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Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #52

12:08 PM Posted by ninja 7 comments
This week was sure filled with new shows! Not so much from K-Dramas but more from the Chinese side. Fortunately, there are actually quite a few that seem pretty promising.
 Good Time (Chinese Drama, New)

I actually like Hu Ge quite a bit, so I was interested in this one right away. A fairly typical C-modern drama about working adults and their love life. Good Time was kinda slow and repetitive for the first two episodes. However, the show got a lot better by episode three so I am going to give it a few more episodes.

Love Me If You Dare (Chinese Drama, New)

Wallace Huo's new drama!!! (Sorry, had to do my fan girl thingy.) Anyhow, this one looks really interesting. Wallace plays a very eccentric criminal profiler (is there any other kind?) whose isolated existence starts to change when he meets our heroine. I am pretty excited about this one, so I will write a first impression on this one soon.  
Bromance (Taiwanese Drama)

I wasn't completely sold on this one after the first episode but I am pretty intrigued to see how episode two will go. 
Taste of Love (Taiwanese Drama, New)

Synopsis: A world famous restaurant closes down after the owner falls unconscious without passing her secret sauce recipe to her two sons. Forced to go on a trip to Taiwan to search for their family secret sauce recipe, our hero reluctantly enlist the help of our heroine who acts as his guide. However, as the search goes on, our two leads are surprised to discover their fate might haven been linked before their even knew each other. 

I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I am not sold on it yet, but I am certainly intrigued enough to give it a few more episodes.    
 Otona Joshi (Japanese, New)

J-Drama sure like their OL dramas... and I end up watching them every single time. I checked out the first episode and so far the plot doesn't seem particular fresh but I am going to give it another episode before I decide to follow it or not.
On The Day Before The Wedding/Kekkonshiki no Zenjitsu ni (Japanese Drama, New)

Synopsis: : Life is great for Hitomi Serizawa both in her career and in love. However, everything comes to a screeching halt for Hitomi when she finds out that she has brain tumor right before her wedding to her physician boyfriend. Already at crisis to know that her life will most likely end soon, Hitomi's is thrown another curve ball when her long believed to be dead mother shows up.

I usually avoid terminal illness drama like the plague but I have a feeling this one might turn out happy at the end... of course J-drama definition of happy is not always the same as mine. 

Moon River (Chinese Drama, Finished)

Wow, a Chinese drama that didn't get draggy at all! In fact I actually thought this show could've used another week. Still, I was pretty satisfied with the way this show wrapped up. 

Glamorous Temptation (Korean Drama)

I was totally wrong when I said the child portion would last 10 episodes before. It seems the child portion will only be Ep. 3 & 4 but we might get intermittent flash backs as the show keeps going. I am pretty torn about this one. I don't usually care for shows where there are too many evil AND crazy characters, but I am still fairly intrigued by Glamorous Temptation's plot so far. 

Twenty Again (Korean Drama, Finished)

This one really was a cute drama. Twenty Again wasn't addicting by any means, but it has a lot of heart and certainly makes it easy to just keep watching. Mama Ninja in particular loves the hero's character. 

Oldies but Goodies!
Go Yi Yi Go (Chinese Drama, 2010)
I watched this one for Wallace Hu obviously and while the plot really was your usual modern C-drama romance of two leads who fought like crazy before they fell in love, I did finished this one and thought it was a easy enough watch. 

In Go Yi Yi Go, Wallace plays a successful radio host who has several run in with the heroine before she realizes Wallace's character is the host she has vowed to surpass one day. 


  1. Please continue to recap Bromance. No streaming site has picked it up for subbing. Without your first impression it would have been impossible to watch and enjoy episode 1 raw. Pretty please? Thank you!

    1. I am certainly interested in Bromance enough to recap it for now... but no promises if the plot starts to go south. :-)

    2. Good enough for me. :) A thousand thanks!

  2. Where can I watch the one go yi yi go?

  3. I finished watching the first 2 eps of Love Me If You Dare and I like how it started off. I read up to Ch 4 of the novels and it's definitely interesting. Wallace is looking at his best for this modern drama. I actually appreciate the new genre of mystery, thriller, and romance instead of too cliche romance or typical daily dramas.
    Going to start watching Hu Ge drama "Good Times" soon. Btw, admin, do you like Yang Yang? I am looking forward to his new drama with Zheng Shuang for another Gu Man novel adaption. If i have time, I am just going to start reading the novel since there's an eng translation.

    1. I make a point of not disliking any good looking guy. :-) I have read the Gu Man novel that One Smile is Very Alluring is based on so I am looking forward to the show.

  4. Please please. I too love Bromance. U r the only one who did the recap for ep 1 and it made it easier to understand even without the eng sub.
    please please continue recapping the episodes. Xie xie ni.