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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Moon River Episode 21-22 Recap

Moon River Episode 21
Thanks to Hao Nan who despite his devotion to Sha Xing is still a decent person, Sha Xing's evil plan of leaving Xiao Xi helplessly drunk in a club is foiled. Rushing out the moment he received Hao Nan's phone call, Liu Bing arrives just in time to rescue Xiao Xi from a couple thugs who were trying to take her away.  

After helping a completely drunk Xiao Xi to her feet, Liu Bing is mildly surprised when the thugs had called for back up and is ready to beat him to a pulp. Trying the best he could to protect Xiao Xi with his body, Liu Bing prepares himself for a solid beating... until Coco shows up and single handily beats all the thugs off. 

Safe in her own bed, Xiao Xi wakes up after dreaming that she was a girl in the early 1900s sending her man off for the good of the country. Still yelling "A man's dream is important!" as she opens her eyes, Xiao Xi's belies her cool dream self and breaks down in tears once she finds out Liu Bing has left with Coco already.  
A delivery from Coco interrupts Xiao Xi's attempt to convince herself that Liu Bing is meant for much bigger things. Surprised to be getting something from Coco, Xiao Xi is even more surprised when Coco's letter tells her 1. To be careful of Sha Xing. 2. She is sending Liu Bing back to her. 3. Don't drink when she is sick anymore because she can't always be saving them from thugs. 

Standing up in shock when Liu Bing really walks in with his suitcase in tow, Xiao Xi happily accepts Liu Bing's apology for almost making the wrong choice and losing the most important thing in his life - her. Throwing her arms around Liu Bing, Xiao Xi cries "I love you. I really really love you." 
Thinking back to Hao Nan's pleading that she stops trying to hurt Xiao Xi since she is just going to end up as the one being hurt in the end, Sha Xing stares at herself in the mirror and think of the same warning she received from Coco. What's up with the apple? Is Sha Xing turning into the wicked witch?  
Furious as she listens to her friends talking about what it is like to work part-time jobs, Sha Xing blames her friends' lowly behavior on Xiao Xi and tells Liu Bing that the only person she likes is him. Shaking Sha Xing off him, Liu Bing tells Sha Xing that the one she should be concerned about is Hao Nan. Jealous that Liu Bing is worried about Hao Nan, Sha Xing decides to do something drastic. 

Marching into their private dinner party, Sha Xing announces "I am going to marry Hao Nan!" Stunned, Hao Nan just looks at Sha Xing with confusion. 
Clueless why no one (including the bride groom) seems to be happy about Sha Xing's marriage announcement, Xiao Xi naively congratulates Hao Nan and even promises to help. Knowing deep down why Sha Xing is all the sudden proposing marriage, Hao Nan vents all his anger on Xiao Xi and yells "You are the one that has messed everything up! We were all perfectly fine before you showed up." 

Bothered by what Hao Nan said, Xiao Xi becomes even more dejected when even Jian Che couldn't refute Hao Nan's words. Overwrought by sadness for how much unhappiness her presence has caused, Xiao Xi cries silently while Liu Bing looks on with concern. 
Informed by Rui Xi about the harsh words Hao Nan said to Xiao Xi, Liu Bing meets with Hao Nan and the two boys gets into a fist fight.

Thanks to Xiao Xi who promptly breaks off the fight with a single push, Jian Che was able to calmly tell Hao Nan that he can't keep avoiding the fact that while he loves Sha Xing but she doesn't feel the same way towards him. 
Crisis avoid after a dejected Hao Nan stumbles off, our two love birds walks home and ends up in a ... um... suggestive position when Liu Bing accidentally trips. Dang, I wish I trip like that. 
Not a dummy by any means, Liu Bing leans in for a kiss. 

Moon River Episode 22 
Finally willing to admit out loud what he has always known, Hao Nan tells Sha Xing that he can't marry her while knowing full well that she will regret her decision. True to her tendency to simply lash out no matter of the cost to herself or others, Sha Xing insists that she will marry Hao Nan no matter what. 

Showing up at Liu Bing's house looking like a lost soul, Hao Nan sobs as he repeats over and over "I told her. I really told her that I can't marry her because she doesn't love me. But she still wants to get married... what do I do?" 
The next morning, Sha Xing's rather lonely and depressing breakfast is made even more pitiful when someone texts her a picture of the three boys eating a cozy breakfast with Xiao Xi. 

As abruptly as her declaration of intent to get married, Sha Xing just as abruptly announces to her father that she doesn't want to get married after all. Calmly accepting his daughter's life changing declaration both times, President Tie seems quite determined to play his role of a doting father. 
Much calmer after venting out everything he has been suppressing the night before, Hao Nan sincerely apologizes to a flustered Xiao Xi for the harsh words he said before. Noticing for the first time what his two best friends has seen all along in Xiao Xi, Hao Nan thank Xiao Xi for changing them all for the better. I really thought Hao Nan's character will turn evil but I am really glad that he is actually becoming nicer. 
Not surprisingly, President Tie is still quite determined to turn Liu Bing into one of his minions even if he is already digging a trap for Liu Bing's father to jump into. 

Seemingly unbelieving of his good luck, President Mu (Liu Bing's father) thank President Tie's man furiously for giving his company a huge contract. 
Noticing Liu Bing's repeated refusal of his father's request to have dinner together, Xiao Xi pleas with Liu Bing to not turn his father down anymore. In her eagerness to patch up the father and son's relationship, Xiao Xi even promises to give Liu Bing another "Ming Family Three Wishes" if he will simply go to dinner with his father. 

Thanks to Xiao Xi's effort, Liu Bing does end up meeting with his father for dinner but not surprisingly, the dinner doesn't last too long before Liu Bing's resentment towards his father bubbles up and he cuts the dinner short. Liu Bing's dad does say something interesting here that suggests that he is not President Tie's dog as his son always accuses him to be "Have you ever tried to understand me? Have you tried to figure out the reason for my action?" 

Alerted by various rumors that is circulating, Liu Bing confirms with his friends his dad has indeed received a huge contract from President Tie. Noting how unreasonable it was for President Tie to choose his father over other more logical choices, Liu Bing's warning bell goes off even louder when Jian Che tells him that his father has invested almost all of the money while President Tie had held off. 


  1. Whew, nothing is simple in the life of Taiwaneese drama character. 1. Entering elite, unfriendly, materialistic uni, check. 2. Overcoming bully/courtship of the student president, check. 3. Facing angry dadio in law and moneyless boyfriend, check. 4. Being friendly with the two face witch trying to steal you hot boyfriend, check. 5. Trying to accept another witch who try to steal your boyfriend by offering what you can not give, check. 6. And now! Dady in law going bancrupt because the witch still want to steal your BF. Check. That is a lot of plot for a drama!

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