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Monday, November 16, 2015

Bromance Episode 5 Recap

Bromance Episode 5
Stunning everyone when she appears on the stage as a beautiful princess, Ya Nuo sweetly hands out candies to all the kids in the audience. Smiling as he confirms with his own eyes that Ya Nuo is really as beautiful as he imagined in a dress, Zhe Rui happily accepts a candy from her.

Still in a daze after realizing that the pretty girl is his "brother", Zai Feng could only stare at Ya Nuo dumbly when she hands him a candy. Noticing the electric charged vibe between Ya Nuo and Zai Feng, an expression of unease crosses Zhe Rui's face.
Watching Ya Nuo gently feeding the goat, Zai Feng is reminded once again of how his heart skipped a beat when he saw Ya Nuo in a dress.
Leaning close to Ya Nuo, Zai Feng confesses that if he was able to meet a girl version of Ya Nuo then he think he would fall in love. Mustering up a forced laugh, Ya Nuo replies "Ha ha, but I am guy... a very manly one."

Zai Feng laughs off his what if confession with Ya Nuo but immediately becomes concerned when Ya Nuo complains of her foot hurting after wearing the high heels. Ignoring Ya Nuo's protest, Zai Feng kneels down and wraps his handkerchief around her heels. Standing not too far away, Zhe Rui arrives just in time to see Ya Nuo looking at Zai Feng with a very tender expression on her face.
Curious by how close the three boys seems to be, Na Na asks about their friendship. Zai Feng tells Na Na that not only is Qing Yang a best friend he had since childhood but Qing Yang's parents actually disappeared (or presumed dead) with his own father. Turning to put his arm around Ya Nuo, Zai Feng goes on to say "While I have only known Ya Nuo for a short time but various experiences have made us closer than biological brothers."

Happy to be surrounded by his closest friends, Zai Feng suggests that they should all go on a camp out together. Noticing Ya Nuo's awkwardness again, Zai Feng sighs "What? You don't like camping?" Shaking her head, Ya Nuo replies "It's just my first time camping."
With a twinkle in his eyes, Zai Feng asks "Have you realized you gave a lot of your first to me?"
Suppressing a cough, Ya Nuo waves her hand in embarrassment when Zai Feng starts to list "Your first real job, first time wearing a tie, first time going to a hot spring, first time...kissing a man." Ha, this scene was so hilarious! 
Zai Feng takes Ya Nuo to the annual meeting between the "BIG THREE" (the three big families of the mob world) and ends up teaming up with Ya Nuo in his yearly fight with a rival boss's son. Not surprisingly, Zai Feng and Ya Nuo work together beautifully and win the fight.

Displeased to not only see his son lose to Zai Feng but even more concerned by Ya Nuo's presence by Zai Feng, the rival boss warns his son that Ya Nuo is going to be a great help to Zai Feng if they don't take measures to separate them. The show is also hinting that this guy is probably the villain that has sent people to attack Zai Feng...which makes me wonder maybe he also has a hand in Zai Feng's father's disappearance. 
In a rather giddy mood as he talks to the world's cutest puppy, Zhe Rui declares to the dog that he is going to confess his feelings to the girl Ya Nuo when she turns 26. Nervous when he realizes that Ya Nuo is standing right behind him, Zhe Rui is relieved when Ya Nuo just squeals over the way Zhe Rui talks to the puppy.  

Knowing that Ya Nuo couldn't have a pet because of Daddy Pi's allergy, Zhe Rui tells an overjoyed Ya Nuo that they could raise the puppy together. 
Not about to pass on a perfect opportunity to seduce Ya Nuo, Zi Han joins Zai Feng's camping trip but ends up almost passing out after a short hike. Noticing a tin candy container when he helped Ya Nuo pack for the camp, Guang Chao (Ya Nuo's friend) urges her to give a candy to Zi Han. Dismayed to realize that Guang Chao has mistakenly packed the tin that contains her hair clip (the one that identifies her as the girl who saved a young Zai Feng), Ya Nuo nervously puts the tin in her pocket to keep it safe. 
Of course as the drama gods dictates, Ya Nuo promptly loses her tin. Watching the tin rolling down the cliff longingly, Ya Nuo assures Zai Feng that the tin is nothing important. Guessing from the way Ya Nuo keeps spacing out during dinner that the tin must be very precious to her, Zai Feng decides to search for the tin in the dark. 

Zai Feng successfully finds the tin down the cliff but ends up falling into the small river below. Ya Nuo eventually finds Zai Feng in the river and is alarmed to find him completely drenched. 
Frustrated and moved at the same time when Zai Feng shows her the tin, Ya Nuo hauls a wet Zai Feng all the way back to camp. 
Unable to stop worrying about Zai Feng, Ya Nuo goes to his tent to check on him and finds him shivering violently. When no amount of blankets seems to be helping, Ya Nuo finally takes off her shirt to warm Zai Feng personally. 
Holding a quietly sleeping Zai Feng in her arms, Ya Nuo is flooded with memories of everything Zai Feng has done for her. 

Wow, the pacing is sure going a lot faster than I expected. I had thought it would take at least another couple weeks before the two leads would figure out their feelings but it looks like next week is going to be it! 
I am a bit confused on what Zhe Rui's thought process is. It looks like he has already figured out the two leads' feelings for each other before they even realized it themselves so how is he still so hopeful that his confession would be accepted by Ya Nuo?? Because he has the world's cutest puppy? I guess that could work...until the puppy becomes huge after two weeks. 
Oh, by the way. I LOVE that Zi Han still remembers to pack her "pajamas" and high heels for the camping trip. 


  1. Thanks ninja you're the best, i was itching to find out what happened.
    Im not familiar with thai dramas, how many episodes do they air per week

  2. Thanks Miss Ninja, such a cute and squeal worthy episode. Man Zai feng staring at Ya Nuo (can't breath!)
    wow preview looks amazing, can't wait for next episode and your recap and thoughts.

  3. @Klava, this is not a Thai drama, its Taiwanese drama.

  4. A great romcom drama worth watching!

  5. Thanks, Ninja. I'm glad you dropped the Qingyan-Nana side story in your recap.

    1. Ha...you...noticed... :-) I was feeling a bit guilty about that.

    2. The screenwriter and the director are at fault, so why feel guilty? ; ) I'm sure you will put Qingyan and Nana back when their story becomes relevant..

    3. I agree with leaving that side story out. I don't want you to feel guilty. Your recaps are great.

      I also thought that the scenes they had with the leads in this episode made those two start to seem a little bit more connected to the main storyline. The scene with the 4 of them at the cafe was good, and Na Na's character helped setup some of the really funny parts. I think both characters have potential, but their scenes together need a lot more variety and probably more humor.

    4. I'm still trying to figure out their role in the story arc. Every time they are on screen alone, it's like they are from a different drama. They are soothing but make me itch to get back to our OTP (despite the fact that Qingyan is a fine specimen of a man and friend).

    5. @trot wood: I think the drama they are from is called "Sad people talking quietly".

  6. Lol....lol... As if...

  7. I'm really enjoying this show and your recaps!

  8. Thanks Ninja. Ur recap as usual lights up my day.
    I was breathless as well at the end of ep 5. The smile that zi feng gave to yanuo...... so intimate... why am i feeling flustered????

  9. Here comes the new preview of ep.6

  10. I half to admit with Ya Nao cousin unless she dressed up like a girl or she tells someone she passes damn well as a girl. The only two that I think passed this off well for actors in the Asian Drama is Ya Nao and Eun-Chan from Coffee Prince.

    I love the reaction of Zia Feng at the start from when she still dressed as a girl to the point she feeding the goat. But to me once again you can tell by the Doc look the hole time the mans full out in love. (Just stating here seems the second love interest always loses out sometimes it sad but I half to admit most times I root for the lead man.)

    I half to give the writers props when Na Na found out about Quing Yang parents going missing and became his family. I swear I had tears in my eyes that was just so freaking perfect for them. You also notice that Zai Feng is most happy when he is around people he loves and can just relax with them.

    But I well admit I love how he teases Ya Nao about giving him all kinds of first. I mean to me that just a great sign there going to be life time friends and well we all hope it ends there more.

    I well admit I was not that hot about the meeting between the Triad families. I mean yes I guess it was needed to be done so we can more see there a simiring plot going on with that. But for once I actually like the vilans not only is he cute but I enjoy his character attitude.

    Know the camping trip I liked and I didnt. I love Zai Han character a lot but I had wished she had not come. I think there could have been so much more of a build up then there was for are two leads. But this is just me I am sure plenty of people loved this hole bit.

    The fact that the hair clip was brought along I enjoyed that part of the hole plot of the episode. I loved Na Na how you can see she opens up more to Quing Yang but you can see that he wants to open up to her as well but he just the quite type. I think there relationship is growing well.

  11. I love this show! But can someone please explain to me when and how Zi Feng started to believe in Yan Ting?! In this ep, it acts as though there is a letter explaining that Yan Ting asked Pi Ya Nuo to air the first letter for "him", but I can't find that scene!! Please help!!!