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Thursday, October 15, 2015

I Have A Lover Episode 13-14 Recap

I Have A Lover Episode 13
Using the opportunity to talk to Baek Seok under the guise of a concerned little sister, Seol Ri asks Baek Seok if he has taken the time to dig into Yong Gi's (Hae Gang) past. In a flash back we see that Baek Seok had indeed talked to one of Yong Gi's friend and has known this whole time of the hardship Yong Gi has been through (from losing her fiancee to being an outcast from blowing the whistle on her company) but had falsely come to the conclusion that Yong Gi had lost her baby. Avoiding Seol Ri's question, Baek Seok simply admits that it doesn't matter what Yong Gi's past is.

Still rather shocked after seeing Hae Gang, Jin Eon's friend shows up suddenly and reminds the siblings that their respective other half has disappeared together. Of course Baek Seok is simply puzzled of why Hae Gang is not picking up her phone, but Seol Ri has guessed the truth and is stiff with worry over what Jin Eon could be doing with Hae Gang.

Convinced more than ever that the woman calling herself Dok Go Yong Gi is none other than Hae Gang after hearing the familiar cell phone ring tone, Jin Eon jumps into Hae Gang's car to demand some answers. At first flustered by the suddenly intense Jin Eon, Hae Gang is soon waving away Jin Eon's question impatiently when she catches sight of the scumbag she has been following for days.

Clutching the car handle with fear when Hae Gang starts to follow the man's car at a high speed, Jin Eon insists that she tells him why they are following some random stranger. Her temper flaring just thinking about the guy, Hae Gang tells Jin Eon about how the guy had refused to pay his workers even when he had plenty of money to spend on his mistress. Getting more worked up as she talked, Hae Gang doesn't notice that Jin Eon's expression is stiffening as she rattles on "Why would he cheat on his wife who has only ever looked at him?! Moreover, can you believe he is going out with a girl 13 years younger than him!"
Charging into a room of illegal gamblers with only a stun gun in hand, all of Hae Gang's smooth talking couldn't stop the gamblers from attacking her. Left alone outside with only a fake police siren in hand, Jin Eon musters up all his courage and successfully sends almost all of the gamblers scrambling away by turning on the siren.

Alone with the scumbag who is trying to grab all of the money off the gambling table, Hae Gang decides to jump right in to gather up whatever she can for her poor client who is in desperate need of the money in order to save his daughter. Showing up just in time to protect Hae Gang from getting hit, Jin Eon gets a small wound on his head before Hae Gang could disable the scumbag with her stun gun.
Arriving back at the house after their somewhat successful adventure, Jin Eon looks at a sleeping Hae Gang with a mixed expression until their little quite moment was interrupted by the arrival of Baek Seok. Recognizing each other on sight, Baek Seok formally introduces himself to Jin Eon as Seol Ri's brother.
Our two leads' little jaunt on the wild side makes both of the second leads' already sensitive danger sense go into overdrive.

Still carrying on her "good sister" act, Seol Ri rattles on about how Hae Gang and her brother has been living together thus making them all but married. Hardily able to contain his anger as he silently listens to Seol Ri, Jin Eon crushes the empty beer can in his hand.

Extremely bothered by the sight of Jin Eon with Hae Gang without knowing why, Baek Seok tells Hae Gang "Come to me. I don't care about your past, be it husband or children. Just come to me as you are."
Before Jin Eon's homecoming, things has been going extremely well for Tae Seok since he has been able to use President Choi's secret (being responsible for Hae Gang and Yong Gi's father's death) to all but push President Choi out of the company.

However, now that Jin Eon is back, all bets are off. Barely suppressing his anger when President Choi shows up at the company to offer his support for his son's first day at work, Tae Seok knows that Jin Eon is still his biggest obstacle to taking over the company.
Another victim of the Pudoxin (the drug that Yong Gi's fiancee died trying to expose its harmful affects) shows up and this time the victim is pleading with Baek Seok to take on the case to fight against Cheon Nyeon Pharmaceutical. All ready to take on the big pharmaceutical company on after listening to the victim's case, Hae Gang is disappointed when Baek Seok refuses to take on the case because her sister is about marry the crown prince of Cheon Nyeon Pharmaceutical.

Corresponding with Yong Gi via e-mail, Kyu Seok tells Yong Gi to bring her daughter back to Korea in order for him to diagnose her illness in person. Of course Tae Seok chooses that very moment to walk in and sees Yong Gi's daughter's file, but it looks like Tae Seok hasn't connected the dots quite yet.
Surprised to see their long lost sister all the sudden back for a visit, Baek Seok's little siblings happily answer all of Seol Ri's questions about Hae Gang. Dismayed to find out how similar the woman calling herself Yong Gi acted like Hae Gang when her brother first found her, Seol Ri urges Baek Seok to marry Hae Gang as soon as possible. Standing not to far away, Hae Gang overhears Seol Ri's words but is more surprised to hear that the man Seol Ri is with is still in love with his divorced wife. Angry to hear that Jin Eon actually doesn't see his sister as a woman, Baek Seok yells "So why did he divorce his wife then?! He was the one that forced her to sign the divorce paper!" Quietly, Seol Ri replies "Their daughter died because of his wife."

Later that night, Baek Seok hugs Hae Gang tightly "Only this way can I feel that while my heart is beating wildly, you heart is even beating."

I Have A Lover Episode 14
Unable to stop thinking of Hae Gang, Jin Eon shows up at their old house and begs Mama Do to tell him where Hae Gang is. On his knees, Jin Eon sobs "I did wrong. I know even now I am doing wrong. I am fully aware. Mother-in-law. If she is living well, how and where she is living. I have to know why I keep feeling this way."

Wiping her own tears away, Mama Do scribbles "She met a good man and is living happily so please stop concerning yourself about her." Instead of being comforted, Jin Eon breaks down in sobs again.
Trying hard to ingratiate herself with Madam Choi, Seol Ri cooks lunch for Jin Eon's family and accidentally sees President Choi hiding Hae Gang's passport in his drawer. While everyone is eating lunch, Seol Ri sneaks into President Choi's study and steals the passport.

Surprised to see that there is no record of Hae Gang ever going to China in her passport, Seol Ri wonders why President Choi would even have Hae Gang's passport.
Secretly following Hae Gang to the hospital in hopes to figure out who she really is, Seol Ri is disappointed when Hae Gang is there simply to visit a client and his sick daughter. On her way out, Seol Ri runs into Kyu Seok and eagerly asks for an opportunity to listen in on his lectures even though it could be already too late to get in. In his usual brusque manner, Kyu Seok coldly replies that Seol Ri's problems doesn't concern him.

Kyuk Seok sure seems to be connected to almost everyone in this show. Running into Hae Gang while he is checking on patients, Kyu Seok assumed that Hae Gang who introduces herself as Dok Go Yong Gi must be the same person as the woman who has been e-mailing him about her sick daughter. However, Kyu Seok soon realizes his mistake when he sees Hae Gang puzzled expression.
On his way to Kyu Seok's office for a business matter, Jin Eon runs into Hae Gang who is on her way out of the hospital. Thankful to Jin Eon for helping her to catch the scumbag, Hae Gang brightly talks to Jin Eon and asks about his head wound. Not listening to Hae Gang at all, Jin Eon's mind is stuck on his mother-in-law's words about Hae Gang meeting a good guy and Seol Ri saying that Hae Gang and her brother are all but married. Without any preamble, Jin Eon asks to see Hae Gang's ID. When a rather offended Hae Gang refuses, Jin Eon forcefully takes Hae Gang's bag in order to search through it.

Jin Eon's stand off with Hae Gang is interrupted when Seol Ri all the sudden shows up and intimately puts her arm around Jin Eon's. Stunned to realize that Jin Eon is the cheating jerk that had an affair with Seol Ri, Hae Gang can barely contain her disgust at Jin Eon before she takes off. Ha, I love Jin Eon's face here. Four years ago he was able to flaunt his affair in front of Hae Gang so boldly but in front of this Hae Gang who doesn't owe him anything (at least she can't remember) Jin Eon is finally ashamed. 
Rushing out to speak to Hae Gang privately, Seol Ri tells Hae Gang of her extreme likeness to Jin Eon's ex-wife as a way to explain his odd behavior towards her. Speechless to hear that Jin Eon would mistaken her for his ex, Hae Gang's opinion of Jin Eon falls even more.

In a huff as she sits in Jin Eon's car to go meet Baek Seok for dinner, Hae Gang rolls her eye in disgust as she catches Jin Eon stealing glances at her.
Dismayed when he realized Seol Ri had brought them to a lobster restaurant, Jin Eon is uncharacteristically forceful when he grills the waitress about menu items that wouldn't have lobster in them. Realizing Hae Gang must have some sort of allergy, Seol Ri decides this is a perfect opportunity to figure out who Hae Gang really is.  
Seol Ri gets a phone call from China and immediately ducks out of the room. Even more puzzled when she is informed that there are no record of Hae Gang being in China, Seol Ri is unable to make sense of all the clues she has gathered so far.

With Seol Ri gone, Jin Eon immediately orders Hae Gang to not touch the lobster and just eat the rice balls he ordered for her. Taking Jin Eon's words as him being cheap, Hae Gang becomes even more determined to eat the lobster.

Noticing the anger on Hae Gang's face the second he walks in, Baek Seok teases Hae Gang until she breaks into a smile and eats the lobster happily.
Taking the chance while the girls are at the restroom, Baek Seok puts on his older brother hat and tells Jin Eon that he is entrusting Seol Ri to him. His mind on Hae Gang the whole time, Jin Eon skips over the whole issue with Seol Ri and asks "How did you meet Dok Go Yong Gi?" Immediately on guard when he heard Jin Eon's question, Baek Seok fires back "I am more curious why you would want to know."

The two men's conversation is interrupted when a very pale Hae Gang walks in and immediately collapse to the ground. Jumping up, Jin Eon yells "Hae Gang!" while Baek Seok yells "Yong Gi!"
Back at her house (well, actually Jin Eon's), Seol Ri demands to know why Jin Eon has been acting so out of character towards Hae Gang. "You were rude to her at the hospital. And you continual to be disrespectful and angry at her through the whole day. What are you so angry about? You are not a rude person. You are nice, kind, patient. You have never gotten mad at me once." Reminding Jin Eon once again of Hae Gang's status as her brother's girlfriend, Seol Ri stresses that Baek Seok loves Hae Gang like life itself.

Heaving a sigh, Jin Eon tells Seol Ri that he is sure Yong Gi is Hae Gang no matter what anyone says. Jin Eon goes on to explain that he only wants to know why Hae Gang is acting and living the way she is. In fact, Jin Eon hopes that Hae Gang is just doing everything on purpose. In an assuring tone Jin Eon tells Seol Ri "I just want to know the truth. I will never interfere those two. They look happy." Obviously not convinced at all by Jin Eon, Seol Ri insists that he is just confused. Seriously, why does everyone around Jin Eon seem to understand him better than he does himself. 

Back at home after her emergency trip to the hospital, Hae Gang tells Baek Seok about Jin Eon mistaking her as his ex. Sneering that Jin Eon must be crazy, Baek Seok tells a surprised Hae Gang that Jin Eon's wife died shortly after their divorce.

Finally giving in after tossing and turning in his bed, Jin Eon calls Hae Gang to make sure she is okay. Putting a hand to her heart after her short conversation with Jin Eon, it is obvious that the heart that doesn't beat for Baek Seok is beating for someone else.
President Choi discovers that Hae Gang's passport is missing and becomes even more agitated when a nervous Tae Seok wonders if this mean someone is already suspicious of how Hae Gang died.

Determined to get married even if she has to drag Jin Eon to the alter, Seol Ri tells Madam Choi to start planning the wedding.
Side note: It looks like Madam Choi is starting to suffer some form of dementia. I am interested to see how the writer is planning to use this in the story. 
Baek Ji (Baek Seok's little sister) visits Jin Eon to get him to sign a piece of paper to formally conclude the whole mess of her stealing his wallet. Jin Eon chats with Baek Ji and is stunned when she tells him that Hae Gang has no memories of her past.

A big puzzle sliding into place, Jin Eon can hardily contain his emotion when he shows up at Hae Gang's house.
A expression of pain crossing his face when he sees one of Hae Gang's shoe lace has come untied, Jin Eon kneels down to personally tie it for her.
Frozen by how weird Jin Eon is acting, Hae Gang reacts with surprise when Jin Eon starts to cry. Stunned to be suddenly pulled into an embrace by Jin Eon, Hae Gang starts to struggle, but Jin Eon just holds on even tighter. 

I was SO touched by the whole shoe lace tying scene until I remember this scene: 
I guess Jin Eon didn't tie Seol Ri's shoe laces here but simply puts the shoes on her... still... I am ticked. 
I am pretty torn about how I feel about the hero at this point. One can certainly tell that Hae Gang was/is the love of Jin Eon's life by this point of the story, but while I can understand how his daughter's death was the last straw that broke Jin Eon's heart I still struggle with the whole affair thing. Now, one can argue that if Jin Eon didn't resort to this drastic of measure neither his family nor Hae Gang herself would've let go... but then that meant he just outright used Seol Ri. 

Sigh, so that's where I am right now. I melt every time Jin Ji Hee comes on the screen and just want to forgive the poor man and have him skip off into the sunset with the new kind Hae Gang. THEN, I remember how much our two leads have hurt each other and wonder maybe they should just move on. But not with the second leads because neither Seol Ri or Baek Seok's love is too healthy at this point. 


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  2. I love this kinda cheesy makjang drama when the heroine got amnesia and forget all her memories and it pains the hero cuse like he is not someone important at her life.Give me vengeful pleasure to see Jin Eon feels confused and torn and of course re-falling in love again with his wife. But of course, I can't still forgive the affair thing.
    So keep recapping! :)

  3. I agree with your view about Jin Eon. I get that he was upset with his wife but cheating and pretty much forcing her into a divorce I know he is the main guy but at the same time, can what he did be forgiven? I'm more curious on how will she react when she gets her memory back?

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