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Monday, October 5, 2015

When I See You Again Episode 19 Recap

When I See You Again Episode 19 Recap
Abandoning his attempt to stop Yan Ze's contract signing once he receives an urgent phone call from An Xi, You Qian rushes his grandpa to the hospital. Waking up to see An Xi and You Qian apologetically looking at him, Grandpa Xia pleads with the two to just make up.

Watching the awkwardness that is still between the An Xi and You Qian, An Xi's friends decide to get her drunk so she would confess her true feelings to You Qian. After realizing her friends' plan once they mistakenly gives her water instead of alcohol, An Xi decides to go along with the whole thing. Holding a giant cucumber, a "drunken" An Xi tells You Qian of how much she has been missing him.

Smiling at how hard An Xi is trying to pretend to be drunk, You Qian resolutely picks her up in his arm and carries her to her bedroom. Watching with a forlorn expression as he watches You Qian carrying the woman he loves away, Jiang Hai Kuo wonders when he will find a girl for him.
Seemingly answering Jiang Hai Kuo's question, a huge gust of wind all the sudden drops a ceramic box that belonged to his grandma on top of him. Unconcerned that their boss is lying on the ground unconscious, Jiang Hai Kuo's two minions excitedly read the note "Searching through the crowd a thousand times, he/she has been right beside you the whole time." Interesting, I wonder who is suppose to be Jiang Hai Kuo's other half??  
Sighing after watching An Xi and Mei Wen happily going off with their respective boyfriends, Chi Lin (another one of An Xi's friend) pats An Xi's cucumber and wonders "where is my rich and handsome man?!" Arriving just in time to answer Chi Lin's question, Da Yu stutters a feeble denial that he is not a rich handsome catch. Waving Da Yu away, Chi Lin decides maybe it would be faster to make herself a beautiful rich catch first. Ha! It looks like Chi Lin is going to get hooked up with Da Yu! 
Since we are matching everyone up in one go, Yong Qing shows up at the hospital to formally ask Ya Ru to teach her how to draw. Despite being surprised, Ya Ru agrees to Yong Qing's request.
Back to our two leads. Completely embarrassed that her little act didn't fool You Qian at all, An Xi is nonetheless extremely willing to accept You Qian's apology for keeping her mother's identity from her.

Deciding to reveal everything to An Xi, You Qian tells her about Yan Ze's big evil plan and asks An Xi to help steal the contract from Yan Ze in order to convince President Zhou of Yan Ze's betrayal.
Following You Qian's plan precisely, An Xi invites Yan Ze out to have dinner with her and Ya En. Sneaking away half way through dinner, An Xi frantically searches through Yan Ze's office for the contract You Qian told her to look for. Figuring out that You Qian must've sent An Xi, Yan Ze catches An Xi hiding in his office.
Thankfully You Qian arrives in time to take Yan Ze out for a private talk and leaves An Xi alone to search through Yan Ze's office again. After getting a urgent text from Yan Ze, Ya En joins An Xi at Yan Ze's office and pretends to help An Xi with the clean ups.
Calming her beating heart, Ya En tells a somewhat apologetic Yan Ze that she has successfully hidden the contract he told her to hide from An Xi. Holding Ya En tightly, Yan Ze promises Ya En that he will stop after winning just this one time.

Confronting Ya En after she just parted with Yan Ze, An Xi tells Ya En that her appearance at Yan Ze's office confirmed You Qian's speculation that she was dating Yan Ze already. Instead of being angry at Ya En, An Xi simply asks her "Why do you like Yan Ze?" Falling silent after listening to Ya En's overwhelming desire to sooth all of Yan Ze's hurt away, An Xi simply puts her arms over Ya En and worry about her friend falling in love with a man like Yan Ze. 
After listening to An Xi's accusation that Yan Ze is planning to turn the village into a chemical dumping ground, President Zhou coldly asks her "Is this why you made me porridge? Because you wanted me to save the village?" Angry and disappointed at her mom once again, An Xi leaves after telling President Zhou that the porridge was her sincerity towards her. 

Surprised to see An Xi coming back to her bedside minutes later, President Zhou asks "Weren't you angry with me?" An Xi "I was, but you fight and you make up. That what families are all about."  
Calling Yan Ze to her hospital room, President Zhou fumes silently after Yan Ze gleefully admits to his betrayal and informs her that he is resigning from the company. 

Yan Ze's little triumphant moment doesn't last long though. Meeting Yan Ze at the hospital parking lot, Yan Ze loses control when You Qian tells him that the whole little incident with An Xi was never about the contract but was only a way to distract Yan Ze long enough to give Da Yu (You Qian's assistant) time to steal the cell phone that has all the evidence of Yan Ze selling company secret. Watching the two men's argument with dismay, An Xi becomes even more concerned when You Qian tells an angry Yan Ze that he will be handing the cell phone over to the authorities the next morning.  
Showing up at You Qian's house bright and early, An Xi purposefully splatters food on You Qian's shirt and steals Yan Ze's cell phone while You Qian is changing his shirt. Immediately concerned when he realized what An Xi has done, You Qian tries to get An Xi to return the cell phone, but An Xi is determined to give Yan Ze a chance for Ya En's sake. 

An almost crazed Yan Ze was all but ready to hit You Qian's car in order to stop him from going to the authorities, but a phone call from An Xi promptly makes her his target. 

Meeting with Yan Ze at the hospital grounds, An Xi frustration turns to fear when Yan Ze refuses to listen to reason and resorts to violence in order to get the cell phone from her. Stunned by how scary Yan Ze is, An Xi runs away as Yan Ze follows closely behind her. 


Judging from next week's previews it looks like the chase might not end well, especially when I think of the ominous scenes of Ya En right smack in the middle of the chaos. Crossing my fingers that Ya En will survive next week! I am hoping if Ya En does get hurt, she will only be hurt enough to snap Yan Ze out of his one track mind to obliterate everyone in his path. 
Jiang Hai Kuo "Look on the right... that's mine.(He is talking about the land) Look on the left... that's mine.
Why is An Xi not mine?"
Is it weird that instead of the "big" central plot I am actually much more intrigued to see who the writer will set Jiang Hai Kuo up with?? Someone that has been with him all along?? I can't think of anyone, can you guys? 

FINAL episode next week! 


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