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Monday, September 14, 2015

When I See You Again Episode 16 Recap

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When I See You Again Episode 16 Recap
Parked right outside of the B&B, Yan Ze frowns when he follows Ya En all the way to the village's wishing tree and sees Ya En hopelessly jumping for her wishing note that has his own name on it. Yelling at Ya En for foolishly risking her health in the pouring rain just over a silly love tree legend, Yan Ze looks at a stunned Ya En with an exasperated expression.

I thought for sure the writer would keep this part until the very end, but they are actually giving us the good part in the very beginning! 

Before Ya En could recover from having Yan Ze showing up out of nowhere to yell at her, the poor (lucky) girl gets the biggest shock of her life when Yan Ze pulls her in for a kiss.
Sitting in the car with Yan Ze, Ya En couldn't help but smile with happiness especially when Yan Ze voluntarily holds her hand when he notices her shyly inching her hand towards his. However, Ya En's bubble of happiness is soon burst when Yan Ze warns her again that he still has no intention of dating her and tells her to leave. In a show of bravery, Ya En tries to assure Yan Ze that she doesn't need him to be faithful to her but she can be happy as long as she gets to see him. After a short pause, Yan Ze still pushes Ya En out of the car.
Not giving up on You Qian, Yong Qing shows up at the house to tell An Xi that since she can only be an obstacle in You Qian's life than An Xi should just leave You Qian on her own. Grandpa Xia overhears Yong Qing and An Xi's conversation and is furious when he realizes that An Xi is the very girl that hurt his grandson so badly in the past.

You Qian comes home from work to find a very angry Grandpa Xia blaming An Xi for being the reason he lost his precious home. Following Grandpa Xia to his room, You Qian tells his grandpa about how hard An Xi worked to preserve their home and the guilt she had carried all these years. Admitting that he knows very well that An Xi is sincere in her kindness towards him, Grandpa Xia falls silents when You Qian pleas with him to forgive An Xi.
An Xi meets with Yong Qing who orders her to leave You Qian again. Both girls are surprised when Grandpa Xia shows up to tell An Xi that the best way she can compensate for her past mistake is to stay by You Qian forever. Yong Qing storms off after being told by Grandpa Xia that she is just wasting energy since You Qian would never like someone like her. I am starting to feel a little bad for Yong Qing but I don't think she actually loves You Qian though. She probably is just desperate to hold onto You Qian to prove that she can be loved by someone. 
Realizing that she really was just a pawn, Yan Ze's "girlfriend" confesses to You Qian about Yan Ze's betrayal of President Zhou and his plan to jump ship to another company.

You Qian tries to get Yan Ze to come clean with President Zhou but Yan Ze threatens to tell An Xi the ugly truth about her own mother if You Qian refuses to keep mum about his betrayal.

Caught between his loyalty to President Zhou and his desire to protect An Xi from knowing she has been abandoned by her mother the second time, You Qian can only sought comfort in An Xi's arms as he struggles with the hard decision he is about to make.
Grandpa Xia talks our two leads into going out on a date but An Xi's friends all the sudden shows up at the door for a surprise visit. Following An Xi and You Qian all the way to an amusement park, An Xi's friends even disguise themselves as the amusement mascots in order to add some fun to the couple's date.
Assured with her own eyes that An Xi is truly happy with You Qian, Mei Wen (An Xi's friend who is like a mom to her) is busily joking with everyone when she all the sudden spots her long lost boyfriend.

Turns out, ten years ago Mei Wen had a boyfriend who was ready to leave the country in order to be with her (because his family was opposed to him marrying Mei Wen) but when Mei Wen never shown up at the airport, the boyfriend left on the plane on his own. Reunited again, Mei Wen's boyfriend tells her that he still loves her and wants to be with her but Mei Wen tells him that she needs some time to think over his proposal. Hmm... looks like An Xi is not going to be the only one to get a happy ending. 
Noticing Ya En waiting for him outside of his company, Yan Ze makes an valiant effort to keep up his playboy image by going off with two female co-workers. When the two co-workers point out that there is obviously a girl following them, Yan Ze sends the two women to lunch by themselves and turns around to confronts Ya En.

Yan Ze yells, "When a guy keeps telling you to stay away then he really means it!" Unfazed by Yan Ze's words, Ya En stops Yan Ze from leaving and asks him if something is bothering him since he has never gotten angry with her in the past. 
Frustrated with Ya En, Yan Ze drags her to a nearby hotel and challenges her to go in if she really was willing to do anything to make him happy. After a stunned silence, Ya En starts to march towards the hotel with determination. His turn to be stunned, Yan Ze stops Ya En and asks "Do you think we are going to the hotel for a buffet?". Assuring Yan Ze that she is not naive enough to not know what going to a hotel with a man means, Ya En yells back that all she ever wished was for him to be happy to see her... just as she is happy by the mere sight of him. Defeated once again by Ya En, Yan Ze comforts her with an embrace.
Accompanying Grandpa Xia to the hospital for a checkup, An Xi is puzzled when she notices a very pale and distracted President Zhou walking out of the hospital. Of course Yan Ze chooses that very moment to call An Xi and an unsuspecting An Xi tells Yan Ze about seeing President Zhou.
Suspicious right away, Yan Ze checks into the reason why President Zhou would be at the hospital and is thoughtful once he is informed that President Zhou has third stage breast cancer. Slowly twirling around a checker piece in hand, Yan Ze mutters "I guess my plan will need to be changed."


Oh, Yan Ze... such a bad boy but I can't wait until he falls for Ya En hard. But then there are quite a few indications that the boy is already in love or else why would he drive all the way to the village to park outside of An Xi's B&B. I will admit that I kinda cringe at Ya En's brand of "you don't have to be faithful to me but just let me be close to you" sort of crush though. It just seems to scream "BAD IDEA" all over it. Still, I guess from Ya En point of view this could be her last chance at experiencing romance before she live out her life in the protective bubble her brother/friends has set up for her.

The writer did surprise me with the twist on President Zhou especially since they were dropping hints like crazy that Grandpa Xia was the one that probably would have some health concern. I thought for sure the writer was going to have Grandpa Xia dying of some sort of terminal disease and You Qian would have to face the difficult choice of marrying Yong Qing in order to get Grandpa's house back for him. But surprise surprise, President Zhou is actually the one dying. I guess it is rather ironic for someone like President Zhou to be facing death so early when she has sacrificed everything to build up material wealth that is obviously no good to her anymore.


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