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Monday, September 21, 2015

When I See You Again Episode 17 Recap

When I See You Again Episode 17 Recap
Dazed by the news that she has 3rd stage breast cancer, President Zhou shows up at An Xi's B&B and ends up staying in her daughter's bedroom. With shaking hands, President Zhou looks at all the presidents An Xi had bought for her since she was little and wonders maybe she should've chose love over a career like You Qian is doing. Shaking her self doubt off, President Zhou assures herself that she doesn't regret her past choices.

You Qian shows up at the village again to meet with Jiang Hai Kuo to inform him that the reason Yan Ze had bought his land was to turn the village into a chemical dumping ground. Despite being angry at You Qian for "stealing" his precious An Xi away, Jiang Hai Kuo couldn't ignore You Qian's words and meets with Yan Ze to demand that he sells the land back to him. Taunting Jiang Hai Kuo with the fact that the land deal is already done, Yan Ze laughs when Jiang Hai Kuo threatens him.

Guessing right away that You Qian is the one that told Jiang Hai Kuo about his plan to turn the village into a dumping ground, Yan Ze decides to go on the attack. Not suspicious at all when Yan Ze informs her that You Qian had supposedly betrayed the company, President Zhou informs You Qian's secretary to pack up his office.

Not satisfied with just chasing You Qian out of the company, Yan Ze goes one step further to truly isolate President Zhou. Putting on his act of a concerned brother, Yan Ze tells Yong Qing that President Zhou was the one that purposefully mislead her into believing that her ex-boyfriend had left her for money when in reality her boyfriend died in a car accident while rushing to meet with her.
Feeling like a fool that she has trusted President Zhou for so many years, Yong Qing gets into an argument with President Zhou that ended when President Zhou faints. Jumping on the opportunity to show President Zhou of his "loyalty", Yan Ze tells President Zhou "No matter how well you treat Yong Qing she is still not going to be the same as your own daughter. Why don't you give An Xi a chance? There is still time for An Xi to become the daughter you want."
Notwithstanding how well everything is falling right into his plan, Yan Ze shows up at the village once again to seek comfort from Ya En. Wrapping his arm around Ya En, Yan Ze mutters "Promise me that I will always be your top priority. Promise me that when other people wants you to make a choice you will always choose me.... I am afraid I might hurt you too if I find out that I am not the most important person to you." Ignoring the warning bell that really should have rang when Yan Ze admitted that he just done something to hurt his own sister, Ya En promises that Yan Ze will always be the most important person to her.
Fired from his job, You Qian starts to worry about the future of the village and tries to suggest to An Xi maybe it's time to close down the B&B. Giving a collective gasp over You Qian's suggestion, An Xi and her friends vehemently refuse to give up the B&B they all consider to be their home. Not surprised by the girls' reaction, You Qian smiles as he watches An Xi and her friends tease Mei Wen mercilessly about her new (okay, more like newly recovered) boyfriend.

Unable to stop thinking about Yan Ze's suggestion about An Xi, President Zhou finally shows up at the B&B to inform An Xi in a very matter of the fact way "I am your mom." Shocked to find out that President Zhou is her long lost mom, An Xi listens with increasing disbelief as President Zhou starts listing things An Xi would have to learn and do in order to become the kind of daughter she approves. How incredible is that President Zhou didn't even bother to offer any sort of apology to An Xi for abandoning her. 
Putting two and two together, An Xi turns to You Qian in anger and accuses him of hiding the truth about her mother from her because he believes her to be too dumb to make her own decisions. You Qian tries to protest that he has never looked down on An Xi but An Xi is too angry and sad over her illusion of a loving mom being shattered to listen.

Sigh... I know we are suppose to feel terrible for An Xi but while I can understand why she would be hurt by President Zhou's words I really think her illusion of a loving mother is just plain silly. Any intelligent adult should've realized a long time ago that a mother who would abandon her new born baby really is not the loving type.

Now, I am not necessary siding with You Qian since he probably deserve to get yelled by An Xi for thinking he could protect her by simply keeping her in the dark about everything. For example, I just don't understand why You Qian refuses to tell An Xi the truth about Yan Ze knowing full well that Yan Ze is just going to keep using An Xi's ignorance for his own devious plan. 

As for Yan Ze... I am starting to wonder maybe this particular romance is not going to end well. No matter how much Ya En loves Yan Ze, I just don't think she would choose him when it means destroying the only safe heaven she has known.


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