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Monday, November 2, 2015

Bromance Episode 3 Recap

Bromance Episode 3
Taking the pink hair clip from Zai Feng's hand, Ya Nuo confirms for herself that she is indeed the girl that save him so many years ago. Touched that Zai Feng has be searching for her all these years, Ya Nuo tries to convince Zai Feng that his mystery girl is probably simply satisfied that he is alive and well. Rather determined to thank his savior personally no matter how long it takes, Zai Feng tells Ya Nuo he will not stop searching. 

Thoughtful as she puts the pink hair clip in her hair (I am assuming this one is her own and not the one Zai Feng has), Ya Nuo starts to write a note to Zai Feng as the little girl who saved him. 

Ya Nuo's food truck gets stolen when her friend leaves it unattended for a moment and now she is face with an impending truck payment without a way to pay for it. 

Eager to help, Zai Feng shows up at Ya Nuo's home with his sister to personally offer her a job as his assistant. Not surprised that Mama Pi seems reluctant to have Ya Nuo work with him, Zai Feng assures her that despite their gangster reputation he and his family are not involved in any shady dealings. Ignoring her mother's obvious suggestion that she turn the job offer down, Ya Nuo agrees to be Zai Feng's assistant. Mama Pi was actually more worried about Ya Nuo exposing her gender I think. 
Realizing Ya Nuo most likely wouldn't have any office attires, Zai Feng takes her to his house to give her some of his clothes that are too small. Somewhat used to Ya Nuo's "shyness" by now, Zai Feng is not too surprised when there was a moment of awkwardness as Ya Nuo turns around to take off her cloth in order to try on his shirt. The scene of Zai Feng peeking made me wonder if he was remembering the shower scene when he saw Ya Nuo's bare back. 
After the shirt changing comes the necktie lesson... Whew! Is it hot in here? 
Coming into Zai Feng's room, Mama Du and Zi Han gasp with surprise when they see our two leads in what looked very much liked a kissing position. Breathing a big sigh of relief, Mama Du and Zi Han laugh when Ya Nuo sticks out her head to explain that Zai Feng was simply helping her with the tie. 
By the way, I love this scene of when Ya Nuo first walked into the Du home and sees Zi Han lounging around with her mother. Horrified to realize Ya Nuo has just seen her in her frumpy state, Zi Han scrambles away to change into her seductress outfit. Bidding Mama Du goodbye, Ya Nuo remarks "Oh, Miss Du. Are you going out tonight?" Standing in her sexy position, Zi Han hilariously replies "Oh? No! I wear this at home. This is my pajamas." 
Overjoyed when she realized that the stranger she stole the coffee from actually owns a coffee shop, Na Na shows up at Qing Yang's cafe. Thanking all this time that Na Na's talk about her terminal illness was just a prank to steal his coffee, Qing Yang is stunned as he watches Na Na all the sudden collapsed on the sidewalk. Rushing Na Na to the hospital, Qing Yang is dismayed when he is informed by Na Na's doctor that her diagnosis doesn't look good. 
Promising Na Na to do whatever she wants to do, Qing Yang takes Na Na to the roof top of a high rise so she can send paper airplanes to the heavens so that her pleading for a healthy body would be heard. 

The show's information at first had Na Na's illness as a blood disease but apparently that was either wrong or the writer changed his/her mind because now Na Na has osteocarcinoma, a form of cancer. 
Excited to get a note card from the girl he has been searching for all these years, Zai Feng shares his happiness with Ya Nuo despite his slight disappointment that the girl doesn't seem to want anymore contact with him. 

Zai Feng's happiness soon turns to suspicion when he realizes that the writing on the note card looks exactly like Ya Nuo's writing. 
Confronted with her lie, Ya Nuo hangs her head and apologizes to Zai Feng but instead of being angry, Zai Feng just thank Ya Nuo for trying to comfort him. 
Walking around the amusement park with Zai Feng, Ya Nuo listens quietly as he reminisces of his dad's dedication to making the amusement park a place that brings happiness to their patrons. After reminding Zai Feng how wonderful it is for him to have the opportunity to finish something his father started, Ya Nuo all the sudden gets in a playful mood and sprays some of the fountain water on Zai Feng. Getting into the fun, Zai Feng soon drags Ya Nuo into a full on water fight. 
Constantly besieged by his public image of a mob boss, Zai Feng drags an angry Zi Han away from two women who insist that Zai Feng must be a gangster like the media is reporting. Staying behind, Ya Nuo sternly tells the two women that they should be mindful of the harm their words could cause to someone. 
Unable to just sit by while Zai Feng is being falsely slandered, Ya Nuo meets with the owner of the magazine that has been making the bogus reports. Sneering at Ya Nuo's insistence that his magazine is in the wrong, the magazine owner tricks Ya Nuo and locks her on the rooftop. 

Without her cell phone, Ya Nuo is hopeless as she sits in the pouring rain with no help in sight. 
Informed of Ya Nuo's missing status, Zai Feng shows up at the magazine's office just in time to overhear the owner yelling at his reporter for forgetting to let Ya Nuo off the rooftop hours ago. Frantic, Zai Feng runs to the rooftop but is forced to wait for help when he couldn't unlock the rooftop door. (The cleaning lady had the key and she had already left work.) 

Worried about Ya Nuo, Zai Feng runs to the adjacent rooftop and becomes even more distraught as he watches her collapse to the ground in the pouring rain. His agitation turning to determination, Zai Feng starts to stack the sandbags he found nearby to prepare for his jump from where he is to Ya Nuo. Horrified, Ya Nuo can do nothing as she screams "Stop! The distance is too great! You will die!! STOP!" 
Ignoring Ya Nuo's desperate pleading, Zai Feng makes his jump and slams right into a pane of window that was leaning against the wall. Seemingly unaware of his own bleeding arm, Zai Feng covers Ya Nuo with his jacket and cradles her in his lap. 

So... Cheesy. But why am I tearing up again as I am recapping the last few scenes?? When I was watching the whole rain scene I was totally thinking "Seriously show? So cheesy. Where did I put my tissues?" Oh, well. Cheesy or not, it certainly got me on the bromance so I guess whatever works. 
Episode three felt a bit fractured as we get more scenes of Qing Yang and Na Na... which by the way still feel like a completely different drama. I was a bit disappointed that the writer had decided to go with the terminal illness route with Na Na because I was hoping for a light and sweet romance for those two. You guys know how I hate sad endings and crying my eyes out. 
I am enjoying Bromance quite a bit especially thank to the writer's awesome ability to fill each hour with heart thumping scenes between our two leads. However, one complaint I do have is that I wish the writer would make the two leads' character feel richer. At this point I feel like I know about the leads but not so much on the little details that could really make their characters become intriguing on their own. Still, that little complaint aside, Bromance is certainly delivery in spades on the bromance department and that's enough to keep me watching.  


  1. Thank you for the really fast reccap, Ninja Reflection. You're a blessing for us who cannot understand Mandarin.

    My favorite part of this episode is the necktie scene. Du Zi Han's initial reaction was priceless. Hope she does not get too shocked when her brother steals her 'solid roasted chicken' (LOL). I also love mama Du. She is a cool mom.

    The rooftop scene was very touching. Du Zi Feng appears to really care a lot for his brother ("damsel") in distress.

    Can't wait for next week's episode when the other guy (who knows Ya Nou's secret) appear as to complete the love triangle.

    By the way, there are 2 hair clips from Ya Nou's cousin: the other one fell when they fled from the saved-from-drowning scene (in Du Zi Feng's possession) after they heard someone called "Yan Tting" and the other was on her cousin's hair (which is probably what Ya Nou has at present). I wonder who Yan Ting is and will she be another complication. Too bad there is only one episode per week.

  2. Thank you NJ for the recap. I love the cute and "hot" scenes between the 2 leads. Megan Lai is really awesome playing her part, as Ya Nou. Personally I think she is both pretty (as a girl) and handsome (as a boy). The drama casted the right actor for the part. Cheers!

  3. Ninja, u r totally awesome. Ur recap is my only lifeline to understanding Bromance.
    I keep on rewatching the otp scenes. So hot n also cheesy but my cup of tea.

  4. Thanks for the recap, Ninja. Some thoughts I'd like to share on this episode:

    1, How many layers of shirt does Ya Nuo wear? Too many as we see when she changed to Zai Feng's hand-me-downs. I suppose she has to over layer to hide her female figure, which Zai Feng cannot resist glancing at.
    2. Imo the writer has failed to integrate the Qing Yang/Na Na side story into the drama. Perhaps the actors playing the characters are really popular and must be given bigger parts but sticking their arc side by side that of the main OTP is just lazy writing. Thankfully, the OST is beautiful, otherwise I'd simply fast forward all QY/NN scenes.
    3. Ya Nuo's personality is getting softer and more feminine the longer she is with Zai Feng. Furthermore, in unguarded moments she drops her masculine voice (excited squeal in the shooting practice; helpless sobs in the rooftop). Kudos to Megan Lai. Her acting is spot on.

  5. I love the beginning of this one with him talking about the girl that saved him for me it shows his character a little more. How he is dedicated to thanking someone after all those years.

    I enjoyed how the bit of the food truck was stolen and Zai Han (Been spelling the Zai part wrong oopse.) I am starting to like her more at this point. She still a bit annoying to me but the role she plays fits in perfect. Ya Nao friend I half to admit I love the character he a complete idiot and goof ball.

    I enjoy how she gets the new job working for Zai Feng. You got to love when Zai Feng takes her home to get her a suit the scene were they look like there kissing the mother and sister just about flip out. I also half to admit I love how the sister got dressed looking like she was ready go to out to eat and commented this was her sleep cloths.

    But I half to admit the Quing Yang and Na Na romance that is slowly building well say to me its just as good as the two stars romance. I usually get annoyed with the add on romances sometimes but this one has won me over.

    I like the plot were she goes to confront the senior editor and how that goes down with her being stuck on the roof and how Zai Feng saves her. I am enjoying the development of there relationship and the characters were learning more about them.