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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Youth Assemble (C-Drama) Episode 1-3 First Impression

Drama: Youth Assemble (青春集結號)
Episodes: 40
Airs: Daily

Synopsis: A story that follows a group of military school freshman as they go through both laughter and heartache to become true soldiers.

First Impression:
I went into Youth Assemble with pretty low expectations, but was pleasantly surprised by the wacky fun vibe the show has. Now, based on the synopsis You Assemble probably will have tons of side characters since the story is after all set in a military school so just be warned.
However, the one thing this show did really well is that instead of throwing a bunch of characters at us right off the bat, Youth Assemble spent the first two episodes to just introduce the two leads to us. In just two episodes I was not only sold on the two leads' chemistry but has even started to be interested in their individual growth. Now, that's pretty good writing and directing.
Meet our heroine: Ye Duo Duo. Quite proud of the fact that learning is extremely easy to her, Duo Duo's temper gets the best of her when she is turned down for a U.S. Visa (so she could go to a well known university on a full ride scholarship) and starts to wonder if maybe she should just forgo collage. Frustrated with her daughter's wild dream of becoming a writer, Mama Ye forces Duo Duo into attending a military collage.
The extreme opposite of Duo Duo, our hero Ren Tian Xing is the embodiment of honor and will do anything to be a solider. A talented pilot, Tian Xing's dream of being in the air force is cruelly cut short when a minor defect in his leg prevents him from flying. Determined to stay a solider anyway, Tian Xing enrolls in a military school to start afresh.
Before our two leads even meet each other at the military school they have already had several run ins with each other. Butting heads right from the start, Duo Duo's strong distaste for Tian Xing undergoes a dramatic improvement when she and Tian Xing decides to set up a sting operation to catch a crook together. After watching Tian Xing fighting for justice first hand, Duo Duo decides that maybe military school might not be such a bad idea after all.
By episode 3, both of our leads have entered into the same military school and we are introduced to a whole bunch of side characters that will train/suffer with them. Despite the friendly terms the two leads parted on before they meet each other again, it does look like Duo Duo and Tian Xing will probably butt heads again before things starts getting romantic between them. 
In the preview for episode four, Duo Duo will start wrecking havoc at the school not only because of her strong personality but because of her declaration that she wants to quit school. The show has already hinted that Duo Duo's dad died while working as a military pilot so she probably still has a lot of resentment towards the military. 

Anyhow, while it remains to be seen if the show can keep up the fun but so far I am really pleased with it and is planning to put it on my watch list.


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