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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I Have A Love Episode 17-18 Recap

I Have A Love Episode 17
Resigned to the fact that Hae Gang will stick to her demonstration no matter what, Jin Eon brings her an umbrella when it starts to rain. Looking at Hae Gang with those puppy eyes, Jin Eon pitifully asks "If I asks you to have lunch together... you probably would say no right?" Seemingly sure of Hae Gang's refusal, Jin Eon turns to leave but freezes with joy when Hae Gang hesitantly replies "Let's have lunch together."

Jin Eon takes Hae Gang to a little eatery they used to frequent and an awkward moment passes when the store ajumma asks if they have any kids.

Hae Gang tries to convince Jin Eon again that she really is not his ex-wife but Jin Eon just tells her "My heart is beating again. My heart is fluttering because of you."
Already frustrated after meeting with Seol Ri and agreeing to her plea to not tell Jin Eon the truth about his ex-wife's death, Baek Seok can hardily suppress his anger when he sees Jin Eon and Hae Gang walking back together.

Meeting with Jin Eon alone in his office, Baek Seok yells out his frustration as he tells Jin Eon how far Hae Gang has come and how she has been finally able to smile again. Seeing no good ending in sight for everyone involved if Jin Eon keeps pursuing Hae Gang, Baek Seok warns Jin Eon again that he should let his ex-wife go now.
Speechless when she is informed that her brother had asked the security guards to protect a demonstrator, Jin Li charges towards Hae Gang to see for herself who would dare to hold a demonstration in front of the company. Cowering in fear once she sees Hae Gang's face, Jin Li finally comes to herself when she touches Hae Gang's hand and the "ghost" introduces herself as Dok Go Yong Gi.

Back to her trouble making self again, Jin Li gleefully informs Jin Eon that the woman he is so keen on is none other than the Dok Go Yong Gi that betrayed their company four years ago. Stunned to hear that she worked for Cheon Nyeon Pharmaceutical, Hae Gang rushes out and refuses to listen when Jin Eon tries to assure her that Jin Li is talking about someone else.
Tae Seok meets with Mr. Moon (the Pudoxin victim) and tells him that Hae Gang is only using him to vent her own resentment towards the company. Take aback to hear that Hae Gang has actually worked for Cheon Nyeon and left on bad terms, Mr. Moon's confidence in Hae Gang starts to shake.

Horrified when she receives a phone call informing her of Mr. Moon's car accident, Hae Gang rushes to the hospital only to receive a beating from Mr. Moon's mother who blames her for her son's ill fortune. Arriving right on cue, Jin Eon wrap his arms around Hae Gang and takes the beating for her. More frustrated than thankful though, Hae Gang makes Jin Eon leave after yelling that she has one man (Baek Seok) who she can never ever forsake.
Seol Ri shows up at Jin Eon's empty office to bring him some dinner and is about to leave when she hears Tae Seok yelling at his assistant. Furious that his assistant wasn't able to get rid of Mr. Moon for good, Tae Seok yells angrily that everything would be over if things keeps going and everyone finds out that he had accidentally killed Hae Gang instead of Yong Gi.
Rushing to the hospital after finding out from Daddy Baek about Mr. Moon's accident, Baek Seok gently takes care of the scratch marks on Hae Gang's face as she sleeps.

Waking up to find Baek Seok in front of her, Hae Gang tearfully throws her arms around him and assures him that she will always be with him.
Still worried about Hae Gang, Jin Eon had doubled back to give her his jacket... just in time to see Hae Gang's touching moment with Baek Seok.

Forcing herself away to ignore Jin Eon's heart broken expression, Hae Gang buries her head in Baek Seok's shoulder.
On her way to deliver lunch to Kyu Seok, Mama Do walks right past Hae Gang and turns around frantically to search for her. In her desperation, Mama Do finally calls out Hae Gang's name before she collapses on the floor.
Making up her mind that she can't betray Baek Seok who has only ever thought of her the last four years, Hae Gang agrees to help when Seol Ri begs her to trick Jin Eon into coming to the formal family meeting that weekend. Surprised that the groom himself is not even aware of the family meeting, a mixed expression crosses Hae Gang's face when Seol Ri explains that the only way Jin Eon would show up to the family meeting is if he thought he was going to dinner with Hae Gang.

A sign that he is not that into you: If you have to trick your fiancee into meeting your family by asking another woman to ask him out to dinner... 

I Have A Love Episode 18
Filled with excitement to have dinner with Hae Gang, Jin Eon's happiness is cruelly dashed when he walks into the room to find families from both sides waiting for him. Looking everywhere but Jin Eon, Hae Gang calmly sits on the bride's side with Baek Seok.
Sitting stiffly, Jin Eon stares at Hae Gang the whole time as she tries to play her role as Baek Seok's loving girlfriend. Finally fed up with the whole pretense, Jin Eon stands up and tells Daddy Baek honestly that not only does he have no intention of getting married but he is still in love with his wife.
Back at home, Seol Ri apologizes to Daddy Baek but surprisingly Daddy Baek replies that he was rather impressed with what Jin Eon did. Glad that Jin Eon was able to finally admit the truth, Daddy Baek encourages Seol Ri to move on from this doomed relationship.

Still stunned from Jin Eon's action that night, Madam Choi becomes uneasy when Jin Li slyly suggests that Jin Eon is probably with Hae Gang that very moment.
At her father's request, Seol Ri decides to spend the night in Hae Gang's room and that's how we have the world's most awkward sleep over. Hae Gang tells Seol Ri that Jin Eon didn't leave that night's dinner because of her but because of his ex-wife. Laying by Hae Gang, Seol Ri recounts how Jin Eon's ex-wife had tried to commit suicide by jumping into the lake. Grabbing her chest as Seol Ri talks, Hae Gang is reminded of her nightmare.
Wondering the whole night if her son is with Hae Gang, Madam Choi is relieved when Hae Gang assures her that Jin Eon hasn't contacted her. Jin Li's warning still fresh on her mind about Jin Eon's obsession with Hae Gang's face, Madam Choi peers at Hae Gang closely and makes the suggestion that she would feel much better if Hae Gang would go get some plastic surgery.

Unable to stop thinking about Jin Eon after listening to Madam Choi's complaint about not being able to find him, Hae Gang gets even more worried when Jin Eon wouldn't pick up his phone. Despite chiding herself all the way to Jin Eon's office for caring about him, Hae Gang nonetheless finds herself opening Jin Eon's office door.
Carefully stepping over all the stuff Jin Eon has thrown on the floor, Hae Gang tries to gingerly cover a sleeping Jin Eon with a jacket. Jerking awake, Jin Eon looks at Hae Gang accusingly then tells her "I am hungry, let's go eat."

Before Hae Gang can answer though, Jin Eon asks for her phone. Confused, Hae Gang hands Jin Eon her phone and watches him take out the phone battery. Leaving the phone on his desk, Jin Eon drags Hae Gang out of the door.
Running away together after leaving their respective cell phones in Jin Eon's office, Jin Eon buys a large bag of food and tells Hae Gang that they are not going back until the bag is empty.

Her temper raising when Jin Eon keeps calling her Hae Gang, Hae Gang yells at Jin Eon that she is no one else but Dok Go Yong Gi and if Jin Eon sees her as a replacement for his ex-wife then she is leaving. Grabbing Hae Gang's shoulders with determination, Jin Eon tells her that they will leave all the past behind and start from the beginning.
Sitting at the bench in front of his house, Baek Seok finally snaps out of his daze when Seol Ri gives him Hae Gang's cell phone and tells him that she found it with Jin Eon's at the office.

Not content to just wait like her brother, Seol Ri storms into Hae Gang's room and proceeds on a path of destruction as she goes through Hae Gang's things. Sitting in the dark, Seol Ri's anger simmers as she listen to the recording (on her phone) of Tae Seok's rant about his crimes. Does she want to use Tae Seok to get rid of Hae Gang?! 
Munching on dry instant noodles, Jin Eon nonchalantly tells Hae Gang that they are out of gas so they have no option but to sleep in the car together.
Hae Gang "Wait! I thought we just went to the gas station?"
Jin Eon "We did. I had them take out the gas."
Ha, I melt every time Jin Eon shows his playful side. 

Trying to be on his best behavior after he received a glare from Hae Gang for saying he was thinking about holding her, Jin Eon can hardily believe it when Hae Gang all the sudden confesses "My heart is finally beating again as well. The heart that I thought would be frozen forever. You make my heart flutter."
The sweet time for our two leads comes to an end the next morning when Hae Gang comes home to find a pale Baek Seok still sitting at the bench waiting for her. (He hasn't moved since the day before.) Coming up beside Hae Gang in a protective gesture, Jin Eon tells Baek Seok that he will move Hae Gang out of the house as soon as possible.
Losing control completely, Baek Seok punches Jin Eon then screams out the "truth" he has been holding in for so long "Your wife is dead! Out of fear of hurting you, everyone has been keeping the truth from you!"

Standing still through the whole thing, Hae Gang remains frozen and expressionless even as she watches Jin Eon being dragged away by Baek Seok. Hmm... I wonder if this explain why she was so cold four years ago. Maybe when Hae Gang feels immense guilt she shuts out all emotions and stop trying to make excuses for her mistakes. 
Too stunned to do anything other than let Baek Seok drag him around the moment he hears of his wife's death, Jin Eon meekly lets Baek Seok takes him to the columbarium of where Hae Gang's ashes is supposedly at.
The enormity of what Baek Seok has just told him finally dawns on Jin Eon as he looks at Hae Gang's pictures and he breaks down in sobs.

Dang, I think I might need to stock up on tissues for the next the two episodes. I feel kinda cruel for saying this but it actually feel good to see the writer put Jin Eon through the wringer. That's not to say Jin Eon hasn't had plenty of pain up to this point but it just bothers me that he has this attitude Hae Gang is still his wife and he could simply start over with her. The truth of the fact is that Hae Gang could've easily died and he would've lost her forever with no way to make up for his mistake.
I am quite curious what Seol Ri is going to do with Tae Seok. Seeing Seol Ri from her family's eyes, I really hoped that she could be the good little daughter/sister they wish her to be... but judging from her vow that if she dies then she won't die alone I think that might be too much to hope for.
By the way, I am loving Kyu Seok's character. Kyu Seok obviously has a very kind side but that all flies out of the window when other people imposes on the very specific comfort level he has set up for himself. I particular love this scene of when Mama Do finally recovers her voice and starts talking Kyu Seok's ear off. Impatient after two minutes of answering Mama Do's non-stop questioning, Kyu Seok interrupts her and says "I would've never moved in if I knew you would be so talkative! Either stop talking so much or I move out.  Which is it?" Ha! 

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