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Monday, November 9, 2015

Bromance Episode 4 Recap

Bromance Episode 4
Waving aside the two EMTs who are stressing over how to transport Ya Nuo safely down the stairs, Zai Feng ignores his own bleeding arm and carries Ya Nuo down the steps. 

Laying in the hospital bed, Ya Nuo's pant up fear finally explodes as she yells at Zai Feng "You could've died?! Do you know how I felt when I couldn't do anything but lay there as you almost jumped to your death?" Throwing herself into Zai Feng's arms, Ya Nuo frantically makes him promise that he would never do such a crazy thing ever again. 
A bit confused when the doctor tells him "the Miss will be fine", Zai Feng tells an equally confused doctor that he is asking about a male patient not a female one. After making sure he really hasn't lost his marbles the doctor goes back to tell Zai Feng that Ya Nuo is a female patient but unfortunately Ya Nuo's parents arrive just in time to distract the doctor. 
Feeling a bit apologetic after she yelled at an innocent Zai Feng for not taking care of her daughter, Mama Pi welcome Zai Feng and Zi Han into her home the next morning. Taking the opportunity to profess her determination to Ya Nuo and her parents, Zi Han declares that she is sure that Ya Nuo is the man for her. After a moment of silence, Ya Nuo tells Zi Han that things would never work out between them because she likes men. 

No less stunned than Zi Han, Ya Nuo's parents finally get over their shock to affirm to Zi Han and Zai Feng that Ya Nuo really does like men. 
Convinced that Ya Nuo just doesn't understand a woman's charm yet, Zi Han shows up at the company the next day to assure Ya Nuo that she has not given up yet. 
Saved from Zi Han's impending kiss by Zai Feng's summon to his office, Ya Nuo gets in a playful mood when she finds Zai Feng treating her in a rather awkward manner. Cornered by Ya Nuo, Zai Feng finally admits that he hasn't quite figure out how to interact with her after her revelation the day before. Giving a sigh, Ya Nuo tells Zai Feng that she only said what she said in order to discourage Zi Han from pursuing him. 
Laughingly agreeing that what Ya Nuo said was the perfect way dissuade his sister, Zai Feng is soon back wrestling with Ya Nuo in his usual manner. Watching Ya Nuo and her brother playing with one another, Zi Han suddenly starts to wonder maybe her brother is the one Ya Nuo likes. 
Concerned about a sick goat in the amusement park, Zai Feng and Ya Nuo personally show up at a veterinary office to persuade the vet who harbors some negative opinion about Zai Feng to come treat the goat. 

After some initial resistance, the vet is persuaded by Zai Feng to make a trip to the amusement park. Before the vet could leave though he overhears Ya Nuo's phone conversation and turns around in a joyful surprise. Turns out, the vet's name is Chu Zhe Rui and he is Ya Nuo's old neighbor and her childhood friend. 
More than a simple childhood friend though, unbeknownst to Ya Nuo, Zhe Rui actually has known since he was young that Ya Nuo is a girl. Overhearing a conversation between little Ya Nuo and her cousin, Zhe Rui even knows that Ya Nuo will finally be able to shed her boy pretense after her 26th birthday. 
Ya Nuo's happiness in finding her old childhood friend disappears in an instant when she sees a news reporting of Zai Feng being hauled into the police station for threatening to hit a magazine editor. Recognizing the magazine editor as the man who locked her up on the rooftop during the pouring rain, Ya Nuo feels worse knowing that Zai Feng is in trouble because of her. 
Rushing to the police station just in time to see Zai Feng walking out of it, Ya Nuo convinces him that in order to "wash off the bad luck" from being hauled into the police station Zai Feng should go to a hot spring. Puzzled why Ya Nuo of all people would suggest a dip in the hot spring, Zhe Rui goes along with the group. 
Zhe Rui's puzzlement is quickly answered when Ya Nuo tells everyone that she is just planning to wait outside while the boys go enjoy the hot spring. Chucking up Ya Nuo's refusal to her shyness again, Zai Feng convinces Ya Nuo to join them by assuring her that there are private one person hot springs. 

Ya Nuo's enjoyment over her first hot spring experience is short lived when the three boys show up and she belatedly realizes that she has mistakenly entered into the public one instead of the private one. 
Trying to act as natural as possible, Ya Nuo quickly excuses herself and quickly shuffles out of the hot spring. Horrified to notice that Ya Nuo's towel is actually caught on a tree branch, Zhe Rui quickly starts splashing water right on Zai Feng and Qing Yang's face in order to give Ya Nuo time to free her towel. 

A bit put off by the sudden onslaught of water to his face, Zai Feng begrudging accepts Zhe Rui's explanation that he was trying to "wash" the bad luck off him.  
Over dinner, Zai Feng takes the chance to extend an invitation to Zhe Rui to work for him as the amusement vet. At Ya Nuo's urging that she would love to become co-workers with him, Zhe Rui agrees to be a contracted vet for the amusement park. 
On the day of the big show that Daddy Pi has been preparing for the amusement park, crisis suddenly hits when the princess of the show is out of commission. Despite bulking at first when Ya Nuo is suggested as a good substitute, Daddy Pi eventually relents when Ya Nuo assures him that everyone would just assume she is a boy dressing up as a girl. Daddy Pi works for the amusement park as well in case that wasn't clear. Also, Ya Nuo wrote the play so that's why she was suggested to play the princess part since she would know the script well. 
Showing up at the backstage to search for Ya Nuo, Zai Feng politely nods at the pretty girl that just answered his knock at the changing room and turns to search for Ya Nuo elsewhere. Puzzled to see Zai Feng leaving, Ya Nuo calls out his name. Stopping dead in his track when he hears Ya Nuo's familiar voice, Zai Feng slowly turns around. 

Ha! Episode four and we already get to see the hero's shock face when he sees his "brother" dressed up as a woman?! Sigh! cheesy or not I do have to admit that Bromance hits all the right notes for me and I find myself smiling like an idiot when I watch it. 
I am a bit torn to see Zhe Rui's character introduced at this point. Overshadowed by the aura of the second male lead, it is obvious that no matter how great Zhe Rui is I am not going to be cheering for him and any scenes of him is just less scenes of our two leads. However, with Zhe Rui in the picture now I am looking forward to all the necessary jealousy that Zai Feng must experience as he watches another man pay extra attention to his "brother". Yes, it would be predicable... but so awesome anyway. 
Oh, by the way since I skipped all of Qing Yang's scene with Na Na in my recap I am just going to say that things seem to be progressing nicely for them. Extra considerate of Na Na, Qing Yang spends quite a bit of time with her and even shares enough about himself to hint that he probably harbors some inner trauma as well. 


  1. I honestly believe that the QingYang/NaNa scenes are extraneous to the story. If the QY/NN arc is intended to provide a future drama twist, then the way it is introduced does not reflect well on the writer and the director. They should make sure that the viewers see every scene as integral and organic to the story. On the other hand, the scenes with Ya Nuo's parents deserve a special mention. The actors are good. They exude normality, warmth, love and they make you love Ya Nuo the more. While I am upset with the writer on the QY/NN part, I congratulate him/her on Ya Nuo's parents part.

  2. Glad I found this recap of the show. Stumbled on it when I was looking at something light and easy to watch and this show is definitely it. It is so cheesy but awesome! Yanuo is attractive both as female and male...just fantastic!

    I agree that the Qing Yang and Nana side plot seems to be completely removed from the main story that it probably doesn't qualify as a side plot. Hopefully it improves. However, I have to say that at least Bii can act and is so pretty as is the girl.

    Thanks for the recap and keep up the good work. I'm glad I found this treasure trove of a blog!

  3. Ninja, you are the BEST

  4. I enjoyed how he was the one to carry her down the stairs. I love her reaction to him in the hospital making him promise not to do anything like that again cause like him she does not want to lose the other.

    I love that she goes to the point because of Zai Han she has to say she gay. Which is kind of true she has a thing for men. I also love the discomfort it brought on for Zai Feng because of her saying she was gay. I my self think from the start that Zai Feng knows that his sister is never going to get with Ya Nao. I well admit I also enjoy how he has yet to really figure out that he falling for her so it slows it down a little.

    Chu Zhe Rui I think you can tell right of the bat the mans in love with her. At first I was a bit thrown off by his character but he grew on me in this episode. I enjoy seeing him rescue her at the hot spring was comical as hell.

    I enjoy the first bit of supposed Cross Dressing for Ya Nao and I guess to her its even cross dressing having to live as a male all her life up to this point. I love love how Zai Feng reaction to her I think its starting slowly make realize how he feels about her but he still hasn't got that he falling in love with her.

    The Na Na and Quing Yang I loved the fire work thing that was romantic and sweet. I enjoyed that and there closeness that is going down is just making me love there relationship between the two you can tell there going to end up together. But as always the writers may throw a rench in that play.