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Monday, September 7, 2015

When I See You Episode 15 Recap

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When I See You Episode 15 Recap
After leaving a completely puzzled An Xi on the beach, President Zhou tells Yong Qing to give up on You Qian since he wasn't even willing to marry her in exchange for the position and power she offered him. Dismayed that President Zhou is planning to fire You Qian, Yong Qing rushes to You Qian to warns him. Unconcerned about his own career, You Qian is much more interested in President Zhou's weird behavior when it comes to An Xi and figures out that President Zhou is An Xi's mother.

You Qian confronts President Zhou with his suspicion. Freely admitting her connection to An Xi, President Zhou tells You Qian she has no intention of accepting An Xi as her daughter since "she is just not up to par."

Deciding that it is best to protect An Xi by keeping the truth from her, You Qian shows up at the B&B to read bedtime story to a bewildered An Xi. Ha! Is he trying to be a mom to her? 

The next morning, An Xi wakes up on the sofa to find You Qian sleeping besides her and breath a sigh of relief when You Qian doesn't stir after she steals a kiss on his cheek. Pretending to still be asleep, You Qian mumbles "the bible tells us if you get kissed on the left cheek you should turn your right cheek to be kissed as well." Boy, T-Drama and their talent in creating cute scenes. 
While An Xi's friends giggle over how sweet she is with You Qian at first but pretty soon they are kicking her out of the door so she and You Qian can be surgery sweet out of sight.

Before they head back to the city, You Qian stops by their favorite cliff spot so he can yell his greeting towards the ocean with An Xi to introduce himself to An Xi's dad properly. An Xi's dad has been missing since a fishing trip years ago. 
You Qian's digging into what Yan Ze has been up to pays off and he figures out that Yan Ze has been secretly dating one of the company worker (Jennifer) to get information on an important project.

Alarmed that Yan Ze is helping another company to secretly buying up land in An Xi's village, You Qian is concerned that President Zhou's company is about to get a very unpleasant surprise from Yan Ze. Clueless that her trusty Yan Ze is about to betray her, President Zhou is still convinced that You Qian is the one that she needs to be weary of especially when Jennifer starts to cast doubt on You Qian to protect herself.
Concerned to see You Qian so worried about work, An Xi confesses her feeling of hopelessness that she can't be someone like Yong Qing so that she could gain President Zhou's approval in order to be of help to You Qian. Pulling An Xi into his arm, You Qian assures her that he is happy with who she is.

Still wanting to do something for You Qian, An Xi shows up at his work to leave You Qian with his favorite dessert to cheer him up. Pleased to hear that An Xi had dropped by, You Qian rushes out to chase An Xi down but is immediately vexed when he sees An Xi promising to meet with Yan Ze later that night.
Milking his sad story of not being loved by both of his parents, Yan Ze takes An Xi to an orphanage and gives her a bouquet of roses by lying that they were originally for the kids. Seeing through Yan Ze's lie with one glance, You Qian dryly asks "if these were for the kids then why weren't they individually wrapped?" Not missing a beat, Yan Ze just pretends that the flower shop must have misunderstood him and An Xi naively doesn't pick up the interplay between the two men.

Even more concerned when he hears from An Xi that Yan Ze had offered to help her find her mom, You Qian tries to warn An Xi that Yan Ze is not being kind without reason. Assuming You Qian is just acting out of childish jealousy over her friendship with Yan Ze, An Xi ignores You Qian's warning and gives a long speech about how pitiful Yan Ze is. Giving up, You Qian just tells An Xi that he wishes she would take the time to think things over in order to protect herself.
The next morning You Qian waits for Yan Ze at the company parking lot and confronts him about what his intention is in wanting to tell An Xi about President Zhou. Completely unconcerned with You Qian's worry that An Xi would be hurt to know of President Zhou's attitude towards her, Yan Ze simply tells You Qian that all things could be solved if they just turn An Xi into another copy of Yong Qing.

Furious, You Qian accuses Yan Ze of only wanting to use An Xi and Yong Qing's sincerity towards him. Angry as well, Yan Ze recounts about how Yong Qing's father (so his step father) treated him like their family servant and freely admits that he only has resentment towards his so called sister (Yong Qing).


I really have no clue why An Xi still harbors so much illusion towards her mother. One could understand that maybe An Xi was that naive as a high school student to still believe in her father's lie that her mother has not seen her for 18 years because she was too busy caring for orphans... but I really don't understand what shred of illusion she would have left now.  It just seems so ridiculous a full grown woman would assume that a mother who has abandoned her since birth would just happily glide back into her life and they would go do mother-daughter things together. Granted, the writer has set up An Xi's character as one who like to bury her head in the sand to avoid reality but let's hope we will be given some clues that she really is not SO clueless.
I don't have much sympathy for Yan Ze's character's sob story since it really is no excuse for him to use other people. However, I just can't help myself and be totally excited for next week's episode when it looks like we might actually get some real progress between Yan Ze and Ya En! Maybe even a kiss?! 


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