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Saturday, October 17, 2015

My Sunshine the Movie VS the TV Show

3:00 PM Posted by ninja , 3 comments
I have actually meant to write this post for a few months but I am finally getting around to it now. My Sunshine is one of my favorite Chinese drama so I felt the absolute need to check out the movie version of it as well. This post will mostly be a comparison between the TV and movie version since I think most people would be hard pressed to not do so if you have watched the drama already.

If someone asked me to sum up My Sunshine the Movie in a few short sentences I would say it this way: Think of the TV version but take out the funny parts, expect the lighting of a Batman movie, take out most of the side plots but insert a lot more passion and you get My Sunshine the Movie.

Now, that sounded like I really didn't like the movie at all but that's actually not true. There were aspects of the movie that I did like.

Things I liked about the movie:
Female second lead that had had about 8 minutes of screen time.
 1. Because of the time constraint, there were really no second leads in this movie. All the messy second lead story line that took SO long in the TV version? Virtually gone! I think those characters got a total of about 15 minutes of screen time.
 2. In my opinion Yang Mi's character in the movie was able to portray more of the heroine's gradual change back to her original bright self as she spends more time with the hero. 

3. This one I haven't quite decided if I like it yet but at least it's an obvious difference. Huang Xiao Ming's hero in the movie also expressed a lot more emotion than Wallace Chung's hero in the TV. 

Things I REALLY didn't like about the movie:
1. Since they had to cram everything in less than two hours, there really wasn't a lot of time to develop the characters (including the two leads). 

2. This guy. Why in the world would they insert a random assistant for the hero to waste screen time when they had to cut out so much already?? Not to mention that there seems to be some hints the guy could possibly have a thing for the hero. Again, why waste time on a character that never existed in the story in the first place then not bothering to develop it once you forcefully inserts him into your movie? 

My conclusion?
I don't regret watching the movie since I really liked the novel so I was interested to see the movie's take on the same story but overall I would choose the TV version over the movie any day. The only issue I had with the TV version was that the story got REALLY draggy towards the end. It was so bad that I would recommend skipping the last few episodes. Still, I LOVE Wallace Chung's portrayal of the hero who seemed so cool and above all but loses it all promptly when it comes to the heroine.

Now, for those who have yet watched neither the TV version or the movie I would definitely recommend watching the movie first then watching the TV version.  
My Sunshine (TV version)


  1. The book seems like it would be perfect for a 2hr movie, but this movie did not manage to grab me.

    I must agree with you, watching the drama first did not help me to care for the movie, because the drama itself were able to capture more element of the book. The biggest drawn from the book is the male lead and Wallace was perfect. So it was hard seeing HXM as yichen.

  2. im still waiting for subs for the movie but I beyond love the tv version. its my favorite Chinese drama, so much so that ive rewatched it (although the 2nd time around I skipped most of the time wasted on the 2nd leads that didn't include the leads).

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