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Thursday, October 8, 2015

I Have A Lover Episode 11-12 Recap

I Have A Lover Episode 11
Picking up from where our two leads met for the first time after four years. Hae Gang accidentally runs into Jin Eon with her scooter. Utterly stunned to see his ex-wife in front of him, Jin Eon is made even more speechless when Hae Gang treats him like a complete stranger and rides away. Stopping her scooter when she is out of Jin Eon's sight, Hae Gang holds a hand to her heart and wonders at the strange feeling she is having.

Overjoyed to see her son finally home after so long, Madam Choi fawns over Jin Eon but is immediately jumpy when Jin Eon's older sister (different mom though) slyly greets him with "Why did you choose to come home on a death anniversary?" Puzzled, Jin Eon asks whose death anniversary it is, but Jin Ri (the older sister) just makes up a quick excuse. 

I suspect Jin Ri is probably going to be the key to Jin Eon finding out about Hae Gang's "death". It is ironic though that while Jin Ri is having so much fun holding this "secret" over Madam Choi, her husband Min Tae Seok (the one that caused Hae Gang's car crush) is the one that really wants to keep Jin Eon from finding out about Hae Gang's death. 
Unable to stop thinking that the woman on the scooter must be Hae Gang, Jin Eon takes out the business card she gave him and calls the number. Jin Eon becomes even more puzzled when he is informed by Baek Seok (2nd male lead) that the law firm doesn't have a person by the name of Hae Gang and Yong Gi has never heard of his name before. It is interesting here that Baek Seok was immediately nervous when he hears a guy asking for Yong Gi. I guess he must be living on pins and needles that Yong Gi's (Hae Gang) past will suddenly show up to take her away. 

Still convinced that the stranger must have been Hae Gang, Jin Eon shows up at the law firm only to see Hae Gang skipping away while singing to herself. Following a totally unaware Hae Gang, Jin Eon can't help but smile as he watches her acting... well... totally not like the Hae Gang he divorced. I love the scene where she took out a voice amplifier to get a kid to pick up the trash he just rudely dropped on the ground. 

Finally noticing Jin Eon, Hae Gang once again talks to him like a total stranger before excusing herself to go to the library.
His minded flooded with memories of his past as he watch the woman claiming to be a total stranger to him going through a mountain of law books in exactly the same manner as Hae Gang would. Shaking off the sweet memories of his younger self stealing a kiss while waiting for Hae Gang to finish studying, Jin Eon gets up to leave but stops again when he sees Hae Gang twirling a pen in a way that reinforces his suspicion.

Stopping a rather surprised Hae Gang in her path, Jin Eon asks her "For just 30 seconds, could you look me in the eye?" Puzzled, Hae Gang asks "Do you know me?" Looking at her intently, Jin Eon answers "If you... know me."
Proving that he really has no conscious at all, Min Tae Seok has no problem putting on his concerned expression as he assures Mama Do that Hae Gang is at a better place. Completely clueless that Tae Seok is the reason her precious daughter is taken from her, Mama Do is grateful to Tae Seok for putting his brother, Kyu Seok at her house as a tenant.

Despite being a truly evil person though, Tae Seok seems to be a genuinely good brother as he fusses over Kyu Seok.
Still carrying the guilt that his daughter would fall in love with a married man, Daddy Baek shows up faithfully at Mama Do's house on Hae Gang's death anniversary to show his respect. Used to the way Mama Do ignores him, Daddy Baek simply asks "I don't expect you to forgive me but if you would allow me to just confirm that you are okay from time to time."
After four years living at Baek Seok's house, Hae Gang's relationship with Baek Seok is one of total familiarity... except the usual awkwardness whenever he proposes. (Over 900 times apparently)

All of Baek Seok's family seems to have accepted Hae Gang as one of them and as Baek Seok's future wife, except Baek Ji who is convinced that Hae Gang is going to break her brother's heart the second she regains her memory. Hae Gang finds a wallet that contains a picture of Jin Eon with his daughter and gets into an argument with Baek Ji when she admits to stealing Jin Eon's wallet.
On her way to Jin Eon's house to greet his father for the first time, Seol Ri is disappointed when Jin Eon tells her that he hasn't felt any inconvenience from not having a cell phone. With a long suffering attitude, Seol Ri says "I should be used to it now. Choi Jin Eon has never been worried about Kang Seol Li."

Sending Seol Ri into his room to change her cloth before meeting his father, Jin Eon is shaken when he sees from the door intercom that Hae Gang is at the door. Rushing out to catch Hae Gang who had started walking away when no one answered the door bell, Jin Eon grabs her hand and demands "Who are you?!"
Jin Eon's rather intense questioning is suddenly interrupted when Hae Gang starts hiccuping and she go through a series of rather comical steps in order to stop it.

Surprised when Hae Gang hands him his stolen wallet, Jin Eon is speechless when Hae Gang pleas with him to write a promissory note agreeing to not report Baek Seok to the police. Giving up after Hae Gang's relentlessly persuasion, Jin Eon finally signs the note.
Back at in the house, Seol Ri's first meeting with President Choi is not going well at all. Still missing Hae Gang terribly, President Choi tells Seol Ri "I lost an arm and leg. So no prosthetic limb can replace the real thing." Ouch...

Gleefully toying with Seol Ri, Jin Li warns her "You are turning into another Hae Gang... with the same greed for money, power and position." Displeased that Seol Ri would talk back to her, Jin Li further reveals "Did you think Jin Eon got a divorce for you? Don't deceive yourself. They broke up because of their daughter Eun Sol." Jin Li goes on to tell Seol Ri that Eun Sol died when someone tried to kill Hae Gang because of her ruthless dealings at court and ended up killing her daughter instead.

I Have A Lover Episode 12
Seol Li's visit at Jin Eon's home gets progressively worse. Standing at the door, Seol Ri remains silent as she listens to Tae Seok telling Jin Eon that he made a wise decision not contacting Hae Gang since she is out travelling and their relationship has already ended after all.
Nervous that Jin Eon is trying to contact Hae Gang, Tae Seok had made up a lie that Hae Gang has gotten a new job and is currently travelling. 

To end the night on a high note, during the already awkward family dinner everyone freeze in horror when Madam Choi keeps calling Seol Ri as Hae Gang. Madam Choi is actually the one want that keeps encouraging her son to marry Seol Ri so it is rather ironic that she is the one that called Seol Ri by the wrong name.  
Overwhelmed with everything she had to put up with at his house, Seol Ri throws a big tantrum when she goes back to Jin Eon's house. Throwing random things to the ground, Seol Ri yells "There always seems to be three of us not two. That woman follows us everywhere. You can't forget her!"

After promising to forget everything about Hae Gang, Jin Eon tells Seol Ri about seeing a woman who looked just like Hae Gang in order to explain why he has been trying to contact her. Appeased somewhat when Jin Eon vows that the woman is not Hae Gang after all, Seol Ri tells him "You have never told me even in jest that you love me. I will hear it one day! Please... please love me." If begging someone to love you actually work then we wouldn't have K-dramas! 
Jin Eon's "intense" talk with Seol Ri gets interrupted when Jin Eon gets a phone call from the police station informing him that they caught the thief that stole his wallet. Fully planning to cancel his case the next morning after his talk with Hae Gang, Jin Eon rushes to the police station in hopes he could stop Baek Ji from having the brand of an arrest on her young life.

Believing that Jin Eon has reported Baek Ji to the police despite how hard she pleaded with him, Hae Gang stops Jin Eon from going into the police station and yells at him. Her mouth running away in her anger, Hae Gang yells at Jin Eon that as a dad of a daughter he should understand that a young girl might go through a rebellious stage. Finally noticing the teary expression on Jin Eon's face, Hae Gang stops in surprise.
Before Hae Gang could figure out why Jin Eon is teary instead of angry, Baek Seok comes out of the police station with a very scared Baek Jin. Accepting Baek Jin's apology for stealing his wallet, Jin Eon promises her that he will make everything okay.

Following Jin Eon to the police station, an utterly stunned Seol Ri watches as her brother (Baek Seok) hugs Hae Gang intimately while a stoic Jin Eon just walks by them like complete strangers.
An extremely skilled doctor, Kyu Seok seems to be the kind sort when he encourages a young kid to not worry about what his classmates say about him... until he rudely cuts the rambling mother short because it's 12:00... time for his lunch.

Because we are in a makjang drama, Kyu Seok receives an e-mail from the real Yong Gi in China to ask him for his help with her daughter's Gaucher's disease.
Showing up on dot with Kyu Seok's lunch, Mama Do accepts Kyu Seok's invitation to have lunch with him and smiles when Kyu Seok shares his music with her. He really seems to be rather kind. Not pushy at all but he manages to get through Mama Do's silent depressing world a little at a time. 

I am really starting to like Kyu Seok. I love how he stoically informs his sister in law, Jin Li that she has a minute to talk to him and proceed to stare at his watch. 

Wanting to confirm for herself that the woman she saw at the police station is really not Hae Gang, Seol Ri shows up at Baek Seok's office and tries to not let her shock shown when a clueless Hae Gang just shakes her hand warmly.

Finally convinced somewhat that Hae Gang really is not ... well... Hae Gang after asking her and Baek Seok a bunch of questions, Seol Ri forces herself to treat Hae Gang in a friendly manner. However, Seol Ri's mask drops immediately when Hae Gang almost touched a pictures of her and Jin Eon.
Offended that Seol Ri would give a speech about not touching other people's things when she simply wanted to see what her boyfriend looked like, Hae Gang leaves Seol Ri's house to vent some anger... and run straight into Jin Eon and his best friend. I love the shocked expression on Jin Eon's friend. 

Asking Jin Eon for a moment of his time, Hae Gang pays back all the money Baek Jin stole from his wallet. Taking the money from Hae Gang, Jin Eon turns to leave after he and Hae Gang agrees that there are no more reason for them to cross path anymore. Clueless that Jin Eon is really saying goodbye to his suspicion that she is his ex-wife and would rather not see her again to stir up unwanted feelings, Hae Gang happily promises to give Jin Eon discount if he ever has need of her law firm's services. 

Already walking away from Hae Gang in a determined manner, Jin Eon stops dead in his track when Hae Gang's phone starts to ring and it's none other than the theme of Howl's Moving Castle. The one that Jin Eon listens to over and over again. I think the song significant because it reminds him of his daughter.

Eyeing Jin Eon with surprised when he all the sudden turned back, Hae Gang puts the phone to her ear but before she can even talk the phone is snatched away by Jin Eon.

So painful... so messy... I think I am officially addicted.
I just love Ji Jin Hee portrayal of Jin Eon in these last two episodes. If Hae Gang had shown up in front of him as the familiar woman he divorced four years ago, then Jin Eon could probably just continue to turn away in disgust and immerse himself his self delusion that he will forget her one day. However, now that Hae Gang has no memories of him and Jin Eon can't actually show his resentment towards this supposedly complete stranger no matter how much she is stirring up all those unwanted old feelings, Jin Eon is destined to sink deeper and deeper.

It does make me wonder what Jin Eon would do once he finds out that Hae Gang has lost all memories of him and with it all the pain they experienced. Would Jin Eon wish Hae Gang the best, especially now that she has turned back to being nice and kind or would he have to struggle against the desire to make her remember just so he is not the only one suffering.

 By the way, I am very impressed with this writer's ability to use humor to break up the makjang plot but also to humanize the the characters. For example, the first time we meet Jin Eon again after the time jump is when his friend welcomes him back at the airport. All the passerby (including Hae Gang) looks with curiosity when Jin Eon's friend uses a giant notebook with words such as:
"For a thousand days"
"I have missed you."
"I have never forgotten you."
"I still love you." 
To everyone's surprise, instead of some pretty woman, Jin Eon shows up and pulls his friend in for a bear hug. What follows was a hilarious conversation.
Jin Eon "I almost fell in love with you."
Friend "Don't be afraid. From now on, let's passionately and confidently love one another. "
Then they go off quoting a love song. 

Anyhow, the hilarity aside, the humor successfully allows me to forget for a moment the anger and disappointment I had with Jin Eon's character for divorcing the heroine. And that moment in turn allowed me to give him a chance when he meets Hae Gang again. That's not to say I have forgiven Jin Eon's character for ending his relationship with Hae Gang by having an affair but at least the humor humanized him enough I can start to see the pain he is under.
Speaking of humor... I have a feeling that Secretary Byeon's character is going to be a pretty funny one. 


  1. When I watched the episode, it seemed like Hae Gang told Seol Ri that she had lost her memories at the same time that Hae Gang left Jin Eon. That made me think that Seol Ri was going to realize (or already realizes?) she is really Hae Gang but can't remember it. It certainly creates more conflict and requires that Seol Ri run around trying to keep Hae Gang and Jin Eon apart.

    Also, is the real Yong Gi not dead? I thought she is the one who died in the accident and they thought it was Hae Gang? That's going to get confusing later.

    I'm loving this show now that the amnesia has begun! Thanks for the recap!

    1. Hae Kang was the one who got hit in the accident because she was driving Yong Gi's car. She survived and lost her memories because of that. Yong Gi on the other hand, left to China and will (I think) come back to hopefully cure her daughter's disease. I think Seol Ri didn't realized yet that that is Hae Kang or else she wouldn't go look at fake Yong Gi's room in ep 13 preview. I do believe she has a clue that it is Hae Kang :)

    2. They never found Hae Kang's body so they just assumed her body was swept down the river. (The bad guy had figured out that the sisters had switched cars, plus he confirmed personally that Yong Gi was alive when she called Hae Kang's cell phone trying to return the car.)

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  4. Please someone tell me the name of the song she sings.

    1. Lee juck - run across the sky