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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Twenty Again (K-Drama) First Impression

Drama: Twenty Again (두번째 스무살)
Episodes: 16
Airs: Friday & Saturday 
Synopsis: After twenty years of of being a wife and mother, our heroine decides to throw herself into the university life as a freshman. 
Twenty Again Episode 1 & 2 Quick Summary
Married at the age of 19, after twenty years of being a wife and mom, Ha No Ra seems powerless to cross the chasm between her and the two man who has been everything to her. A psychology professor, Kim Woo Chul is overjoyed when No Ra finally agrees to sign a divorce agreement that is suppose to come into affect once their son, Min Soo enters into collage. It looks like Woo Chul is also carrying on an affair with another professor from work. 

Copying his dad's attitude towards No Ra, Min Soo looks at his mom with distaste and treats her coldly whenever No Ra tries to approach him. 
Wanting to at least try to become the kind of person that her husband and son could have conversations with, No Ra studies night and day to get accepted into an university. However, instead of being proud of No Ra, her husband and son are aghast that No Ra could even think about going to the same university as Min Soo. 

Already disappointed that she has to pull out of school because of her family's opposition, No Ra's loses all hope when her doctor informs her that she has cancer and only has six month left to live. (It was a patient who had similar sounding name as her. So she is not really dying.) 
Going to the university campus to cancel her registration, No Ra can't help but has flash backs of her own youthful past when she sees a bunch of energetic freshman putting on a little dance number. Determined to use her last six month of life to experience collage life, No Ra maps out all her route on the campus so she could keep going to school without her family knowing. 
As an ajumma among all of the young freshman, No Ra sticks out like a sore thumb and finds herself suffering setbacks that comes because of the generation gap. Already feeling like an alien in her collage classes, No Ra's freshman life gets harder when she realizes that our hero Cha Hyun Suk, No Ra's old high school classmate is actually one of her professor. 

Completely puzzled why the once kind Hyun Suk in her memory seems to find joy in publicly embarrassing her, No Ra confronts Hyun Suk but gets no answers from him. In a flash back we see that Hyun Suk probably liked No Ra back in their school days and still harbors a lot of resentment towards her for marrying her husband at 19 (after getting pregnant). 
Unable to stop himself from picking on No Ra whenever he sees her, Hyun Suk is surprised when he sees No Ra hiding from her husband. Suspicious of why No Ra would hide from her own husband who has recently just started teaching at the collage, Hyun Suk demands some answers from No Ra. 

First Impression
Not bad for the first two episodes. I was a bit worried about the six years difference between our two leads (in real life)... but while it seems to me to be a rather big stretch that the two leads are suppose to be old classmates, I am willing to just ignore it since Choi Ji Woo (Choi Ji Woo) and Lee Sang Yoon (Hyun Suk) have pretty good chemistry together. 

So far I am liking the heroine's character who is just quirky enough to be intriguing but pitiful enough that one wants to cheer for her. I also really likimg the way No Ra shows signs of a temper at surprising moments so that we know she is no push over...even if she does let her husband and son walk all over her most of the time. 

If there is one criticism I have of the show at this point is that No Ra's son, Min Soo's romance seems like a weird tangent in the story and looks like it has a real potential to be the part of the plot line that will make me want to skip it.

Anyhow, Twenty Again might not be an automatic winner for me yet, but I do think it has a whole lot of potential to be great especially since the two leads have a fun chemistry together. So for now, I am definitely planning to put it on my watch list. 


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