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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Moon River Episode 23-24 Recap

Moon River Episode 23
Convinced that President Tie must be up to no good, Liu Bing shows up at his father's company but ends up leaving in a huff when his father insists that he knows what he is doing. 

Xiao Xi receives a surprise visit from Daddy Mu and is touched when Daddy Mu confesses that he cares about Liu Bing's mother as much as he does his son. After receiving a confirmation from Xiao Xi that she is indeed sincere in her feelings toward Liu Bing, Daddy Mu asks Xiao Xi to take good care of Liu Bing. 

Despite feeling uneasy with the tone of Daddy Mu's visit, Xiao Xi's mind is soon thrown into a crisis when her mother calls with the bad news that something must be seriously wrong with Daddy Ming. Noticing the worried look on Xiao Xi's face, Liu Bing tries to ask Xiao Xi what is bothering her but Xiao Xi doesn't want to burden Liu Bing with her problem. 
Determined to figure out what exactly President Tie is up to, Liu Bing sends Rui Xi to dig up some information through Lucy and Hao Nan to Sha Xing. 
To "pay" Lucy back for her help, Rui Xi had to do a wedding shoot with her. Ha! 
Glad to be of help to Liu Bing, Sha Xing charges right home to ask her dad if there is anything wrong with the project he is working on with Liu Bing's father. Despite President Tie's assurance that nothing fishy is going on, Sha Xing could sense from the way her father is acting that something must be up. Taking out her phone to call Liu Bing with her suspicion, Sha Xing hesitates when she sees the group photo of everyone ... and Xiao Xi. Resentment bubbling up inside her, Sha Xing puts away her phone and comforts herself that her dad is not going to hurt Liu Bing... probably.  
After breaking 40 glasses on the first day of her part time job at Xiao Xi's work, Hao Xue is promptly fired. Trying to cheer up Hao Xue, Xiao Xi takes her to see Jian Che and confesses to him that she is also in need of cheering up because of her dad. 

Proving that Jian Che is magical after all, Xiao Xi hugs him with excitement when she gets a phone from her mom laughingly informing her that his dad's "bloody stool" was only from the dragon fruit he ate. 
Waking up crying after a dream of his mom, Liu Bing finally tells Xiao Xi the reason why he hates President Tie so much. Back when Liu Bing was young, Daddy Mu suffered a set back that needed a lot of money to dig his company out. Showing up with a case full of money, President Tie's only condition of helping Daddy Mu was for Liu Bing's mother to spend a night with him. To save his company, Daddy Mu agreed to sacrifice his own wife but never spoke to his wife again after that incident. In anguish, Mama Mu finally takes her own life. 

Regretting that she asked Liu Bing to remember something so terrible, the only thing Xiao Xi could do was to wrap her arms around him.  
Called to his grandfather's house, Liu Bing is bewildered when his grandfather gives him a box his father has left for him. Surprised when he finds a diary Daddy Mu has been keeping, Liu Bing is even more astonished when he realizes that the diary is filled with Daddy Mu's concern for him and reveals how much his father missed his mother. From Daddy Mu's diary, Liu Bing also finds out the true reason why his father ignored his mom. Determined to help Daddy Mu, Liu Bing's mother agreed to President Tie's condition. However, after suffering through such a horrible incident, Mama Mu's mind starts to break down and forbids Daddy Mu from having any sort of interaction with her.  
Ready to join his father against President Tie, Liu Bing runs to his father's company. Immediately realizing something is terribly wrong when he sees an unconscious female employee, Liu Bing rushes into his father's office only to find him collapsed on the ground. Everything points to that Daddy Mu's death is probably not an accident. Liu Bing saw a suspicious stranger coming out of his dad's company. Moreover, we were show that President Tie had send someone to Daddy Mu's office to get some incriminating information Daddy Mu had on President Tie. 

Moon River Episode 23
Arriving promptly at the hospital with a team of specialist to help Daddy Mu, Sha Xing doesn't pass up the opportunity to point out to Xiao Xi that she is of no help to Liu Bing.  
With no way to refute Sha Xing's words, Xiao Xi meekly leaves the hospital when Liu Qing asks her to take his grandpa home. 

Walking Xiao Xi home, Jian Che asks "Are you okay?" Putting on her brave face, Xiao Xi replies "Yes, I am fine." 
Shaking his head, Jian Che replies "When you say I am fine, that means there is a problem." 
Tearing up, Xiao Xi cries "I just can't help but think that I am the reason so many bad things has happened to Liu Qing." 
His heart breaking at the sight of Xiao Xi crying, Jian Che pulls her into his arm. 
The next morning, Xiao Xi wakes up to the shocking sight of Daddy Mu standing on her balcony. Smiling kindly at Xiao Xi, Daddy Mu says "Please take care of Liu Bing." 
Fearing the worst after her strange experience, Xiao Xi rushes to the the hospital and gasp with dismay when she sees Liu Bing crying desperately as he holds his father's hand. His face twisted with fury, Liu Bing looks at his father's body and says "I hate..." Knowing full well that President Tie is standing right outside, Xiao Xi hurriedly warns Liu Bing "President Tie is here!" 
Walking in with Sha Xing, President Tie tells Liu Bing that he will do everything he can to help Liu Bing with the funeral arrangement. Having personally seen the twisted anger on Liu Bing's face just seconds before, Xiao Xi suppresses a muffled surprise when Liu Bing turns around to thank President Tie with a perfectly calm expression. 
Worried about Liu Bing, Xiao Xi pleas with him to let her stay the night but a rather stoic Liu Bing insists that he needs time alone to think things over. 

Sitting in the dark, Liu Bing stares at his father's picture and sobs his apology repeatedly. 
Acting like everything is normal the next morning, Liu Bing meets with President Tie and volunteers to start working for his company. Overjoyed that Liu Bing is finally acting like she has always wanted him to, Sha Xing can hardily contain her happiness. Not easily fooled, President Tie is not so sure about Liu Bing's sudden change of heart. 
Standing in front of Xiao Xi, Liu Bing simply informs her that he is resigning from his part-time job and that he is going to start working for President Tie's company. To give Liu Bing credit, he did try to give some explanation but Xiao Xi just assures him that she will support him no matter what. 
Oppose to Xiao Xi's unconditional support, Liu Bing's two friends are not so willing to go along with his crazy decision. In Jian Che's words "Don't you know Xiao Xi by now?! Of course she will support you even knowing there must be some fishy about your decision to work for President Tie!" Awe! That makes me happy that Jian Che has become Xiao Xi's champion... too. 

Not mincing words, Jian Che simply tells Liu Bing "If you hurt Xiao Xi I will never forgive you." 
Happy to see Xiao Xi at his house, Grandpa Mu tells Xiao Xi to talk his grandson out of working for President Tie and makes Xiao Xi promise to take care of Liu Bing. 

Sitting with a very quiet Liu Bing, Xiao Xi asks: 1. You told me before you would call me when you reached a decision but you didn't... did you not call because you didn't want me to worry? 2. Despite your parents' past with President Tie you still decided to work for him... so you must be fully prepared right? 3. When you asked me if I would wait for you no matter what... that really mean you want me to wait for you no matter what. Am I right?

Talking by herself the whole time, Xiao Xi goes on to tell Liu Bing "Actually, the expression in your eyes changed from the moment you thanked President Tie. To be honest, I have no choice but to trust you... because I really really care about you."  
Feeling a bit sheepish after talking by herself all this time without getting a single peep out of Liu Bing, Xiao Xi starts to suggest that maybe it's time to head back. Pulling Xiao Xi to him in one smooth move, Liu Bing plants a kiss on her as his answer. In a voice over, we hear Liu Bing's voice "Thank you Xiao Xi for supporting me. Meeting you, is the best thing that has ever happened to me. No matter how difficult things get in the future, I will be able to keep going with the courage you have given me." 
Standing in front of Xiao Xi's house, Liu Bing asks her to sing her famous trade mark song. Pulling Xiao Xi in for a hug before she even finishes her song, Liu Bing thank her and gives her a kiss on the forehead before bidding her goodnight. 

I have a bad feeling about this. That last hug sure looked like a parting scene. In two episodes time, Liu Bing's fight with President Tie has escalates into something that is much more serious than your simple school feuds. While his friends are still immersed in the simple things of life, Liu Bing is now embarking on a path of revenge. 

In a way I do understand why Liu Bing is choosing to distance himself away from Xiao Xi, because the path he is walking on is too bloody and too dangerous to involve Xiao Xi now. Plus I think Xiao Xi represents his soft side and right now he doesn't have the luxury to to be soft. 

As much as I feel for Liu Bing though, I do wonder if Xiao Xi is going to be better off with Jian Che. We are already seeing a disturbing trend that Xiao Xi will turn to Jian Che for comfort but hides her pain from Liu Bing. It also kinda disturb me that Liu Bing doesn't seem to take Jian Che as a threat. Yes, he is your best friend but he is also your best friend who seems to hug your girlfriend more than you do. Sigh... I am just torn. I would like for Liu Bing to pay more attention to Xiao Xi's suffering but I guess Xiao Xi's pain probably seems like a very small matter in the face of avenging BOTH of his parents' death. 


  1. Thank you ninja, only 5 more episodes. The novel has an unpredictable ending, does that mean its a sad ending for XX and LB.

    Even i feel that XX is better of with JC.

  2. one thing that makes this strange drama is about other parents who interfere with another child's life when his regular boy's parents were opposed. father liu bing support xiao xi but president Tie continue to plague when liu bing clearly not interested in sha sha..damn this father and daughter doesn't have conscience at all

  3. i really hope at the end xx will be with liu bing. they really a perfect match

  4. i really hope at the end xx will be with liu bing. they really a perfect match