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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Moon River Episode 25-26(Final) Recap

Moon River Episode 25
Xiao Xi gets a surprise package from Daddy Ming asking her to make the difficult decision of whether or not the evidence inside should be given to Liu Bing to help with his revenge plan. After a sleepless night, Xiao Xi finally decides to give Liu Bing the package and once again informs him that she is going back to the village. Side note: Xiao Xi chides Liu Bing for kidnapping the doctor's son in order to get the strange doctor to agree to treat Jian Che's hand. A bit sheepish, Liu Bing admits that the doctor's son is actually one of his good friends and his friend was the one to came up with the scheme to force his dad to treat Jian Che. 

With the help of the evidence his father had left him, Liu Bing confronts President Tie's assistant with the recording of him betraying his boss and threatens to expose the recording until he agrees to help Liu Bing the way he helped President Mu.

After a brief disappearance, Xiao Xi comes back from her village with her family's formula to treat Jian Che's hand. Impressed with Xiao Xi's spirit of creating miracles when all seems impossible, Jian Che's doctor declares that Jian Che's hand is actually making a full recovery. Gruffly reminding Xiao Xi that he will forgive Xiao Xi this one time for playing doctor on his patient without consulting him, the doctor also informs a guilty looking Xiao Xi that his son has confessed the whole kidnapping fiasco to him already.
Walking out of Jian Che's hospital room, Xiao Xi is surprised when she is stopped by Liu Bing's friend (the very one who orchestrated his own kidnapping). Flustered to hear that Liu Bing has been working night and day without eating or taking his medication for his stomach pain, Xiao Xi rushes to see him.
Moved to see how worried Xiao Xi is about him, Liu Bing confesses that he has been missing her terribly and pleas with her to stay with him.
Totally focused on taking care of Liu Bing, Xiao Xi suddenly gasp in dismay when she realizes that she has completely forgotten about Jian Che's concert - yap, the one he is holding to fulfill his dream of playing for the girl he loves. (I thought only one day has passed, but judging from the way Liu Bing referred to this period as the happiest time of his life I think it was longer than that.)

Despite being nervous that Xiao Xi is not going to come back once he lets her leave, Liu Bing nonetheless tells her that he will wait for her return.
Knowing full well that at ten o'clock at night the concert must have ended, but Xiao Xi still feel the need to race towards the concert hall. Sitting in an empty concert hall as she tries to imagine the concert she missed, Xiao Xi jumps with surprise when Jian Che all the sudden appears to play his violin for her.

Without any questions of why Xiao Xi didn't keep her promise of attending his concert, Jian Che simply asks "Are you okay, Xiao Xi?" Overwhelmed with guilt and pain for the way Jian Che always puts her happiness above his own suffering, Xiao Xi pleas with Jian Che not to be so nice to her. In a matter of fact tone, Jian Che replies "I like you, so of course I am going to be nice to you."

Holding out his hand to show Xiao Xi the ribbon around it, Jian Che tells her that he is giving her a gift then guides her hand to untie the ribbon. In case you missed it, he is saying he is the present. Handing Xiao Xi the ribbon, Jian Che says "Keep this present (ribbon) by you. Even if you leave, then it will still seems like I am next to you. This way, I will feel happy."
Tears flowing as it hit home again that Jian Che has only ever gave without demanding anything in return, Xiao Xi pleas with Jian Che to treat himself better.

While Xiao Xi is struggling with Jian Che's selfless love, Liu Bing sits alone at the bus station to wait for Xiao Xi's return. His hope dashed again and again with each passing bus, Liu Bing starts to wonder if he has hurt Xiao Xi too deeply for her to come back to him.

Moon River Episode 26
Stunned to see Jian Che crying, Hao Nan demands to know what's wrong. Turning to Hao Nan for advise, Jian Che tells him of the heart breaking e-mail he has received from Xiao Xi. In a flash back, we see that Xiao Xi had written the "It's not you but it's me" letter to Jian Che... except it was a lot smoother than that.

In the letter, Xiao Xi tells Jian Che that while he has always been like an angel to her but her heart has already been given to Liu Bing... and sadly it looks like her heart can only be given once. Concluding her letter, Xiao Xi asks "Jian Che, please do a favor for me. Don't wait for me anymore. It isn't fair. It isn't fair to the one who likes you. It isn't fair to me. It is even more unfair to you. Me, who carries the guilt of your waiting will be unhappy. Your happiness is very important to me."

I love Hao Nan's response after listening to his friend's sad tale. 
Hao Nan "I am not sure what to say, but I think Xiao Xi's letter makes a lot of sense. My only experience is that I have been harboring a crush on someone... and she is finally responding back."
Dryly, Jian Che replies "You know what you are saying is not very comforting right?" 
Nervous that Liu Bing could really bring him down, President Tie orders his men to kidnap Xiao Xi in order to draw Liu Bing out. His revenge plan out the window the moment he hears that Xiao Xi has been taken, Liu Bing promises President Tie to show up with all the evidence he has gathered.

Horrified that her father could really go so far, Sha Xing begs President Tie to let everything go and to not hurt her friends. Impatient with Sha Xing, President Tie just tells her the classic line "Don't you realize I am doing it all for you?!"
Satisfied that Liu Bing has really shown up with the incriminating documents, President Tie gleefully tells Liu Bing of his life long grudge against his parents. Angry that Liu Bing's mother had dared to choose a nobody over him, President Tie had used ploy to get Mama Mu to agree to spend a night with him. Surprisingly, President Tie actually didn't do anything to Mama Mu. Smiling with delight, President Tie goes on to explain that he knew full well that fateful night will always be in Daddy Mu's thoughts and Liu Bing's mother wouldn't be able to handle her husband's suspicion.  

With no option but to obey President Tie when he sees the unconscious Xiao Xi, Liu Bing hands over the documents and handcuffs himself to a pole. 
However, Liu Bing didn't come unprepared and soon his friends (the ones that can actually fight) shows up and rescues Xiao Xi. 

Fully prepared, President Tie calls out his own private army to take on Liu Bing's friends... 
and things doesn't look good at all especially when Xiao Xi's nemesis shows up again. 
Unable to do anything but to watch hopelessly as Xiao Xi gets beat up right before his eyes, Liu Bing begs Xiao Xi to not fight the man anymore, but Xiao Xi just turns to give him a reassuring thumbs up. 

Thankfully, Xiao Xi actually did have a plan in mind (unlike the time Liu Bing when didn't have one and only won because Xiao Xi's sunbae took a pity on him) and quickly defeats her nemesis by stabbing his foot. Is that a payback for hurting Jian Che's hand?

Impatient with all the martial arts, one of President Tie's men finally pulls out a gun to end things once and for all. 
Arriving at the nick of time, Sha Xing halts Xiao Xi's impending death by threatening to kill herself if President Tie wouldn't stop. Tearfully, Sha Xing tells her father that she is actually the one in possession of the key evidence that President Tie has been searching for. Relieved, President Tie demands that Sha Xing hand over the USB with the evidence on it but Sha Xing tells him that she has already handed it over to the police.

Realizing that President Tie is going down for sure now, President Tie's men turns on him and informs him that they have always been a mole placed by his rival company. Knowing that there is nothing he can do to save himself anymore, President Tie closes his eye to wait for the mole to kill him. As the gun fired, Sha Xing jumps in front of her father. To protect Sha Xing, Hao Nan jumps in front of both the father and the daughter. 
Fortunately, thanks to the multiple objects (two knives and a rock I think) thrown at the gunman by Xiao Xi and Liu Bing's friends, Han Nan only suffered a minor injury. Touched to realize his own daughter was willing to die for him, President Tie asks Han Nan to take care of Sha Xing then walks out to the waiting police siren. Let's all just ignore why in the world is the police just waiting around outside. 
Thanking Liu Bing for coming to save her life, Xiao Xi calmly bids everyone goodbye since she is going back to the village... again. 

Stopping Xiao Xi, Jian Che tells her "I really want you to be happy, but you don't love me. You should grab your own happiness. Don't let the one who loves you be unhappy." 

Finally snapping to action, Liu Bing grabs Xiao Xi's hand and asks her to go to a place with him. 
Liu Bing takes Xiao Xi to the place where she had buried the ring he gave her. Stunned, Xiao Xi listens as Liu Bing recounts how he had followed her on the day she broke up with him and the pain he suffered as he listens to Xiao Xi tellimg Jian Che that she doesn't trust him anymore. 

Liu Bing "All these time, I had to use my hatred for President Tie to suppress the pain from losing you." 

Xiao Xi "Why did you push me away? Why did you refuse to tell me anything?"
Liu Bing "You are the most lovely part of me... and my hatred for President Tie was the most ugly part of me... so how could I..." 
Her turn to vent, Xiao Xi tells Liu Bing "Don't you know our hearts were one? You forcefully ripped me off and there was no way for me to fill the hole in my heart. I tried to run away from the pain, but eventually the pain always found me."

Reassuring Xiao Xi that he feels exactly the same way, Liu Bing tells her that he has planted seeds on the spots where she buried his ring, in hopes that a miracle would happen and one day she could trust him again. 

Astounded to see the flowers, Xiao Xi is even more amazed when Liu Bing shows her the soda can ring that has been unearthed as the flowers grew. Taking out a soda can ring of her own, Xiao Xi tells Liu Bing "I have been holding this ring and praying everyday that you would one day love me the same way you once did again and I would be able to feel the same emotion as when I fell in love with you."  
Wrapping her arms around Liu Bing, Xiao Xi thank him for giving her a miracle and finding a way for her to trust him again. 
And of course we got to have a kiss for our happy ending. 
Holding a GIGANTIC piece of pastry, Xiao Xi is immediately wondering what mistake she has committed when she opens the door to reveal the school principle and all her friends. Thanking Xiao Xi for single handily changing the selfish culture of the school to one of charity and love, the principle names Xiao Xi as the next president of the prestigious club. (The one Liu Bing was president of) 
Notwithstanding her protest, Liu Bing passes the presidency seat to Xiao Xi and they lived happily ever after. 

Final Thoughts 
 Whew! Happy ending! There were a few moments I was starting to worry that the writer might surprise us all by matching Xiao Xi with Jian Che, but thankfully that didn't happen. While I actually would've liked the writer to make Liu Bing suffer a little more for the way he shut Xiao Xi out, I guess the guy was suffering plenty already.
Overall, I was fairly happy with Moon River. I do wish the writer hadn't chosen to make the last few episodes so dark with the whole revenge thing. Instead, I would've been a lot more interested to see how exactly did Xiao Xi change the culture of her school. It was just really odd to start off watching a happy school drama and ended up with corporate intrigue that our hero was still way to naive to be part of. 

Still, I am quite impressed with the writer's ability to turn what seemed like a very cliche set up into one that feels refreshing... despite the fact the plot never veered off the expected path.  
I am sad to say goodbye to our two leads! Liu Bing and Xiao Xi were both mildly frustrating in the last few episodes but most of my annoyance with them is smoothed over by their ability to finally be honest with themselves and each other. 

Favorite parts about Moon River:

  • The back side kicking heroine!
  • A smart hero. 
  • Xiao Xi's sunbae ... I really wished the writer gave him a love line. 
  • Rui Xi's romance with Lucy. 
  • The heroine's way of being honest with her own feelings and willingness to assert herself. 


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    1. Well... friends was a really lose term. One of them is certainly Liu Bing's friend since he is the strange doctor's son (the one who fabricated his own kidnapping), but we have never seen the other two so they are either friends with Liu Bing or are coming to help because of the doctor's son.

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