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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Taste of Love Episode 1 & 2 First Impression

Drama: Taste of Love (唯一繼承者)
Airs: Fridays
Episodes: 21

Taste of Love Episode 1 & 2 First Impression
To be honest I had extremely low expectation of Taste of Love and for the first 10 minutes it looked like I wasn't wrong, but to my surprise as the hour went on, the show improved and after watching episode two I am now crossing my fingers that this one will become a winner. 
Our poor heroine not only finds out how much of a jerk her boyfriend is but ends up being
kicked out of her house since she didn't put her name on the house deed. 
At first glance our two leads' budding romance felt a bit typical with their unfortunate first meeting when our tour guide heroine (Xiao He) mistaken her VIP client Chris as a pervert. Our two leads' eventually sort out their differences but then problems starts to follow one after another as Chris' wallet is stolen and Chris follows Xiao He home only to find her boyfriend cheating on her.  
The hero buys the heroine a mask so she can cry her heart out.
Now, up to this point Taste of Love's plot still doesn't seem like anything to write home about, but as our cold and stiff hero starts to comfort our depressed heroine in his awkward manner I find myself starts to warm up to the show as well. 
By the way, the show does have a pretty heavy cooking theme since the hero's family operates a world famous restaurant (Wen Ji) in Hong Kong. After Chris' mother collapsed without leaving her two sons Wen Ji's secret sauce recipe, Chris is forced to go to Taiwan to search for it. Actually, the show does sometime feel like a Taiwanese tour commercial that is conspiring to make me starve. 

What I liked so far about Taste of Love:

  • The interactions between the two leads are a lot of fun. We also have some signs that they should have pretty good chemistry together.
  • I LOVE the food scenes. So many yummy looking food! 
  • This show is REALLY good at creating heart warming scenes and both leads also make it easy to immerse your emotions into it. 

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  1. Can I rant for 30 seconds? I have just started watching this show and was hoping to find recaps. For me personally, it enhances my experience to have recaps to read along with watching the show. Now for the rant, Asian drama's particularly Chinese/TW (ex. Taste of Love, Happy Noodle) seem to often have the meet cute moment of a girl standing up for herself when she thinks she has been sexually harassed. I think it is supposed to present the female as strong and willing to take up for herself. I see it a different way. I see it as a subliminal message that women often falsely accuse men of sexual harassment. So, don't take it seriously when a woman screams rape, pervert, or sexual harassment because it is just her misunderstanding. Apparently, women cannot tell the difference between an accident, someone helping them, and real sexual harassment. I wish dramas' would find a new way for our OTP to meet. Thank you for the opportunity to get that off my chest. End of rant.