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Monday, October 12, 2015

When I See You Again Episode 20 (Final) Recap

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When I See You Again Episode 20
Wanting to give Yan Ze another chance if not just for Ya En's sake, An Xi meets with Yan Ze alone in an effort to persuade him to stop his plan to turn her village into a chemical dumping ground. However, things takes a drastic turn when An Xi refuses to give Yan Ze his cell phone (the phone has all the evidence that could send him to jail) and Yan Ze becomes violent.

Worried about An Xi, You Qian arrives just in time to get in a fight with Yan Ze. Stunned to see Yan Ze holding An Xi as hostage to threaten You Qian, Ya En surprises everyone by grabbing the cell phone from You Qian and runs away. Another chase starts and ends abruptly when Ya En almost gets hit by a car. Grabbing An Xi at the last second right after she pushed Ya En out of harms way, You Qian falls to the ground with An Xi in his arm. The last one to arrive, Yan Ze ignores our two unconscious leads and rushes to Ya En's side. Panicking when he finds Ya En unresponsive, Yan Ze gives one last glance at the cell phone he desperately wanted just moments ago and chose to rush Ya En to the hospital instead.

Waking up to the horrifying realization that You Qian got hit by the car to save her, An Xi frantically pleas with an unconscious You Qian to wake up and promises the heaven to do anything for him to be okay.
Sobbing with laughter and relief when You Qian opens his eye to ask "Do you mean it?" You will do anything? Dang, I forgot to record it."

Guessing from the lonely cell phone on the ground that Yan Ze had chose Ya En over it, You Qian heads to the hospital to check on Ya En.

Back at the hospital, Yan Ze sits at the emergency room hopelessly as he mutters "I should've never let you come close to me..." Thankfully, the doctors were able to save Ya En and Yan Ze slips away while Ya Ru (Yan En's brother) is busy talking to the nurse.
Belatedly remembering that she has totally missed sending President Zhou into the operation room, An Xi rushes to her mom's hospital room only to find out that she has already postponed the operation time. Grumpily thrusting her chin up, a haughty President Zhou complains that she couldn't have the operation since An Xi didn't keep her promise of being there. Stifling a smile,You Qian not so quietly whispers "President Zhou always thrust her chin up when she is lying" and An Xi realizes that her mom had cancelled the operation out of her worry for her.
Getting ready to head into her operation, President Zhou promises An Xi and You Qian that when she comes out again she will try her best to be a good mother and boss to them. The operation was a success and under the careful care of her daughter and future son-in-law President Zhou is recovering nicely.

Not angry at President Zhou anymore, Yong Qing shows up at the hospital room to visit her god-mother and tells her that she is going to draw a portrait of President Zhou as a way to understand her better. (Yong Qing had overheard Ya Ru saying the best way to know someone was to look at them as you draw them.) Their differences patched up, Yong Qing asks President Zhou to give Yan Ze (her brother) a second chance.
Waking up in a hospital room, Ya En tries to sneak off again to find Yan Ze's whereabouts. Caught red handed by her brother, Ya En angrily demands to know "Don't I have a right to love? Am I so not worthy of love that Yan Ze must be using me?"

Apparently Ya En's sobbing complaints must had some affect on her brother because when everyone eventually tracked Yan Ze down (thanks to An Xi who remembered about his volunteering work at an orphanage), instead of stopping his sister from seeing Yan Ze, Ya Ru actually encouraged Ya En to approach Yan Ze.
Already somewhat softened after a speech by Yong Qing telling him that she has only ever wanted him to be a brother and encouragement from You Qian, Yan Ze quietly takes Ya En's hand in his when she shyly says "I am just glad you are okay."
Resigned to the severe consequences that will probably be coming to him, Yan Ze is stunned when President Zhou decides to not only give him another chance but to pay the HUGE fine for breaching the contract Yan Ze signed in order to save the village. Chiming in her support, Yong Qing assures Yan Ze that she will also pay for the fine as a way to make up for all the hurt Yan Ze has received from her father (so Yan Ze's step-father).  
Waving away Yan Ze's heart felt thanks, An Xi just warns Yan Ze to not bottle up all his feelings anymore. 

Patching up their differences, You Qian tells Yan Ze that while it was great to battle it out with a worthy opponent but he hope there is not a next time. Smiling in reply, Yan Ze shakes hands with You Qian. 
Wrapping his arm around Ya En, Yan Ze listens quietly as Ya En tells him "Thank you for proving that it was not wrong to trust you." Holding Ya En tightly, Yan Ze whispers "I am sorry, I am sorry." Yeah! Not a doomed romance after all. 
Determined to find "the girl that has been beside him all along but he hasn't noticed" that his dead grandmother has revealed to him (according to the yellowish color paper he received in the goddess temple), Jiang Hai Kuo's two minions have gathered all the village girls for him to choose. Impatiently refuting all the girls, Jiang Hai Kuo all the sudden froze when he cuts his hand and he goes into his usual catatonic state whenever he sees blood. 
In the middle of chaos as all the girls and the two minions try to figure out what to do with Jiang Hai Kuo, Chi Lin walks by and promptly takes care of Jiang Hai Kuo's wound and goes on her merry way. Well... not really merry way since the whole reason Chi Lin was out on a walk was to get away from her angry jealousy from watching Ya Ru patiently teaching Yong Qing to paint. 

Realizing that Chi Lin is the perfect fit for the girl that has always been there but he has ignored, Jiang Hai Kuo is soon at the B&B professing his undying love... until You Qian's secretary also shows up with a bouquet of roses for her as well. 
Faced with two men who each represents "wealth" or "tall" but not the handsome part of her requirement for her man, Chi Lin yells with frustration as her friends happily abandons her to her suitors. "Tall, Rich, Handsome" is a common Chinese description for the kind of traits a perfect guy would have. I actually think You Qian's secretary is pretty good looking. 
After cruelly leaving Chin Lin to her fate, An Xi takes You Qian on a tour down their memory lane by taking him to the aquarium they went to years ago. Not about to miss the perfect opportunity to exact a little revenge when he finds out An Xi's friend at the aquarium is none other than the guy who used to torture him back in their school days, You Qian decides to spin a tale of how he died tragically with a lot of anger. The friend didn't recognize You Qian as his old classmate.  

Already jumpy to hear of You Qian's "passing", An Xi's friend is scared spitless when You Qian pretends to be a resentful ghost back from the dead to seek revenge. Smiling at his old "nemesis", You Qian reveals himself and cordially accepts a belated apology from him.   
Standing in front of the giant fish tank, An Xi confesses to You Qian that it was at that same spot years ago that she first realized he sees him more than just a friend and her fear that he might leave one day. Smiling at An Xi, You Qian replies "I came back." Smiling in return, An Xi nods "Yes, you came back." To seal their sweet moment, You Qian takes out a pair of clownfish earrings and puts it on An Xi.   
And we end with An Xi and You Qian sharing a smile as they remember how a much younger An Xi meets a much more nerdy looking You Qian so many years ago. 

The words on the ending scene "Maybe, On our first glance, our hope and waiting turned into disappointment. But, we are thankful that we both had the courage to take a second look at each other." 

The END!!! Well, I was fairly satisfied with the ending. I really wished the writer did a little more on Jiang Hai Kuo's romance and maybe allowed Chi Lin to finally have the courage to confess to Ya Ru but I guess an open ending was more realistic. 

Overall, I would rate When I See You Again as a 7 on a scale of 10 for a Taiwanese drama. The premise of a nerd coming back as the hottest guy in town was certainly really intriguing but unfortunately the show didn't milk that premise for too long before the story got caught up with the corporate shenanigans and a long guessing game of when An Xi will find out who her mother is. 
In fact one big complaint (but also one that helped to keep my interest) I had with the show is that the side characters like Ya En and Yan Ze's romance became much more interesting than the two leads'. I would even argue that Yan Ze's character development almost seemed more complete than the either An Xi and You Qian's. 

Still, overall I did enjoy this show quite a bit and would recommend it as a light watch. 
Bromance is the show that will be taking over the Sunday spot just vacated by When I See You Again. 

Bromance's Synopsis: Because of one simple word from a soothsayer, the heroine has been raised as a boy all her life. By chance the heroine saves an underworld mob boss and his sister. Things gets complicated when the heroine becomes "brothers" with the mob boss just as her 26th birthday comes closer and with it her chance to finally live as a woman. 

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  1. Hey great job with the recaps! I thought you had a great style of re-telling the story, and good commentary which adding to the reading/viewing of this drama. I also really agreed with your opinions too. You're perhaps one of the few people that shared my opinion that Yan Ze had a in-depth and dynamic character development and that Yan Ze and Ya En had a more interesting romance, although it did strangely over-shadow You Qian and An Xi's storyline as they got so involved in the things around them...Not that I'm complaining because I rather liked Yan Ze, as well as his pairing with Ya En (although I quite like the actor Jasper Liu). Still the ending, I felt was pretty good in terms of tying up loose ends (except for Zhi Lin who never confesses to Ya Lu and has two guys kind of after her). Hehe, thanks for the recaps! - Jen (thesedramaticdays.blogspot.com.au)