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Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #51

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5 ji Kara ji Mada (J-Drama, New)
Yampi!!! Okay, fan girl scream done. Yamashita Tomohisa's new drama where he plays a monk romancing a girl he met through a marriage meet. I had no clue monks in Japan could get married! Who say you can't learn things through dramas! Anyhow, despite being a fan of Yampi, I am going to need another episode or two to see if this one is going to make it on my watch list. 
Angel Heart (J-Drama, New) 
I was REALLY excited for this one. I grew up watching City Hunter so I am totally stoked to see a live action of it. I was a a bit worried about the casting choice, but based on the first episode I think while no human being can live up to Ryo (hero) of the comic book, this particular actor is doing a good enough job that I can immerse myself in the story. 

When I See You Again (T-Drama, Just Finished)
This cute Taiwanese drama has just finished so check it out if you are in the mood for a light romance.  
 Bromance (Taiwanese Drama, Airing this Sunday)
This drama is taking over When I See You Again's slot. Our heroine has been living as a man for the last twenty five years so things gets complicated when she becomes "brothers" with a mob boss. The premise sounds like it could be a lot of fun! I am crossing my fingers for this one to be a winner. 
 I Have A Lover (K-Drama)
Okay, I know I have been spazzing about this one for weeks but it's so addicting! I finally bugged Mama Ninja enough that she watched it... but sadly she finds it kinda slow. There is me screaming "What! You mean you don't savor every second Ji Jin Hee is on the screen?!" 

 Twenty Again (K-Drama)
This one is ending soon so the romance between our two leads is FINALLY picking up. I love the hero in this one though, Mama Ninja especially loves watching him. 
Glamorous Temptation (K-Drama)
I thought this show would be mired in the childhood portion for 10 episodes... but I think I might be wrong. I checked out episode four and it looks like by next episode we might be back to the current time line with the adults. I am still on the fence on this one though. The heavy political undertone kinda scares me, but it is intriguing enough to me that I will at least check out the next few episodes- if we are really going to be leaving the childhood portion behind. 

Oldies but goodies recommendation: 
Buzzer Beat (J-Drama, 2009)
One of my favorite J-Drama. LOTS of romance which is hard to find these days in J-drama land and what's even more rare - great kissing scene! (That's almost none existence now days.)  
Nothing seems to be going great for Naoki (Yamashita Tomohisa). As a professional basketball player, Naoki's career seems to be at a dead end... and so is his relationship with his girlfriend. As a newly graduated violin player, Kieko (Keiko Kitagawa) is flattered when a successful basketball coach starts to pursue her and it would certainly be the wise thing to accept him... but why can't she stop thinking about the guy who has been practicing basketball right under her bedroom window every night? 
This one is TOTALLY reminiscent of the classic J-romance like Long Vacation (1996), with its summer romance feel that reminds you of the sweet and sometimes bitter taste of love. Ah... the good old days when J-drama still do romance dramas. 


  1. I probably would have passed on bromance but since you mentioned it, it seems quite good now.
    I remember absolutely hating buzzer beat. It just seemed like nothing ever happened. I guess everyone has different preference.

  2. Kyaaa!!! Im sorry. Cant stop fangirling Yamapi. I'll watch him in any movie/drama. Hes just too beautiful to miss. Thanks for the recomendation.

  3. Ji Jin Hee is my mom's crush.
    And i loooooooved Buzzer Beat!