Joon at all cost, Hye Jin ends up getting trapped in an elevator with Sung Joon. Not connecting Hye Jin to his childhood friend at all, Sung Joon tries to calm the crazy hyperventilating woman down by playing the song Hye Jin has once played for him when they were little. Looking at Sung Joon who left without a backward glance at her, Hye Jin hangs her head in a mixture of sadness and relief. 
Trying to assure Hye Jin's dread that Sung Joon would one day find out her real identity, Ha Ri e-mails a picture of her in London to Sung Joon to make sure that he wouldn't figure out the truth.
The whole editing department has been charmed by Sung Joon's good looks and soft spoken manner so it was a rather cruel awakening when at their very first planning meeting Sung Joon shows his ruthless side. Sent by the central office to either make the magazine the top selling brand in Korea or discontinue the magazine, Sung Joon is determined to whip the whole department into shape. Taking a rather strong dislike to Hye Jin, Sung Joon mince no words when he calls Hye Jin brainless and sends her out of the department meeting.
Furious and a little stunned the horrible way Sung Joon is treating her, Hye Jin asks him point blank (after a few stuttering tries) if Sung Joon doesn't like her. Admitting freely of his dislike for her, Sung Joon drives the nail home by telling Hye Jin "and most importantly the fact that someone like you has the name Kim Hye Jin. It's a name that's too good for you." Ouch... Sung Joon is sure digging a pretty big hole for himself. 

Her whole illusion of the kind and warm Sung Joon she remembers from her childhood obliterated, Hye Jin vows that she will not resign over a jerk like him.

While Ha Ri has been patting herself on the back for fooling Sung Joon into believing that Hye Jin is in England, fate has other ideas and Sung Joon runs into Ha Ri at the hotel where she works at. And that's where the writer leaves us hanging.

First Impression
Actually, that's not too big of a cliff hanger because according to the previews I think it is pretty save to assume that Ha Ri manages to convince Sung Joon of why she is all the sudden back from England.

I am starting to think maybe this show will have four leads instead. As one who is not usually too found of shows that features two couples (unless we are talking about family dramas where the show is long enough to have multiple romance lines) I am pretty intrigued by all four leads thus far so for once I don't mind if She Was Pretty ends up going that route. At this point in time I actually wouldn't mind at all if the writer ends up matching Hye Jin with Shin Hyuk (Siwon's character) instead of Sung Joon. Speaking of Siwon, I was a bit unused to see him playing such a disheveled and eccentric character at first but by the end of episode two the character Shin Hyuk has really grown on me.

Anyhow, judging by the first two episodes, She Was Pretty certainly seems very promising. The whole premise of what happens when the frog comes back a prince but the princess has turned into a ugly duckling is certainly a very captivating one. Now it does makes one wonder when the prince all the sudden seems like he might actually still be a frog underneath his glamorous shell that maybe we should cheer for the prince pretending to be a frog after all.


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