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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Love Me, If You Dare Episode 1 & 2 First Impression

Drama: Love Me, If You Dare (他來了 請閉眼)
Country: Taiwan
Airs: Thursdays
Episodes: 24

Love Me, If You Dare Episode 1 & 2 Brief Overview:
Despite her sister AND her childhood friend's bad feeling about her interview at an eerily looking mansion, our heroine Jenny laughs off their concern and is excited when she is hired on as a translator.
Working by herself everyday, Jenny quietly translates the disturbing papers about violent crime cases written by her boss. Told very specifically by her boss's only friend that her boss Simon is a strange and unlikable guy, Jenny obediently stays away from the second floor where Simon's works.

Thanks to a storm that knocked out the mansion's electricity, Jenny finally meets her boss and proves for herself that Simon is indeed an extremely eccentric man.
Jenny's quiet working life is abruptly interrupted when a hoard of men come marching to the mansion to demand the return of a missing boy. 

Considerate of her boss's strange eating habit of consuming large quantities of fish, Jenny had previously asked a fish monger her family knew to deliver to the mansion every other day. When the young boy who had been making the deliveries suddenly goes missing, the village men had no doubt that the strange man living in the mansion must have taken the boy. 

Given the permission by Simon to take the men into a locked room, all the men including Jenny are horrified when they walked into a room full of dismembered body parts. Jenny's detective friend Xun Ran rushes into the mansion fearful of her safely, only to see a thoughtful Jenny as she realizes the room contains much of the research she has been translating. 
Ready to forceful storm the mansion anyway, Xuan Ran is surprised when the Police Chief personally arrives at the mansion. Hardily able to contain his pleasure that Simon is living in his little town, the Police Chief assures his men that there is no chance a world famous criminal proflier like Simon would be the kidnapper. Looking at a confused Jenny with a twinkle in his eye, the Police Chief tells her "You know Simon? You are sure our lucky star." 

Xuan Ran informs Jenny that while Simon has graciously agreed to help with the kidnapping case but he has also made the request that Jenny be his assistant. Bewildered how she can be of help in a criminal case, Jenny vows that she no interest in becoming Simon's assistant... until she goes home to find him sitting in her bedroom. 

First Impression:
Just be warned, after watching this show you'll be craving fish... because there are a lot of scenes of about fishes. 

Weird fish fetish aside, I am really enjoying the wacky vibe of Love Me, If You Dare. The director has been great so far at balancing the dark parts of the plot (criminal cases), the comic reliefs and developing romance between our two leads. 
I was completely in love once the show brought out the Knight Rider car!!! It is rather hilarious that the comic relief of the show is actually a car, but I like it! 
By episode two, it is still a bit hard to peg down our two leads' personality yet. The heroine is certainly an extremely talented observer and courageous, judging by her ability to work in a spooky mansion. The hero... I can quite figure out. Wallace Huo's Simon is VERY easy on the eyes, and with his lack of tact whenever he opens his mouth I would've guessed that he is rather cold... but how do you explain this happy hug he gave Jenny when she said something cleaver about the kidnapping case? That didn't look like the action of a distant and cold eccentric hero would do. Still, I rather enjoy the process of uncovering Simon's complicated personality. 
By the way, small quick scenes of flash backs AND synopsis from the show tells us that Simon was actually once kidnapped by a mad man he was trying to catch. Simon escaped after suffering torture physically and mentally. I believe the mad man will be the "Big Bad" Simon and the heroine will have to fight eventually. 
Anyhow, Love Me, If You Dare has quite a bit of Sherlock Home vibe to it but since we are watching a Taiwanese drama, I do expect a lot of romantic scenes. Sherlock AND Asian drama romance all in one show?! That my friends, it's a dream come true. 


  1. I was reading the english tranlation of the novel this drama was adapted from, but it hasn't been updated in a while. I'll probably check this out so I can see where the story goes. Wallace huo is very easy on the eyes as well.

    1. check this site, they just recently continuing the translation :

  2. I watched episode 1 and was impressed. It had the feel of a well-crafted movie. Is there an equivalent for best-in-cinematography award for tv drama? If not for the fact that suspense-thriller is bad for my hypertension I would have watched episode 2 right away. I will follow your recaps and perhaps watch some episodes. Thank you, Ninja.

  3. Thank you, Ninja for the first impressions and recap. I read your blog all the time! Originally I saw this on Viki and wasn't interested until I read your review! I thought why not give it a chance. Marathoning through the first four episodes I was thankful I followed your suggestion! Between the intriguing storyline, the cinematography, and the cast I am hooked! It looks like we will be in for quite a ride! Thank you, Ninja again for all your hard work!

  4. hello guys! i've finished watching marry me or not up till episode 7.. and now i dont know what to watch.. should i watch this? is this drama any good? =D

  5. Hi! I just wanted to inform you that "Love Me If You Dare" is a Chinese Drama, not a Taiwanese Drama! :)