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Monday, September 28, 2015

When I See You Again Episode 18 Recap

When I See You Again Episode 18 Recap
Unfazed by You Qian's confrontation, Yan Ze freely admits his personal agenda in isolating President Zhou and talking her into telling An Xi the truth. Stunned by the amount of information she was able to gather from You Qian and Yan Ze's conversation, Yong Qing asks Yan Ze in pain "I thought you were my brother?" Replying with a sneer in his voice, Yan Ze tells Yong Qing "I guess it's not too late for a princess like you to learn a lesson." 

Walking out of Yan Ze's office in a daze, Yong Qing doesn't even notice when a rain storm suddenly starts. Surprised to see Yong Qing standing like a status as he is rushing his students out of the rain, Ya Ru (Ya En's brother) quickly gives her his drawing board to shield her from the rain before rushing off. Wow, I thought for sure the writer would hook Ya Ru up with An Xi's friend but it looks like maybe he might develop something with Yong Qing instead. 
Storming out of the B&B the first thing in the morning, An Xi charges into President Zhou's office. Ignoring An Xi's angry ramblings as she walks out of the company on unsteady legs, President Zhou finally faints to the ground. 

After helping An Xi to rush President Zhou to the emergency room, An Xi's anger towards her mother remains unchanged even when Yan Ze tells her about President Zhou's third stage breast cancer. Noticing President Zhou standing by the door listening in on their conversation, Yan Ze earnestly tries to encourage An Xi to give President Zhou another chance. 
Knowing that An Xi hasn't completely forgiven him yet, You Qian can only watch hopelessly as An Xi sobs in pain over her mother and indirectly comforts her by asking the street vendor (the place An Xi always frequents since her school days) to give her some tissues. 
Getting more angry by the hour, Mei Wen finally charges over to the hospital to give President Zhou a piece of her mind. An Xi tries to assure Mei Wen that she has no intention of forgiving President Zhou but eventually relents that deep down she still can't ignore the fact that she is her mother. At least no matter what An Xi still has all her friends with her. 
Deciding to give An Xi some time to think things over, You Qian turns his attention to preventing Yan Ze from turning the village into a chemical dumping ground. Spurred into action after seeing An Xi sobbing, Jiang Hai Kuo comes to the difficult conclusion that in order to help An Xi smile again he needs to help You Qian to stop Yan Ze. 

While her "men" is busy fighting for her sake, An Xi loses her fight with herself and ends up visiting President Zhou regularly at the hospital to take care of her. 
Jumping out of his car when he sees An Xi being knocked to the ground by a passerby, You Qian is once again unable to go comfort An Xi who is still too confused by her issue with President Zhou to focus on her love life. 
After a good honest talk with You Qian, Yong Qing finally comes to understand that she has always been her own biggest obstacle to being loved. On her way to visit President Zhou at the hospital, Yong Qing sees Ya Ru's cute interaction with Ya En and couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to have a loving brother like Ya Ru. 
Sneaking out of her hospital room while her brother is sleeping, Ya En meets with Yan Ze and talks him into letting her draw a portrait of him. The portrait has the word "cute" on it. Sigh, such great interaction between these two... but I think Ya En is in for a bumpy ride. 
Going on the offensive once he starts receiving court notices making his deal with Jiang Hai Kuo invalid, Yan Ze tricks President Zhou into giving him the full right to act on her behalf. Realizing that Yan Ze is planning to go ahead with the village land deal anyway, You Qian warns Yan Ze that he will not just sit idly by while Yan Ze destroys the village. 
Faced with the grim reality that Yan Ze is going to sign the big deal to cinch the village's fate the very next day, You Qian's day is cheered only slightly when You Qing shows up to give him the deed to Grandpa Xia's old house. 

Sitting in his study, You Qian puts everything he has gathered from Yan Ze and a few clues You Qing was able to give him from overhearing Yan Ze's conversation with President Zhou, You Qian realizes that President Zhou has no idea that the big deal she has just signed off will turn the village into a chemical dumping ground. 
Despite being pleasantly surprised by Young Qing's sudden decision to turn over his precious old house back to him, Grandpa Xia is nonetheless more worried about An Xi's relationship with his grandson. Forcing An Xi to come to the old house to meet with him, Grandpa Xia chides An Xi for not keeping her promise of sticking by You Qian. Pretending to be angry when Grandpa Xia complains that he doesn't enough time to wait (meaning he doesn't have long to live) for An Xi to patch things up with You Qian, An Xi thought Grandpa Xia was just up to his old tricks again when he all the sudden doubles over. Astonished that Grandpa Xia has really fainted, An Xi nervously yells his name. 
Happily anticipating his glorious future once the contract is signed, Yan Ze's big moment is interrupted when You Qian shows up and demands to see the contract. In the moment of stalemate between the two men, You Qian's phone suddenly starts to ring. 

Don't die Grandpa Xia!!! Actually, judging how calm You Qian is in the preview for next week I am assuming Grandpa will be fine. 

One big complaint I have about An Xi's character is her instinct of burying her head in the sand whenever problems come up. An Xi herself admitted to Grandpa Xia that she has long stopped being angry at You Qian and in fact even realizes that she was just venting her anger on the poor guy but WHY won't she take the first step in patching things up with You Qian?? 
By the way, the more I think about it the more I think it would be a whole lot more fun if the writer would pair Yong Qing with Jiang Hai Kuo. I have actually grown quite found of Jiang Hai Kuo's character and would really like to see him find his own happiness. That's not to say Ya Ru is not a good choice as well but for some reason Yong Qing and Jiang Hai Kuo's bickering relationship seems more fun. 


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