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Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Diary of the Girl (C-Drama) First Impression

4:05 PM Posted by ninja 2 comments
Drama: The Diary of the Girl (女生日記/ 女生日記之做決定事務所)
Airs: Thursday
Episodes: 18

Synopsis: Made up of a group of eclectic students, the university's smallest club "Decision Making Club" helps their fellow students with the myriad of choices they face.

First Impression
Oh, my. This is one wacky but hilarious show. In the very first episode we follow the story of the club's newest member who introduces herself in a matter of fact tone that she is an alien.

The proof of her alien genes?? Well, does winning 10 rounds of rock, paper and scissor count?
 Left with no choice after losing the rock, paper and scissor bet, the three members of the club seem to have no problem with the girl's alien status and accept her right into the club.
This show surprisingly has moments of heart like when the club gathers a bunch of students to send a fitting farewell to their newest member's grandfather as he passes from this life. Yes, the alien grandfather. 

The show is in episodic format so the there is not exactly a central plot line so I don't really expect the show to expend on the whole alien background. However, judging from episode two where the whole episode was spend with all the characters trapped in an elevator and it was still hilarious to watch I guess plot really is not that important.

I didn't go into this show with a whole lot of expectation but was pleasantly surprised to find The Diary of the Girl pure fun. The plot so ridiculous that I just throw all logic to the wind and enjoy the show anyway. So do give this one a try... just don't try to watch it with logic in mind.


  1. Looks interesting! Any idea where can I watch this? :)

    1. Looks like Youtube has it, just search with 女生日記之做決定事務所. No English sub though.