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Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #49

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God of Trade Innkeeper 2015 (K-Drama, New)
Checked out the first two episodes of this one and just about sobbed myself dry of tears. Thankfully, the backstory setup goes pretty fast so hopefully the crying inducing scenes will lessen once Jang Hyuk's character grows up. 

I Have a Lover (K-Drama)
I know I was already spazzing out about this one last Friday... but I am doing it for real today since this show didn't air last week. So after one week of agonizing waiting I can finally see what happens when our two leads meet again and our amnesia heroine has no idea that she is meeting her ex-husband! I know, I know. Real makjang but I am all for makjang when it is done right. 

Twenty Again (K-Drama)
This one doesn't make it to the addicting territory for me but I do find it quite enjoyable especially now that the heroine is quickly learning to stand up to her cheating husband. I am also loving how the hero is trying so hard not to fall for the heroine (because he mistakenly believes that she still loves her husband) and failing rather miserably. 
Youth Assemble (C-Drama)
I was pleasantly surprised by this C-Drama. At 40 episodes though I am hoping the writer could keep up the fun and not let the show get draggy. 

JK ha Yukionna (J-Drama, New) 
I checked this one out without realizing it was a late night J-drama... so I wasn't prepared for the amount of ... um... sexual references in it. I lasted about 10 minutes into the show before I bailed. I wouldn't recommend this one but in case you are curious, the premise of the story is about a young girl who is actually from a family of supernatural monsters and her venturing into the human world. 
She was Pretty (K-Drama)
I LOVE Siwon's acting in this! I was a bit doubtful of Siwon's ability to play such a wacky character at first but boy, was I wrong. Siwon was laughed out funny in this week's episodes. I am glad that the writer beefed up the hero's (Park Seo Joon) character quite a bit in these last two episodes or else Siwon's character would probably take over the whole show. 
To The Dearest Intruder (T-Drama) 
Sigh, this one is really not my kind of show but I keep peeping in once in a while just to see how things are going. I was surprised by the hero's amnesia but I guess that's the only way to give the two female leads a way to duke it out to see who the hero will choose at the end. 

Oldies (well... not exactly) but Goodies Recommendation 
Drama: Extravagant Challenge aka Skip Beat! (T-Drama)
Episodes: 15
Aired: 2011 

Synopsis: Extravagant Challenge is based on a Japanese manga Skip Beat! by Nakamura Yoshiki. After sacrificing everything for her boyfriend, Gong Xi (heroine) is ruthlessly tossed aside when Puo Shang (Dong Hae) becomes a popular singer. Vowing to seek revenge, Gong Xi throws herself into the entertainment industry in hopes one day she will become a even more famous star than her ex. Gong Xi's path to revenge hits a snag when she meets Dun He Lian, a top star who slowly helps her to discover her real desire to develop her talent in acting. 

 As big fan of the manga Skip Beat! I was pretty excited for this live action. Fortunately, while Extravagant Challenge couldn't replace my love for the manga I was overall still pretty happy with it. 
For those of you who are familiar with the manga you would know it would be next to impossible to find any human being to live up to the hero, Ren Tsuruga's character. However, with that impossible standard in mind I thought Siwon did a fairly good job in the live action. 

A word of warning though, because the manga is not finished yet so the drama's open ending will feel rather abrupt. 

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  1. luv your friday roundup. Discover lots of dramas through your blog. I saw your friday roundup in my feeds and was like its not friday yet. Whoops, the week just went by too fast for me.