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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Samurai Sensei Episode 1 First Impression

Samurai Sensei Episode 1
Drama: Samurai Sensei (サムライせんせい)
Airs: Fridays
Synopsis: Ryo Nishikido's new drama about a samurai who was transported from the past to the modern time.

Samurai Sensei Episode One Quick Recap
Resigned to his death, our hero Hanpeita Takechi is ready to say goodbye to this world as he aims a knife at his own stomach... until he wakes up to see this strange sign. 
Refusing to think deeply about the sightings of cars and the strange people he encountered, Hanpeita assumes that he just arrived at some weird village that has been greatly influenced by the evil western society. 
Amazed as he walks around a grocery store, Hanpeita stares at the noodles that was given to him and proceeds to give a long criticism of how terrible it must be...until he puts it in his mouth and exclaims what heavenly food it was. 
Hanpeita strange behavior quickly gets him into trouble and he faints as he tries to run away from the police. Rescued by Grandpa Saeki who curiously has no problem figuring out Hanpeita's true identity, Hanpeita is stunned when Grandpa Saeki tells him that 150 years has already passed. 

After accepting that there is really no way to get back to his own time, Hanpeita becomes a teacher for a small group of kids thanks to Grandpa Saeki. However, highly suspicious of Hanpeita already, the parents of the students become enraged when they finds him teaching wrestling to their kids. To make matters even worse, two of the students have gone missing after Hanpeita send them out of the class for disobedience. 
In the worst case scenario, the two missing kids are kidnapped by a murderer who is about to kill them. 

While the villagers are racing around trying to find the kids, a man sitting at a cafe all the sudden stands up in shock when he sees a picture of Hanpeita on the internet. 

I have seen Ryo play a variety of roles before but I think this is the first time I have seen him play such a ... um... bizarre role. Hanpeita's character is obviously going through a big adjustment as he struggles to get use to the modern world, but judging by some clues I wonder if he is actually kinda weird anyway. 

By the way, the picture above is when Hanpeita wakes up to find himself in Grandpa Saeki's house and the heroine assumed him to be some pervert... which is a reasonable assumption because he is sniffing her bra and asking "What is this? It has some sweet smelling fragrance?" 
Samurai Sensei is pretty wacky with a heavy dose of the message that Japanese society has veered off what their ancestor had hoped for them to be. I can't quite put my finger on it, but Samurai Sensei's pacing is kinda off and what's worse the show is failing to catch my interest. That's not to say the show couldn't improve once it find its footing so I might give it another episode ... if it doesn't get lost among all the new shows. 


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