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Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #53

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Bubblegum (Korean Drama, New)

Lee Dong Wook's new drama!!! A story about ordinary people (well, ordinary as extremely pretty people can be) who tries to live their life as happy as they could despite the wounds they carry in their heart.

I was a bit worried for the first half of episode one but fortunately the show improved quite a bit by the end of episode two, so I am tentatively hopeful about this one.

 She Was Pretty (Korean Drama)

There are actually no bad evil characters in this one... just two pitiful second leads who can't admit that our two leads are meant to be. This one is three episodes away from wrapping up so I am crossing my fingers that all four of our leads will get their own happy ending!
 Bromance (Taiwanese Drama)

I am happy to report that the second episode of Bromance felt a lot smoother than the first... especially during the heart pounding scenes!
 Love Me, If You Dare (Chinese Drama)

Sigh... so many eye candies... so little time to stare at them. By the way, the plot of Love Me, If You Dare is great too... when I pay enough attention. If you like Sherlock crossed with CSI with lots of pretty people then this one is for you.
 Samurai Sensei (Japanese Drama, New)

Ryo Nishikido's new drama about a samurai who was transported from the past to the modern time. I wasn't too impressed with the first episode but I am hoping it would improve by the next episode. 

First Impression: HERE
Glamorous Temptation (Korean Drama)

I was really surprised that the child portion was only about three episodes long but I am definitely not one to complain. Just about everyone in this show is power crazy and our poor heroine who simply wants a quiet life with her daughter is forced into the their midst as a pawn in their dangerous games. I wouldn't call this one addicting yet (it might be once the romance gets going in earnest) but I do find myself watching it pretty faithfully. 

In case you want to jump over all the background story and check this one out, here is a catch up summary of Episode 1-8: HERE

Good Time (Chinese Drama)

This one is almost thirty episodes in, so for those of you who just want to check out a light C-Drama this one is a good choice. The plot of Good Time is fairly predicable BUT I find myself just watching one episode after another. Mama Ninja is also watching this one so that's something since she is fairly picky. 
Love Actually (Chinese Drama, New) 

The synopsis of Love Actually sounded like your standard corporate intrigue C-drama... and very uninteresting to me so I am having a hard time mustering up the will to check it out especially since from the show's description it will probably spiral into angst filled city. 

Oldies but Goodies 
 Which Star Are You From (Korean Drama, 2006)

Jung Ryeo Won's new drama Bubblegum reminded me of her earlier work Which Star Are You From with Kim Rae Won. Which Star Are You From is not one of THE k-drama classics but it still makes it in the small categories of those you should check out anyway. 
Which Star Are You From itself uses a lot of your typical drama tropes such as birth secrets and falling for the heroine who looks exactly like the hero's dead girlfriend so don't go into it with too high of expectation in terms of plot twists but it should still be worth checking out anyway. 

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