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Saturday, October 3, 2015

I Have A Lover Episode 1-10 Catch Up

I have been pretty excited that I Have A Lover is finally done with setting up the backstory and we can get back to the current time line. I am assuming there are probably people out there like me that gets too impatient to watch the whole 10 episodes of backstory so this is just a post to do a quick summary.
I Have A Lover Episode 1-10 Short Summary 
  • Left picture: Our heroine Do Hae Gang. An extremely capable lawyer, Hae Gang uses her skill ruthlessly and doesn't seem to have an ounce of warmth in her. 
  • Dok Go Yong Gi: Hae Gang's lost twin sister (but they twins doesn't seem to be aware of the other's existence) who is the extreme opposite of her. Warm and caring, Yong Gi is pregnant with her boyfriend's (or husband... did they get married in time? Anyone know?) baby and is left on her own to seek justice for her boyfriend's wrongful death. 
  • Happily married at one time, Hae Gang's marriage with Jin Eon (hero) has become anything but happy after the death of their little daughter. 
  • Faced with a wife that he can no longer find a shadow of her once warm and kind self, Jin Eon can't imagine living with her anymore. 
  • Despite her cold attitude towards everything, Hae Gang truly loves Jin Eon and is stunned when she realizes that he is developing an affair with one of his graduate assistant, Seol Ri. 
  • Hae Gang tries to rescue her marriage by pleading with Jin Eon and threatening Seol Ri but everything she does just seems to push Jin Eon towards the young girl.  
  • Not caring about Jin Eon's married status at all, Seol Ri believes that love trumps over all moral reasoning and joyfully immerse herself in a romance with Jin Eon. 
  • With each episode of yelling, begging and threatening tearing into her, Hae Gang finally gives up when she watches her husband willingly agrees to work for his father... something that he has vehemently refused to do all his life just to get a divorce from her. 
  • The divorce paper signed, Hae Gang decides to let her father-in-law transfer her to China in order to gain a second chance at her marriage a few years later. 
  • Unfortunately, before Hae Gang makes it to the airport, her car is stolen by her twin sister Yong Gi and Hae Gang (who is driving in Yong Gi's car) gets pushed into a lake.  

  • Not excusing the whole icky affair thing, but there are plenty of hints that Jin Eon still loves Hae Gang deeply. Case in point. Hae Gang tries to commit suicide when she realizes she has truly lost Jin Eon by jumping into a lake. Jin Eon successfully saves Hae Gang and holds her like he almost lost his whole world. 
  • At this point I am kinda torn about our hero since on one hand I really don't think Hae Gang should give a cheating husband a second chance but then on the other hand I can't help but be moved whenever I see little clues of how much Jin Eon loves her. Plus, let's just be honest. While it didn't justify the cheating, the cold and unemotional Hae Gang really was someone that was very hard to love. I think Jin Eon gave up on Hae Gang when she told him that she didn't grieve or miss their daughter anymore. 
  • Back tracking a bit. Yong Gi finds out that her boyfriend's death was not suicide after all. In fact, Yong Gi realizes that her boyfriend was murdered because he was trying to reveal that his company (Pudoxin Medical, Hae Gang's father-in-law's company) was selling harmful drugs. 
  • Pretending to be a "concerned" company management, Min Tae Seok (Hae Gang's brother-in-law) decides to get rid of Yong Gi once for all when he realizes she just wasn't going to go away quietly even if he gives her money. 
  • However, things gets complicated when Tae Seok finds out that his minion had actually killed Hae Gang instead of Yong Gi. 
  • Tae Seok does try to kill Yong Gi again but it looks like Yong Gi might have successfully escaped by leaving the country (China actually). 
  • Rattled that he had accidentally killed Hae Gang, Tae Seok reveals everything to President Choi in order to beg him to cover up the whole thing. 
  • To make sure that President Choi will help him even if he just killed his favorite daughter-in-law, Tae Seok reveals the shocking truth that Hae Gang is actually the daughter of the "friend" President Choi killed years ago to gain a land property. It looks like President Choi still harbors a lot of guilt over his friend's death and didn't realize beforehand that Hae Gang was his friend's daughter. 

  • Hae Gang is of course not dead, but because of her amnesia has no recollection of her past. Hae Gang is rescued by Baek Seok who mistaken her for his first love, Dok Go Yong Gi. 
  • At first doubtful of what Baek Seok is telling her, Hae Gang has no choice but to believe him when she sees her own face (Yong Gi's actually) staring back at her in Baek Seok's high school year book. 

Time Jump, 4 Years later. 
  • With no memory and no heart ache, Hae Gang, who believes herself to be her twin sister Dok Go Yong Gi spends her day as Baek Seok's partner (he is also a lawyer... but the kind that helps the underdog) in the fight for justice. 
  • No longer the cold Hae Gang of the past, Hae Gang is warm and motherly as she takes care of Baek Seok's siblings. (They are not Baek Seok's biological siblings but kids that his father adopted.)
  • To complicate things, Seol Ri (the one that had an affair with Jin Eon) is also one of Baek Seok's adopted siblings. Angry and disappointed over Seol Ri's affair with a married man, Seol Ri is a forbidden subject at Baek Seok's house. 
  • Hunted by mysterious image of a guy trying to kill her and herself drowning in water, Hae Gang suffers the same nightmare every night while Baek Seok patiently and lovingly tries to comfort her. 
  • If I wasn't so biased towards Jin Ji Hee (Jin Eon) I probably would be totally voting for our heroine to just ride off to the sunset with Baek Seok... well, other than the tiny little problem that Hae Gang is not really his first love. 
  • Baek Seok is actively pursuing Hae Gang and is not shy in showing her his affection but she has not accepted him yet.  
  • Deeply affected by Hae Gang's "death", President Choi is still feeling a lot of guilt even after four years and seems to be against the idea of Jin Eon marrying Seol Ri. Yap, they are not married yet... THAT totally surprised me. 
  • Worried about Jin Eon's impending return to the county, all of Jin Eon's family is united in (well, other than the annoying half sister) their agreement that they must keep the news of Hae Gang's death from him or else he would go crazy. According to Jin Eon's half sister, if Jin Eon knew about Hae Gang's death than he would feel extremely guilty, believing that she would not have gotten into an "accident" if he didn't divorce her. In fact the family is convinced that the guilt would make Jin Eon not marry Seol Ri. 
  • Traumatized by her daughter's death, Hae Gang's mother has lost her ability to speak and has strangely taken in Tae Seok's little brother as a tenant. 
  • Jin Eon comes back to Korea in Episode 10 and curiously still seems to have more or less a sunbae/student relationship with Seol Ri. I am not saying they are not in a relationship but just that their interaction doesn't seem to have changed in four years time. 
  • Another side note is that Jin Eon is letting Seol Ri take all the credit on a dissertation without putting his own name on it.   
  • Cliffhanger that has been tormenting me for two weeks! Our two leads finally meet again when Hae Gang accidentally knocks Jin Eon's bag over. The episode ends when Hae Gang looks up and Jin Eon freezes as he sees her face. 


  1. Yay! Thanks for this! I didn't want to have to wade through all the depressing backstory. 😀

  2. Hi, After ep6, with too much screaming, I just fast forward ep 7-8. Skip Ep 9. Watched ep10, the time jump last night. So, thanks for the re-cap for keeping in tune with the story. I am in it for Kim Hyun Joo.
    Though I am confused. Hae Gang father-in-law knew Hae Gang's mother as he visited her and gave her his credit card to buy clothes. Could he than not know who Hae Gang's father is? Might have to watch ep 9. Ariel.

  3. I skipped the first nine episodes? I don't know how I feel about the husband because I really don't tolerate cheating but at the same time you can tell how much loves her when they meet again. And my thing about Baek Seok is he is really in love with Hae Gang or his first love, Yong Gi? Am I the only one that questions that