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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Moon River Episode 19-20 Recap

Moon River Episode 19
Worried that Liu Bing spent the whole night at work, Xiao Xi rushes to his work with breakfast in hand. Puzzled that no one is at Liu Bing's work, Xiao Xi calls his cell phone and is stunned when Coco causally answers the phone to tell her "Liu Bing is in the shower. Do you want me to get him now or do you want him to call you later?"

Despite being worried about Xiao Xi's reaction when Coco tells him honestly of her conversation with Xiao Xi, Liu Bing ends up choosing work instead of rushing to her side.

Quite proud of how she was able to mess with Xiao Xi, Coco decides to make her morning even better by sending a picture of Liu Bing in her hotel room (dressed in a bathrobe no less) to Sha Xing. 
Intercepting Xiao Xi at school, Liu Bing tries to explain the whole hotel thing to her but Xiao Xi is much too upset to listen. Feeling like he has done nothing wrong to deserve Xiao Xi's anger, Liu Bing gives up explaining and turns to leave. 

With neither of them willing to back down, Xiao Xi and Liu Bing officially enters in to a cold war.
Refusing all of her friends' eager invitation to celebrate her birthday with her, a rather pitiful Xiao Xi sits at home alone with a small cupcake. 

Proving that he really does understand Xiao Xi better than anyone, Jian Che pretends that he has no clue that it's Xiao Xi's birthday and invites her out for dinner. Cheered up considerably to not spend her birthday alone anymore, Xiao Xi tries her best to come up with a nickname for Jian Che when he laments that he couldn't have a cool nickname like Liu Bing's. (Xiao Xi's nickname for Liu Bing is a play on the sound of his name ... which mean Old Grandma Skating.) 
With less than an hour to spare before midnight, a very distracted Liu Bing finally decides it's time to go home. Putting on her act of being a well meaning friend, Coco volunteers herself to help Liu Bing choose a birthday gift for Xiao Xi. 

After bidding Coco goodbye, Liu Bing is dismayed when Coco all the sudden asks for a "simple good night" kiss from him. Perhaps feeling indebted to Coco since she was the one that paid for the ring Liu Bing had bought for Xiao Xi, Liu Bing awkwardly kisses Coco on the forehead. Hiding in the dark, someone takes a picture of the kiss. 
With no money to take a taxi, Liu Bing runs all the way home in order to make it before midnight to give Xiao Xi her birthday present. Astounded when he arrives home to find his girlfriend standing in the embrace of his best friend, a rather stoic Liu Bing just stares at Xiao Xi accusingly. Acting like it was the most natural thing to give Xiao Xi a hug, Jian Che leaves after reminding Xiao Xi that Liu Bing made it home seven minutes before midnight to celebrate her birthday. I am starting to wonder about Jian Che's IQ. Does Jian Che really think it was totally okay to hug Xiao Xi like that in front of his best friend/her boyfriend? 
Furious with one another, Liu Bing yells "I don't like you spending your birthday with Jian Che!" while Xiao Xi yells back "And I don't like you working with Coco and (looking at her watch that is past midnight now) the fact that you didn't wish me happy birthday yesterday!" Needless to say, the cold war is still on. 
The next morning, an already dejected Xiao Xi gets even more depressed when a very angry Hao Xue charges to her house to yell at her for celebrating her birthday with Jian Che. Xiao Xi tries to assure Hao Xue that she has no intention of stealing Jian Che but Hao Xue wouldn't listen and tells her that they are no longer friends. 

Fortunately, Hao Xue's kind heart doesn't allow her to stay angry at at Xiao Xi for long and soon Hao Xue is apologizing to Xiao Xi for getting jealous when she knows full well that Liu Bing is the one Xiao Xi likes. Upset to see Hao Xue so sad over her one sided crush, Xiao Xi tries to cheer her up but Hao Xue just replies "This is just what happens when I fall in love with someone that is impossible for me." Reminded of her own situation with Liu Bing, Xiao Xi hangs her head and agrees with Hao Xue's words. 
Seemingly to prove that Xiao Xi has truly fallen in love with someone that is impossible, Liu Bing is informed by a very excited Coco that their proposal has just been accepted by a big American company and they are to spend the next five years at US. Sha Xing's dad is actually behind the whole thing so Liu Bing is still firmly in President Tie's control. 

Moon River Episode 20
Taken back to get an invitation from Liu Bing to go out to dinner together, Xiao Xi nonetheless asks her roommate to put some make up on her. The dinner seems to be just the thing to patch everything up between our two leads especially when Liu Bing puts a soda can tab on her finger with the promise "One day I will replace this with a real ring." Bursting with happiness, Xiao Xi assures Liu Bing that she is perfectly happy with the metal soda can tab. 

The happy mood between our two leads dies a sudden death when Liu Bing blurts out "I am going to America." Staring at Liu Bing in shock, the only question that came out of Xiao Xi was "Are you going with Coco?" Liu Bing tries to assure Xiao Xi that he is only going with Coco because of business but Xiao Xi refuses to listen and runs out of the restaurant. 
Worried when he couldn't get Xiao Xi to say anything other than muffled cries, Jian Che charges right over to where Liu Bing is and demands to know how he could possibly consider leaving Xiao Xi to go to America. Liu Bing retorts that Jian Che shouldn't talk like he knows what it would be like to be in his place but Jian Che vehemently answers back "If it was me, I would never leave Xiao Xi."

Running to where Xiao Xi is, Jian Che is back to playing his familiar role of a white knight for her. Beaten down by her broken heart and a night of crying in the cold, Xiao Xi finally faints in Jian Che's arms. 
Packing up all of his things, Liu Bing smiles as memories of his time with Xiao Xi flooded him. Muttering to himself, Liu Bing promises "Xiao Xi, trust me. I will stay true no matter of the distance between us." I have no clue where Liu Bing is getting the confidence that Xiao Xi would actually wait for him especially since Xiao Xi has made it pretty clear that trust and confidence are the last two things she has when it comes to their relationship. 

A frantic phone call from Rui Xi brings Xiao Xi home in a hurry. Looking at her room empty of Liu Bing's things, Xiao Xi mutters in disbelief "He really left without saying a word to me." 
A gleeful Sha Xing puts her concerned friend mask on and delivers a last fatal blow to Xiao Xi by showing her a picture of Liu Bing kissing Coco (on the forehead). Dragging a sick Xiao Xi out to a bar in the name of forgetting Liu Bing for good, Sha Xing tricks Xiao Xi into drinking a spiked cold tea. 

Tracking Sha Xing to the club, Hao Nan shakes his head with concern as he watches Sha Xing and Xiao Xi getting drunk together. Noticing the almost unconscious Xiao Xi, a few thugs decides that they have picked out their prey for the night. 

I wonder what evil plot President Tie is planning that involves BOTH Liu Bing and his dad? I still find President Tie's interest in Liu Bing rather odd and can't help but keep wondering if he has something to do with Liu Bing's mom's death. I am hoping that Liu Bing's vendetta against President Tie is big enough that will justify the many jerky thing he has done in this week's episodes to Xiao Xi. 

Because frankly I am going to need some good sob story to redeem our hero in my eyes. Not to say that Liu Bing has really done anything that blackened him permanently but he is sure coming off pretty selfish in his expectation that Xiao Xi should keep her distance from Jian Che when it is perfectly fine for him to spend day AND night with a woman who obviously is interested in him. Moreover, what's up with that "friendly" forehead kiss?! Liu Bing's character is much too smart not to know what Coco is really asking. 
By the way, I keep leaving Rui Xi and Lucy out of the recap but I actually love this couple. Lucy is just so odd that makes any scene with her simply hilarious. In this scene, Rui Xi's happiness in spending time with his crush turns to frustration when Hao Xue recounts of a conversation between her and Lucy. 

Slightly taken back when Hao Xue presents herself as Rui Xi's girlfriend, a concerned Hao Xue immediately wonders out loud "Oh, that means I can't spend time with Rui Xi anymore or you would get jealous." 
Shaking her head confidently, Lucy assures Hao Xue "Oh, No. I don't mind at all. I know Rui Xi likes you but I know you would never like him." Such an odd duck... but so funny! 


  1. This 2 episode so heartbreaking for xiao xi but thankfully she has jian che who always standing next to her...i don't understand why president Tie always interfere Liu Bing's life..Liu Bing not his son but why he keep looking trouble with him...for liu bing i hope that he not going to america but choose with xiao xi instead..i'll keep waiting your recap next week...jia you

  2. Thanks for the recaps Ms. Ninja. Or is it Mr. Ninja? Anyway, I can see that the 2 episodes will stress me out so I'll skip until our two leads and their friends succeed in thwarting the machinations of the evil ones. Reading your recaps will be enough for me.

    Regarding Liu Bing's hatred for President Tie, I have a strong suspicion that President Tie sexually harassed Liu Bing's mom. I got this suspicion by the way Liu Bing blocked President Tie from touching Xiao Xi in the scene of Sha Xing's garden breakfast (or lunch or whatever).

  3. So enjoy your recaps Miss Ninja, please keep up the hard work so appreciate it.

    Reading about Coco, and without watching it, I already dislike her character along with shallow Sha Xing.
    Its a shame that Liu Bing can not express his feelings out loud to Xiao Xi.
    Bless Jian Che for being there for Xiao Xi and for trying to make Liu Bing see how precious Xiao Xi is .

    Why on earth is the Tei family from father to daughter so set on Liu Bing, I know he is smart, but so are the others, I gues he has a good head and has more of a leadership quality about him but still I really can't see why they are so into him!!

    I miss grandpa, he needs to comeback and be a cheerleader for Xiao Xi, backing her all the way with his grandson. i hope grandpa can warn off all the other unsuitable candidate to be his grandaughter-inlaw, he has always admired Xiao Xi and approve of her ability to put his grandson in his places.

    Your so lucky to be able to view it as it is shown, whereas I have a delay of a week or even two to get to these episode. so a big thank you for feeding the addiction towards this drama.