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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Moon River Episode 25-26 Recap

Moon River Episode 25
Gathering up all her courage, Hao Xue hands Jian Che a confession letter and invites him to a concert. His mind totally preoccupied with how to cheer up Xiao Xi, Jian Che doesn't even notice the confession letter and tells Rui Xi to take Hao Xue to the concert instead.

Stammering when Liu Bing notices the single rose in her hand, Xiao Xi explains that Jian Che had given her the flower to cheer her up. Xiao Xi worries that Liu Bing might get jealous over the flower, but Liu Bing is too involved with his revenge plan to worry about Xiao Xi right now.

Forced to admit that President Tie is indeed a formidable opponent when he can't find a single sign of the corruption his father's diary described, Liu Bing has no choice but to agree to President Tie's suggestion/demand that he marries Sha Xing.
Surprised to get punched the very second Hao Nan sees him, Liu Bing yells for an explanation. Arriving just in time to separate his two fighting friends, it is Jian Che's turn to add another punch to Liu Bing's face when Hao Nan angrily explains that Sha Xing has already told him about her upcoming marriage to Liu Bing.

Stunned when she realizes the reason for the boys' fight, Xiao Xi stumbles away in shock.
Breaking down in tears, Xiao Xi refuses to let Liu Bing get close to her and cries "You did it again. You are doing something without telling me. I don't have the confidence to keep going any more."

Liu Bing tries to assure Xiao Xi that she just need to trust and wait, but Xiao Xi refuses to listen when her quiet waiting has only ended with Liu Bing marrying someone else. Sobbing as she talked, Xiao Xi tells Liu Bing that it's an end for them.

Clutching his stomach in pain, Liu Bing watches hopelessly as Xiao Xi walks away for good. The stomach pain is an old problem Liu Bing has but looks like it has worsen considerably lately. 
Her knight showing up again to comfort her, Jian Che holds Xiao Xi as she cries.

Breaking away from Jian Che's embrace, Xiao Xi asks him to help her bury the soda can ring Liu Bing gave her as a way to formally end her first love.
Furious that his grandson would hurt himself and Xiao Xi just to get his revenge on President Tie, Grandpa Mu moves out of the house despite Liu Bing's attempt to convince him to stay.

Confirming with Liu Bing one last time that he really is not going to change his mind about his upcoming marriage, Jian Che tells him "Then I am not going hold back anymore. I will pursue Xiao Xi with all my might." Ignoring the warning bell going off in his head as he remembers back to the rose Xiao Xi received from Jian Che, Liu Bing refuses to change his mind.
Worried right away after President Tie's threateningly words of "If you haven't taken care of your martial art girlfriend yet, then I would be glad to take care of her for you," Liu Bing follows Xiao Xi as she walks home.

Turning right away when she catches sight of Liu Bing's reflection in a store window, Xiao Xi hangs her head in disappoint when Liu Bing quickly ducks out of sight.
Overwhelmed by her sadness just from her brief sighting of Liu Bing's reflection, Xiao Xi pleas with Jian Che for a way she can stop suffering from the pain of losing Liu Bing. Hiding out of sight, Hao Xue muffles her cries of shock when Jian Che suddenly grabs Xiao Xi's shoulder and asks her to be his girlfriend so he can protect her from then on. 

No less shocked than Hao Xue, Xiao Xi frees herself from Jian Che's grasp and runs away. 

Moon River Episode 26
His heart torn to pieces just seeing how upset Hao Xue is, Rui Xi pleads with Jian Che to like Hao Xue. Completely surprised by Rui Xi's request, Jian Che tells him that a forced relationship is not a happy one. Pausing after listening to his own advise, Jian Che mutters to himself "Who am I to be giving love advise."

Perhaps feeling a tad bit guilty, Liu Bing confesses to Sha Xing that he is only marrying her because of business reasons. Not surprised at all, Sha Xing assures Liu Bing that he doesn't have to feel guilty since she has made her own choice. After a brief hesitation, Liu Bing asks Sha Xing to make sure Xiao Xi would be safe from her father. Agreeing to Liu Bing's request, Sha Xing asks him to try his best to fall in love with her in return.  
While out with Jian Che to vent off some of her suppressed emotions, Sha Xing is kidnapped along with Jian Che. Crying desperately as she listens to a beat up Jian Che confessing his love for her, Sha Xing blames herself for dragging an innocent Jian Che into the mess. 

Calling the police right away when he gets a call from the kidnappers, Liu Bing arrives with the police to rescue Sha Xing and Jian Che. Um... those kidnappers sure didn't seem very competent. 
Still bitter after the shock of seeing Jian Che asking Xiao Xi to be his girlfriend, a furious Hao Xue accuses Xiao Xi to be the source of all their troubles. Frustrated, Jian Che tries to reason with Hao Xue but she just insists that her brother wouldn't be hurt if Sha Xing didn't date Hao Nan out of her desire to make Liu Bing jealous in the first place. (Meaning, if Xiao Xi hadn't show up, then Sha Xing wouldn't have felt the need to make Liu Bing jealous.) 
Overjoyed to be informed by the doctor that Hao Nan's life is not in danger anymore, Sha Xing sobs her relief as she holds Hao Nan. Waking up to Sha Xing's tears, Hao Nan smiles and tells her "You are finally crying for ME." 
Convinced more than ever that her existence has only brought bad luck to her friends, Xiao Xi tells Liu Bing "I am going to go home. I have decided to give up school, my friends, and you - the one I love the most."

Giving Liu Bing one last hug, Xiao Xi rushes away with tears in her eyes without noticing Liu Bing is also trying hard to hold his own emotions in check. 
Noticing the different vibe that was definitely going on between Sha Xing and Hao Nan in the hospital, Jian Che asks Liu Bing if he is still going forward with the marriage plan. Admitting that he doesn't know if the marriage would still happen, Liu Bing tells Jian Che that he is too far gone to turn back now. 

After a short pause, Liu Bing tells Jian Che of Xiao Xi's plan to go home and asks him to convince her to at least stay until she finishes school. Not mincing words, Jian Che replies "What ever happens with her... it doesn't concern you anymore." Ouch!

Repentant again after her outburst, Hao Xue apologizes to Xiao Xi and tries to convince her to stay. However, Xiao Xi simply thank Hao Xue for her friendship and expresses her determination to leave. 
Calling Liu Bing to his office, President Tie informs Liu Bing that since his daughter has changed her mind about getting married then there is no reason for him to keep a guy who is obviously out to destroy him. Liu Bing tries to protest, but President Tie simply shows him all the computer record of Liu Bing's effort as he tries to search for incriminating evidences. 

Dismayed to realize that Liu Bing has already been booted out of her father's company, Sha Xing shows up just in time to stop two security guards from beating Liu Bing up on President Tie's orders. Finally convinced that there must be some serious grudge between her father and Liu Bing, Sha Xing pleas with Xiao Xi to help Liu Bing since she suspects that her father might be planning to physically harm him. 
Unable to find Liu Bing anywhere, Xiao Xi remembers Liu Bing's secret hiding place and rushes over there with Jian Che. Disappointed to not find Liu Bing at his hiding place, Xiao Xi and Jian Che are alarmed when three men sent by President Tie demand to know where Liu Bing is. Failing to find Liu Bing, one of the men (a better fighter than Xiao Xi) turns his attention to Xiao Xi and attacks her. 

Jumping to Xiao Xi's defense when she falls to the ground, Jian Che's hand is hurt severely by the thug. Rescued at the last minute by the arrival of police sirens, Jian Che sits in his hospital bed and tries to comfort a guilt ridden Xiao Xi. 
Xiao Xi's guilt turns to desperation when she is informed that Jian Che's hand has suffered permanent damage and will probably never be able to play musical instruments again. Sobbing, Xiao Xi blames herself for destroying Jian Che's dream of holding a concert for the girl he loves. Which he has already told Xiao Xi that the girl is her. 

Ignorant of the chaos his disappearance has caused, Liu Bing believes Xiao Xi gone back home already and has hidden himself at his grandfather's place to recollect himself after President Tie has seemingly wiped away all his chance of revenge . 
Finally informed of Jian Che's injury, Liu Bing calls a mysterious person on the phone and tells him to save Jian Che's hand by whatever means. 

A specialist arrives to repair Jian Che's hand but pulls Xiao Xi aside to tell her "You are Mu Liu Bing's woman right? Tell him that I can't save Jian Che's hand completely. No one in this world can." 


  1. Thanks for your recaps. I'm reading them instead of watching, so that I know if it ends ok before I watch it. BTW, I think there's a typo in the kidnap paragraph. It should say Hao Nan, right?

  2. Everybody got beaten up in this episode. XX has become a weak,vulnerable woman,what happened to her martial arts skills, she couldnt defend herself.

    Skating Grandma once again doesnt tell XX about his plans,he has serious communication problems

    Xiao Xi please accept Che Ge Ge, Finally he confessed.kudos to JC

    Once again thank you ninja

  3. its so confusing..are xiao xi with jian che or xiao xi with liu bing in the end??? damn...so frustrate...i wish xiao xi with liu bing in the end...i love this couple so much

  4. I am your loyal recap reader too. Chayoo! Keep on writing! Sha xing needs to know his Dad's bad deeds go both MLB parents for her to repents. Only then MLB revenge can happen.

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  6. Oh my! What happened to this drama...I didn't know it would turn so dark so quickly... Thank you for recapping as I don't think I've got the heart to watch it raw. I hope I'm not a fool for still wishing for a happy ending for all (well not President Tie and his daughter.)