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Monday, October 26, 2015

Bromance Episode 2 Recap

Bromance Episode 2
We pick up from where Ya Nuo is knocked into Zai Feng and ends up kissing him right on the mouth. After a moment of stunned silence from all around, Zai Feng instinctively pushes Ya Nuo away from him. Feeling guilty after realizing what he just did, Zai Feng takes a step towards Ya Nuo, but she stops him by holding up her hand and leaves the party without another word.

Zai Feng tracks Ya Nuo down and apologizes to her about his action earlier that day. Shaking his apology off, Ya Nuo tells Zai Feng that all is well between them. Despite Ya Nuo's words though, she still couldn't help but feel a small embarrassment when Zai Feng nonchalantly takes her beer and drinks it. Is this the case of we've even kissed so what's an indirect kiss? 
Thanks to Xiao Jing (heroine's cousin and her pretend girlfriend right now) winning a cruise trip from her job, Ya Nuo happily joins her on a free vacation. Surprised to run into Zai Feng on his family's yearly vacation, Ya Nuo reluctantly agrees when he insists on switching her small room into a suite.
Jumping on the perfect opportunity to wedge herself into Ya Nuo's "relationship", Zi Han (hero's sister) takes Xiao Jing out to the spa and doesn't bring her back until she is completely drunk. Not knowing that Zi Han is only pretending to be drunk, Ya Nuo ends up hurting her shoulder after falling to ground from trying to extract herself forcefully from Zi Han's grasp.
Taking an extremely reluctant Ya Nuo back to his room when they couldn't wake the two unconscious women, Zai Feng suddenly gets in the mood to tease Ya Nuo when she jumps at his suggestion to take off her cloth. Backed all the way to the wall, Ya Nuo nervously asks "Didn't you say you like women?"
Laughing, Zai Feng assures Ya Nuo that he indeed likes women and he was only trying to get her to take off her cloth in order to put a shoulder patch on her.
See! Nothing sexy is going on. 
Tossing aside the small pillow that Ya Nuo tries to put in between them to create some sort of barrier, Zai Feng tells Ya Nuo that if she scoots anymore she is going to fall off the bed. Woken up rather rudely by a sleeping Ya Nuo who has all but wrapped herself around him, Zai Feng stifles a grunt when Ya Nuo throws her leg right on top of him.
Woken up to find herself in a very intimate position with Zai Feng, Ya Nuo runs away to sleep on a chair.
Confused to find Ya Nuo sleeping on a chair, Zai Feng agrees with her personal assessment when Ya Nuo tells him that she was too worried about her poor sleeping habit to keep staying in bed. Putting on a puzzled face, Zai Feng asks a stunned Ya Nuo "A question. To a man... did my butt feel firm?"
Over breakfast, both Ya Nuo and Xiao Jing are horrified when Zi Han gleefully declares that she already know the true relationship between the two. Proudly producing a video of Xiao Jing drunkenly naming herself as Ya Nuo's cousin, Ya Nuo and Xiao Jing shake with fear to know what else Xiao Jing might have said.
Xiao Jing gets into a tug of war with Zi Han over the cell phone in fear of what other secret she might have spilled. Getting up to stop the two girls, Ya Nuo gloriously falls into the pool by accident and in an effort to save Ya Nuo, Zai Feng falls in with her.
Trying to figure out why Ya Nuo would go to the extend of having Xiao Jing pretend to be her girlfriend, Zi Han and Mama Du turns to Qing Yang (hero's friend) for answers. Making the assumption that Ya Nuo doesn't look like someone that is harboring some secret ailment, Qing Yang makes the suggestion that Ya Nuo is probably using a fake girlfriend to avoid hurting girls who would've otherwise fallen in love with him. Agreeing with Qing Yang's suggestion right away, Zi Han and Mama Du are even more convinced that Ya Nuo is a great catch.
Showing up at Ya Nuo's room to give her the room key she accidentally left behind, Zai Feng doesn't think anything of it when he hears her calling Xiao Jing's name. Not seeing Xiao Jing anywhere, Zai Feng decides to personally hand Ya Nuo the towel she is asking for.
Aghast to all the sudden see Zai Feng in the bathroom with her, Ya Nuo barely had time to duck behind the towel Zai Feng brought her. Dang, the sexy moments are just killing me...
Standing not too far away on the beach, Ya Nuo is moved as she watches the touching scene of the Duo family doing their yearly tradition of sending Daddy Duo a message in the bottle. The boat Daddy Duo was on went down and his body has never been found. I wonder if there is a chance Daddy Duo would be found alive later on?
Proving her trust in their brotherhood as she lets Zai Feng blindfolds her, Ya Nuo is pleasantly surprised when Zai Feng takes her to the top of mountain to show her a glorious view. Telling her that the spot is his secret place to relieve stress, Zai Feng shows Ya Nuo how to yell at the top of her lung.
Sharing with Ya Nuo his continual search for the girl who saved his life when he was young, Ya Nuo is stunned when Zai Feng shows her the hair clip he has been holding on since that time.
In a flash back we see a young Xiao Jing eagerly trying to convince Ya Nuo to take pictures to celebrate her first time wearing a dress. Obviously very uncomfortable in a dress, Ya Nuo's attention is suddenly caught when she hears a boy yelling for help. Racing into the water, Ya Nuo successfully saves little Zai Feng but has no choice but to run away before he wakes up.

Interesting! So the girl Zai Feng saw when he woke up wasn't little Ya Nuo but was probably some girl who was concerned to see him passed out by the water. I wonder if the little girl is going to be a problem later on in the show. I sure hope not. It would be a easy plot device to throw the grown up little girl in as an obstacle for the two leads' romance but that just seems too predicable.
Anyhow, I liked the interaction between the two leads quite a bit more in episode two. My problem with episode one was that Zai Feng's reaction to Ya Nuo seemed a bit too fast and too intimate... enough to make me wonder if he would be disappointed if he found out Ya Nuo is a woman. However, various clues in episode two (ie. pushing Ya Nuo away after the kiss and his willingness to set his sister up with Ya Nuo) proves that Zai Feng really only considers Ya Nuo as a close brother... which means we still have plenty of time for my favorite part - the "why am I feeling this way towards a man" part!
By the way, I am really impressed with Megan Lai's (the heroine) acting so far. A reader had commented that Megan's portrayal of a girl disguising as a boy is probably the best she has seen and I totally agree with her. More than once during episode two I was blown away when I caught myself thinking "holy cow, you really couldn't tell she is a woman with her mannerism." Case in point, when Xiao Jing teases Ya Nuo for being flat chested, Ya Nuo doesn't even flinch when Xiao Jing touches her chest to prove her point.
I do have one tiny problem with Bromance though. It's that Qing Yang's story line seems a bit abrupt. Qing Yang's story line is so unconnected with the rest of the show's characters I was really not sure how to include him in the recap... so that's why he is here. Qing Yang meets Na Na when she tells him a sob story of her dying soon then promptly steals his coffee. Assuming that Na Na fabricated the illness just to get his coffee, Qing Yang doesn't think anything of it when the next time he runs into Na Na she has lost all trace of the happy chipper girl from the night before. According to the show's information, Na Na suffers from Thalassemia, a blood disorder that is inherited. 


  1. Thank you so much. I watched the episode a couple of times and your recap helps to understand more. Thank you.

  2. By the way, i m hoping we have more of those sexy moments, even though i could barely watch in embarrassment! Ha ha ha

  3. Thank you for the fast recap. English sub is up at VIKI

  4. Thank you also for the recap. Yes, its on Viki but sadly I can't watch it due to the restriction (not available in your country).

    1. Nura, you can by pass restriction by instantiating "hola better internet extension" to google chrome browser then set it to uk for example where it's licensed

    2. Hi Nura, you can watch English-subbed episodes of this drama at Dramacool, My Asian TV, or My Asian Fever TV if you cannot access VIK. Enjoy. By the way, Mega Lai and Baron Chen were were also the main leads in a 2010 Taiwanese drama entitled "Because of You." Megan also acted as a tomboy there and was hilarious but did not involve cross-dressing. She is doing well in giving her role justice in BROMANCE. She's attractive as a guy (and as a girl). Way to go Megan!

  5. Thank you for the recap and for the parenthetical character descriptions after the names. The names are really confusing to a foreigner. Some thoughts of my own: 1. I hope the little girl with the young versions of our leads in the river was Xiao Jing (Ya Nuo's cousin and pretend girlfriend). She ships the two leads and will not be a threat to the relationship. 2. Because I watched the unsubbed episode, I thought Qing Yang's and Na Na's coffee bar scene was a commercial or product placement ad. My reaction actually was "Wow, with that airtime, the cost of this episode is paid for." So it was just an editing problem after all..

    1. Ha! That's so hilarious about the commercial misunderstanding!

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  7. I really need to check my spelling before i post jiji anyways...Na Na might be the little girl that is not really the one who saved him after all...just a thought ...otherwise her introduction is quite pointless and random. But yes Megan Lai is acing it she is more manly than the lead and when she kissed her cousin like nothing even the way she reacts to the girls crazy advances is like a man, i think i am going to search for all her dramas and watch them.

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  9. Just finish watching episode 2. It turn out Zi Feng has false memory because he remember the wrong girl who save him. Ya Nuo is the saviour but at that moment she's there with her cousin and Zi Feng remember the cousin. That s why the girl in his memory wear a dry clothes because she s not the one who save him. I fall for this series after watching epsd 1 and now waiting to watch the new episode. I don't know anything about the cast but loves them. They have a great chemistry

  10. Omfg it was thalassaemia not leukemia? Oh thank god lol but thats not fatal... she can still live with it and have kids. I really should have read wikipedia lol

  11. Know the kiss was great I love how her cousin did that. I also half to say I love Zhi Fengs reaction to her when he pushed her away. I mean if he liked it right of the bat that would just be a rush into the show for me. Though you got to love how he went and tried to apologize for what he did pushing her away. That part to me was sweet.

    I well half to admit that episode two was not my favorite episode. I did enjoy a few things that happen I liked how Na Na was brought in to meet Quing Yang. I liked how Zhi Feng and Ya Nao slept together how that all went about. I enjoyed the swimming pool part. But I enjoyed how they showed there family talking to the ones that had gone missing. So I guess I would say I liked about half the episode.