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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Moon River Episode 17-18 Recap

Moon River Episode 17 Recap
As expected, things are not going well for Liu Bing's job search at all since Sha Xing's father has made sure that no one would dare to hire him. 

Seemingly undaunted, Liu Bing sweetly asks Xiao Xi to "recharge" him so he would have the energy to keep trying. 

During another failed interview Liu Bing meets Coco who is not only Jian Che's cousin but was the previous club president (the highly exclusive club Liu Bing is president of currently). Intrigued by how Liu Bing has all the sudden lost his air of superiority, Coco offers Liu Bing a job at her company. 

At first overjoyed that Liu Bing has finally found a job, Xiao Xi's happiness is soon turned to unease when everyone around her (especially Sha Xing) warns her how beautiful and smart Coco is. 
Despite the obvious agenda Sha Xing has in her "friendly" warning to Xiao Xi, Sha Xing's warning is actually quite valid since Coco has all but admitted to her personally that she is interested in Liu Bing. 
Eager to support Liu Bing, Xiao Xi rushes to Liu Bing's work with chicken broth she has personally made. Awed by the very grown up and professional surrounding she found herself in, Xiao Xi watches with mixed feelings as Liu Bing present his ideas in a company meeting with the famously beautiful Coco beside him. 

Trying to be her usual friendly self, Xiao Xi shyly greets Coco but it seems pretty apparent from Coco's suppressed mirth that Xiao Xi's presence is as foreign as an alien.
Gathering up her courage to show up at Liu Bing's work again, Xiao Xi instinctively hides the lunchbox she personally made when Liu Bing causally tells her that he was just on his way out to get some lunch with Coco. Snatching the lunch box out of their hiding place, Jian Che tells Liu Bing honestly that Xiao Xi had rush all the way from school to deliver a hot lunch to him. 

Setting the half eaten lunch box aside, Liu Bing teases Xiao Xi and asks her if she is getting jealous over Coco. Surprised when Xiao Xi grumpily admitted to being jealous, Liu Bing tells Xiao Xi that she needs to be confident of herself. 
Notwithstanding the big long speech from both Liu Bing and Jian Che about believing in herself, Xiao Xi couldn't help but imagine a depressing future of a successful Liu Bing showing up with the refined Coco in his arms to break up with her. 
Agitated by her own wild imagination, Xiao Xi puts on her "disguise" to spy on a meeting between Liu Bing and Coco. Fuming as she watches Coco intimately puts her hand on Liu Bing's shoulder, Xiao Xi wants nothing less than to charge over and beat both of them up but in the end she just left dejectedly. 

Moon River Episode 18 
Convinced by Sha Xing that she needs to pretty herself up for Liu Bing, Xiao Xi allows Sha Xing to give her a "make-over". Sha Xing's pleasure in presenting Xiao Xi like a bad joke soon turns to anger when Liu Bing surprisingly brings Coco to the private party as well. 

Knowing how much of a fool she made of herself, Xiao Xi promises Liu Bing to not dress so out of character again. Remembering how Coco had whispered something to Xiao Xi during dinner, Liu Bing asks Xiao Xi about it but Xiao Xi decides not to tell him about Coco's warning of "Don't focus so much on the enemy you can see that you forget about the enemy lurking in the dark..." I am assuming Coco is referring to herself as the enemy that can be seen and Sha Xing as the enemy in hiding.
Angry that Coco's company dared to go against his direct wish to not hire Liu Bing, President Tie (Sha Xing's father) scares Coco's boss into firing Liu Bing right away. Chaos ensues when Coco threatens to resign as well if her boss fires Liu Bing. Jumping into action right away when she sees security guards physically restraining Liu Bing, Xiao Xi easily rescues her damsel hero. 

Before Liu Bing can even thank Xiao Xi for saving him though, Coco suddenly collapsed because of her asthma and Liu Bing had to turn on his proper hero mode to take Coco to the hospital. 
Actually secretly a little ... okay, a lot happy that Liu Bing is unemployed again and thus not working with Coco anymore, Xiao Xi is all smiles when Liu Bing assures her that there is no other girl that could replace her. 

Xiao Xi's happy mood doesn't last long though, since the very next night Liu Bing had to to break the news to her that he had decided to accept Coco's invitation to start a company together. Unable to hide her overwhelming disappointment and fear, Xiao Xi sobs as a rather helpless Liu Bing follows behind. 
Displeased to get a phone call from Liu Bing informing her that he can't partner with her after all, Coco figures out right away that Xiao Xi is the reason for Liu Bing's sudden change of mind. Confronting Xiao Xi in person, Coco asks her "Are you so afraid to lose your precious Liu Bing that you are going to cut off his chance to shine? Because he will only shine if he takes the chance I am giving him." 

Giving no warning at all, Coco suddenly attacks Xiao Xi. Stunned after she instinctively blocks Coco's attack, Xiao Xi can only stare when Coco remarks "The Ming Family fist..." Interesting. Is the writer suggesting that not only is Coco everything Xiao Xi couldn't be but she can even beat Xiao Xi at the one thing she is good at?
Making the difficult decision that Jian Che was right that love must come with certain sacrifices, Xiao Xi tells Liu Bing to go ahead and work with Coco. 

However, the role of an understanding girlfriend takes its toll on Xiao Xi as she personally sends Liu Bing off to work in Coco's car day after day. 
Unable to hide her increasing unhappiness from Jian Che, Xiao Xi breaks down in silent tears. Giving in to his inner desire, Jian Che wraps his arm around Xiao Xi and comforts her. Watching the whole thing not too far away, Hao Xue's heart breaks as her worst nightmare is played out right in front of her. 


  1. Thanks for this as always, am looking forward to being able to watch it next week. Poor Xiao Xi, I can understand her insecurities due to CoCo, Sha Sha and every other rich female out there who keeps on eyeing Liu Bing! Yes she needs to be confident but it is human to be jealous and worried over these matter.

    Liu Bing will I am sure make it very clear once he catches wind that Coco is threatening Xiao Xi and wanting him for herself. He will make it known loud and clear that the only one for him is his Xiao Xi.
    She is the very first person to brake through his defense and understand his heart ache over the lost of his mother. Their love for each other is more stronger than any material/social needs.

    Xiao Xi is lucky to have Jian Che be there to champion her and comfort her. I hope he does not let his feelings interfere with their friendship, especially between his and Liu Bing. Bromance is as important as romance in my books. long as he is a support friend with comforting shoulder to lean and cry on then its all good, but the minute that develops into more than friendly concern then Jian Che needs to step away.

    By the way how many episodes are there?

  2. Yep, I agree. I hope Che finds his own girlfriend, getting a real side eye when he comes around Xiao Xi lol I would have thought that he was her best friend and not Liu Bing smh, but this will be fun to watch ! (^#^)/

  3. I went roaming to find a recap of these episodes so I could catch up on what I have missed. I really enjoyed your summary. It was to the point. Thank you!! I will come back for more.