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Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #50

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Friday Drama Round Up #50
Kiss Me Thai (New)
Surprise! They made another version of Itzaura Na Kiss... so of course I had to check it out. Kiss Me Thai is actually my first Thai drama so it took me a bit to get use to listening to the foreign sounding language. This version definitely detracts quite a bit from the original story. For example, the hero is actually a transferred student that just joined the heroine's class, which is not the case in the comic. Also this particular hero doesn't seem to be quite as cold as the ones in the other versions. Overall the basic structure of the story is still there though. 

 When I See You Again (T-Drama, Final episode this Sunday)
I am pretty interested to see how this one is going to end. The two leads still has plenty of cute moments but at this point I am much more intrigued by the story of the side characters and how their romance will end.
 Moon River (C-Drama)
As you can tell from the picture, we have hit the bumpy part of our two leads' romance. The story is still keeping my interest though despite the fact we now have TWO annoying girls buzzing around our hero.
I Have A Lover (K-Drama)
My current addiction. Although at 50 episode of pure makjang I am not sure how long the addiction would last... but as for right now I am just champing at the bit for the next episode. 
 Glamorous Temptation (K-Drama)
For some reason I usually struggle with Choi Kang Hee's dramas but I am somewhat intrigued by this one...until I realized I have to go through 10 episodes of childhood backstory. Sigh... I barely survived the backstory on I Have A Lover, so I am currently all out of patience with backstories. The kids portion doesn't start until episode 2 though, so the first episode will still be acted by the adults then we have to wait for all the childhood portion to be done before we are back to the current time line. Judging by the first episode, Glamorous Temptation will have A LOT of political intrigue and just all around angst.
 Sassy Go Go (K-Drama, New)
A coming of age story that is set in an elite school where money and power will make the teacher do just about anything. Uh... that sounded kinda dark. While Sassy Go Go deals with some pretty harsh realities and there are definitely some very disagreeable characters, the show manages to still insert plenty of youthful idealism and hope in it. By the way, the chemistry between the two leads are REALLY great so I am planning to keeping following this one if not just for that.
 Six Flying Dragon (K-Drama, New)
I toyed with the idea of checking this one out... but doesn't the poster have epic written all over it? Epic usually means lots of sobbing in my book so I am still too chicken to watch it.
 I Am Sorry, I Love You (T-Drama)
We are about half way through this one and the story is surprisingly more focused on the ghost boyfriend's attachment to his girlfriend and the truth of how he died. I really thought the show was going to be all about the ghost changing his new nerdy friend in order to give his girlfriend a second chance at love... but that's not it. I have mixed feelings about this one. I do find the story intriguing but the plot also meanders quite a bit, so I am in a weird situation of following it but really not understanding why I keep coming back.
 Gisou No Fuufu (J-Drama, New)
It has been SO long since I found a J-Drama that interest me, so I am glad this one seems promising. Don't go into this one expecting your usual romance though. I won't spoil the plot here for once but let's just say Gisou No Fuufu is pure wacky fun with your usual J-drama heart warming moments. 

How Many Versions Can They Make of Itazura Na Kiss?
Original comic 1990
 Instead of a recommendation this week I got distracted thinking about how many versions of Itazura Na Kiss has been made. If one just go by the plot alone, Itazura Na Kiss really is nothing to write home about. Cold and smart hero, check. Bumbling heroine, check. However, for some reason Itazura Na Kiss has been able to set itself apart as a classic and one that is remade over and over again. Personally I have no answer why Itazura Na Kiss is so popular since both leads actually annoy me to some extent. (The heroine is too bumbling for my taste and the hero is much too cold) Yet! Here I am checking in on another remake (Kiss Me Thai). Oh, well. I have watched Itazura Na Kiss four times now, so I guess what's one more.
J-Version Itazura Na Kiss 1996

T-Version It Started with a Kiss (2005)
As per T-Drama's style, I believe It Started with a Kiss is the version that stick to the comic the closest. The T-version also has a second season that follows our two leads after they get married. 
K-Version Playful Kiss (2010)

J-Version Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo (2013)
This particular J-version added little moments between the two leads that really help to give us little clues of the hero's growing feeling towards the heroine.
Kiss Me Thai (2015)


  1. So far the Taiwanese version is my favorite, but we'll see what happens with Kiss Me. The two leads had off the charts chemistry in the Thai version of Full House, which is much better than the Korean imo, so I'm excited for a second dose to see if they can pull it off again.

  2. Hi I want to watch KISS ME Thai Version with Eng Sub....Pls suggest me the websites where i can watch... Thanks

    1. https://www.viki.com/tv/25476c-kiss-me

    2. Thank you very much Tia...

  3. I quite enjoyed the Thai version although it did drag on and on from eps 10-20...there was just as much push and pull until the male lead decided to see the light and chase after his love. Their chemistry was great though.