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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Glamorous Temptation Episode 1-8 Catch Up

I really didn't think Glamorous Temptation would be my cup of tea... and I am still not sure... but since I followed it all the way to episode 8 I guess it must fit my taste more than I thought. Or maybe I just like watching Joo Sang Wook.

Glamorous Temptation Episode 1-8 Catch Up

  • The first two episodes follows our three leads at the point when their lives respectively come to a cross road. 
  • Pregnant with her first child, Shin Eun Soo's (heroine) life is suddenly turned up side down when her young husband commits suicide (by driving his car off a cliff) and she is incarcerated for supposedly helping her husband embezzling a huge amount of money from his company. 
  • Six years (?) later, Kang Hee gets a strange phone call telling her to work her way into the Kang household if she wants to know how her husband really died. 
  • Getting herself into the Kang household as a maid to help with a wedding, Eun Soo tries to find the information she needs during the chaos but ends up running right into her first love (hero/not the groom)kissing her childhood friend (the bride). 

  • Episode two to four covers the child portion of the story. 
  • Our three leads were best friends until our hero Jin Hyeong Woo falls in love with Eun Soo and throws an invisible divide into the two girls' friendship. The female second lead is Kang Il Joo who has been living at Hyung Woo's house after her mother died. 
  • Eun Soo's young love with Hyung Woo hits a major obstacle when Madam Jin (hero's mother) is disgusted by the thought that her own son would fall in love with their driver's daughter.  
  • Il Joo chance upon Daddy Jin hiding some secret documents and decides to not only steals it but in an effort to hide her action puts it in Eun Soo's school bag. 
  • Confused to see the strange looking documents (they are in codes), Eun Soo hands it to her dad who then gives it to Daddy Jin. 
  • Stunned to find the missing documents in his driver's hands, Daddy Jin becomes frantic when he realizes that a few pages are missing from it. 
  • Convinced that Eun Soo must have hid the documents, Madam Jin have Eun Soo kidnapped and tells Daddy Shin that her husband was the one who ordered it. 
  • Distraught by his daughter's kidnapping and furious that his boss would treat his family so cruelly, Daddy Shin testifies against Daddy Jin for political corruption. 
  • In the mean time, Eun Soo actually ends up saving herself by successfully running away from her kidnappers. Confused why Daddy Jin would be arrested for her kidnapping (because he has always been nice to her), Eun Soo tells Hyung Woo that she will testify in Daddy Jin's favor. 

  • In a shocking turn of events Daddy Jin commits suicide and takes all the blames for all the political dirty deeds that could've landed on HIS boss (Kang Suk Hyun who will become the prime minster later). 
  • Totally unwilling to admit that her own foolish action of kidnapping Eun Soo is what really caused her husband's death, Madam Jin accuses Eun Soo and her father as killers and chases them out of her house. 
  • Harboring a deep hatred towards Kang Suk Hyun for letting her husband take all the blame for his dirty deeds, Madam Jin convinces Hyung Woo that they could use Il Joo's feeling towards him as a way to realize their revenge. 

  • Stunned when Madam Jin tells her that Kang Suk Hyun is her biological father, Il Joo refuses to go back to the Kang household.
  • Unable to let go of her resentment that Kang Suk Hyun had made her mother's life one of tragedy, Il Joo's anger all the sudden melts when Hyung Woo assures her that he will be with her all the way ... then kisses her to prove his sincerity. 

  • Back to our current time line. Her daughter six years old now, Eun Soo lives with her mother while working at various part time jobs to support herself. (Daddy Shin had died after leaving a big gambling debt and carrying the guilt of Daddy Jin's death on his conscious all these years.) 
  • Still deeply in love with Hyung Woo, Il Joo tries to elope with him but has no choice but to give up when her father catches them and threatens to kill Hyung Woo if she doesn't marry the man he has hand picked for her. 
  • Relenting after his close call with death, Hyun Woo promises PM Kang (he is not the prime mister anymore though) that he will be content to simply help his daughter to become the next prime minister. 

  • Successful up to this point of ignoring Eun Soo's reappearance in his life, Hyung Woo's avoidance of Eun Soo comes to an abrupt end when she finds him collapsed on the side of street with a knife wound. 
  • Mindful of Hyung Woo's warning that both of them would die if anyone finds out about his injuries, Eun Soo lies when a suspicious Il Joo questions her about Hyung Woo's whereabouts the night before. 

  • Disliking Eun Soo from the very first moment she met her, Madam Kang (Il Joo's sister-in-law) is determined to get rid of Eun Soo from the house and jumps on the chance to put Eun Soo into jail when Eun Soo pushed her to protect Mi Rae (heroine's daughter). 
  • Worried about Eun Soo, Hyung Woo rushes to the police station and promises Mi Rae that he will help her mom. Standing out of sight, Il Joo's expression darkens when she hears Mi Rae tells Hyun Woo "My mom let you stay at our house last night, so please help my mom!" 

  • While looking a picture she found of her husband with PM Kang, Eun Soo is astounded when she realizes that the picture was taken on the day of her husband's death. 
  • Frustrated that Eun Soo insists on working at the Kang household despite his repeated warning and even pleading that the place is way too dangerous for her, Kang confesses that all of the vicious things he said to her in the past was to make her leave. 

  • Despite all the clues pointing to Pm Kang's involvement with her husband's death, Eun Soo finally decides to take Hyung Woo's advise and stop digging for the truth.
  • However, the stranger who keeps pushing Eun Soo into the Kang family is not so willing to let her off the hook and threatens to harm Mi Rae if she walks away. After a close call when she couldn't find her daughter, Eun Soo tearfully promises to do whatever the stranger wants. 

  • Forced to face the fact that Hyung Woo had not only betrayed her to her half brother but he had did it to get Eun Soo out of jail when she heard Hyung Woo's voice on a recording, Il Joo slaps Hyung Woo right in front of her father. 
  • Il Joo's sense of betrayal soon starts to shake when Hyun Woo tells her that he had made the illusion of betraying her so PM Kang would believe that they don't love each other anymore. 
  • Wanting to believe that all of Hyun Woo's action was really his effort to find a way to be with her again, Il Joo nonetheless can't forget that Eun Soo is Hyun Woo's first love... the one he wanted to marry. 

  • After being the sacrificial lamb to cover up Il Joo's election bribery, Hyung Woo comes out of the jail to find Il Joo waiting for him. 
  • Calmly sitting in the car, Kwon Moo Hyuk (Il Joo's husband) watches as his wife throws her arms around another man. 

  • Suspicious right away of Eun Soo intention of working at his house when he finds out who her father and husband were, PM Kang tries to remain his sharp self when it comes to Eun Soo. 
  • However, things seems to be spinning out of PM Kang's control when everything about Eun Soo reminds him of Il Joo's mother Cheong Mi. 
  • After a nightmare of watching Cheong Mi being tortured because of him, a dazed PM Kang walks out just in time to see his son, Il Do dragging Eun Soo by her hair. Reminded once again of Il Joo's mother, PM Kang goes crazy and beats up his own son to everyone's shock.  

  • We end episode 8 with PM Kang catching Eun Soo right in the act of taking a picture of an important document in his room. Grabbing Eun Soo by her throat PM Kang demands "Who are you?! Who told you to impersonate Cheong Mi (his mistress/Il Joo's mom)?!" 
I didn't mention Il Joo's husband a lot in my post, but Moo Hyuk is such an interesting villain. You know the kind that just creeps you out because they like to act all innocent then stabs you in the back while insisting that they are the world's kindest soul? Moo Hyuk is obviously obsessed with Il Joo but he is playing the role of a shy guileless guy in front of her by volunteering that they should sleep in different rooms until she is ready to accept him. In private though, Moo Hyuk is definitely not someone to be messed with since even his evil dad and brother has no choice but to bow to his will when they dared to mess with Il Joo.

 At this point of the story there is not too much romance going on between our two leads yet. This scene is just a hurt Hyung Woo using Eun Soo to avoid being detected by the men that were chasing him. The plot is still mostly about bunch of crazy people trying to grab for power and our heroine's attempt in trying to figure out the mystery of her husband's death.

I am happy to report though that there seems to be good chemistry between our two leads... at least from the very few scenes we've had up to this point. By episode eight, both of our leads are still pretty focused on their individual mission to really pay too much attention to each other. Although, I do think Eun Soo still has the power to influence Hyun Woo even after so many years and she is the one lovely memory that he would like to keep out of the dirty world that he has chosen to mired himself in. As for Eun Soo... I think after being married and having a daughter she sees herself more in the adjumma territory instead of the young girl that is in Hyun Woo's memory. Still, I think pretty soon Hyung Woo is going to start falling for Eun Soo again and that will probably be the turning point for Il Joo to become a true politician like her father. 
All in all, like I said, Glamorous Temptation is not the kind of show I usually go for with the crazy political intrigue and power greedy characters everywhere but since I am still checking it out by this point I guess I must have a higher tolerance for the crazies than I thought.


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