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Monday, November 23, 2015

Bromance Episode 6

Bromance Episode 6
After taking care of a sick Zai Feng, Ya Nuo is convinced by Zai Feng to just spend the rest of night in his tent.

Waking up to Zai Feng's sleeping face in the morning, a giddy Ya Nuo traces his nose and lips with her fingers as she wonders out loud how awesome they are. While Ya Nuo is still immersed in her bubbly mood, she suddenly freezes in utter embarrassment when Zai Feng's sleepily says "Go on. What else."

Zai Feng comes across Ya Nuo's tin can by accident and is stunned when he finds the matching hair clip to the one he has. Unable to hide the truth anymore when she is confronted by Zai Feng, Ya Nuo admits that she was the little girl that saved Ya Nuo from drowning so many years ago. Tenderly smiling at Ya Nuo, Zai Feng agrees to her suggestion that they each keep a hair clip as a remembrance of how their fate started with one another.
Wow, I totally thought the writer was going to use the other little girl (the one Zai Feng mistakenly thought as his rescuer) as an obstacle to the two leads' romance so it was a pleasant surprise that the mistaken identity is actually cleared up this early on.  
Zai Feng takes Ya Nuo back to her house and our poor heroine has to scramble as Zai Feng keeps coming across "suspicious things".

Zai Feng notices the countdown calendar on the wall and is puzzled when the countdown ended with "Welcome our daughter home!" Surprised when Ya Nuo tells him that the countdown is for a sister that is currently out of the country, Zai Feng makes Ya Nuo promise that she will introduce her sister to him sometime in the future.

Unable to stop Zai Feng from barging into her room, Ya Nuo makes a dive for the bed when both of them see the bras sitting right out in the open. Ignoring Ya Nuo's obvious attempt to hide the bras behind her, Zai Feng instead grabs the package of female sanitary pads and accuses Ya Nuo of hiding the existence of a girlfriend from him. Ya Nuo assures Zai Feng that she really doesn't have a girlfriend and blames Xiao Jing (her cousin) as the owner of all those feminine items.
Her heart shattered after realizing Ya Nuo had spent the whole night in her brother's tent while they were camping, Zi Han tries to drown her sorrow with alcohol.

Zai Feng tries to comfort his sister but Zi Han simply tells him that she is willing to step back for the sake of Ya Nuo and Zai Feng's happiness together. At first thinking nothing of Zi Han's false assumption that he is in a relationship with Ya Nuo, Zai Feng soon falls into self reflection when his sister points out that not only has he been smiling more since Ya Nuo's arrival but it is obvious from watching their interaction together that they are more than friends.
While Zai Feng is still trying to sort out his own feelings, Ya Nuo has already confessed to Xiao Jing that she likes Zai Feng. Xiao Jing excitedly encourages Ya Nuo to pursue her man, but Ya Nuo dryly reminds her cousin of her current male status. Unable to really imagine herself as a woman, Ya Nuo is unsure if any man = Zai Feng would really be attracted to her female self.
Determined to help Ya Nuo gain some confidence, Zi Han drags an all decked out Ya Nuo to a pool so she can test her charm. After a walk by the pool side on shaky legs, Ya Nuo is pleasantly surprised by all the attention she received from all the men there. Before Ya Nuo can enjoy her new womanly charm for too long though, the sudden appearance of Zai Feng sends Ya Nuo into hiding.

Her alarm blaring when she notices the beautiful girl with Zai Feng, Xiao Jing drags Ya Nuo (changed back to her male disguise) to Zai Feng's table for a brief greeting.
Even more concerned when Mama Pi freely admits that she is there to set Zai Feng up with the pretty girl, Xiao Jing takes Ya Nuo to a nearby table so they could spy on the date.

Noticeably stealing glances at Ya No even during his marriage meet, Zai Feng describes his ideal type to his date and freezes in embarrassment when his date remarks that he seems to like tomboyish sort of girls.
Looking at the brooding Zai Feng, Qing Yang does his brotherhood duty and asks "What's wrong?"
Fed up with his own confusion, Zai Feng asks Qing Yang to do him a favor. Forcing himself to stay even as Zai Feng gets way too close, Qing Yang finally asks "What are you trying to test?"

Heaving a sigh, Zai Feng replies "I am trying to see if I like men."
With his usual calm, Qing Yang asks "And the result?"
Dryly, Zai Feng answers "The result is that I don't feel that way towards you."
While Zai Feng walks back to his seat, Qing Yang secretly give a big sigh of relief.
I seriously laughed so hard at this part that my stomach started to hurt! 
His virtue safe, Qing Yang reverts back to his role as a good friend. Zai Feng confesses to Qing Yang that he saw Ya Nuo during his marriage date...and it felt like he was caught cheating.

Shaken even more when Qing Yang points out all the things Zi Han had said to him, Zai Feng grabs his head in dismay "Heavens! Why would I like a boy?! Shouldn't I like girls?!"
Any uncertainty Zai Feng was feeling are soon tossed out of the window when he is overwhelmed with jealousy as he watches Zhe Rui (2nd male lead, the vet) tenderly wipes Ya Nuo's face.
Conjuring up a sudden urgent meeting, Zai Feng regrettably apologizes to Zhe Rui for taking Ya Nuo away from their lunch together.

Sitting in the privacy of his office after Ya Nuo trustingly goes off to gather documents for this sudden meeting, Zai Feng chides himself for acting so childish.
Completely aware of his new found feelings now, Zai Feng's senses become extra sensitive when he is pushed against Ya Nuo during a very crowded elevator ride.
Someone stumbles on the elevator and bumps Zai Feng right into Ya Nuo. Pulling back, Zai Feng quickly apologizes to Ya Nuo but she tells him that she is fine and even holds his hand briefly as an assurance. Feeling Ya Nuo's touch, the expression in Zai Feng's eyes becomes even more intense...if that was possible.
Happy with the business deal they've just signed, Ya Nuo gives a yell of alarm when someone grabs the envelope containing the business contract right out of her hand. Splitting up to chase the two men, Zai Feng suddenly realizes someone had planned the whole thing to isolate Ya Nuo. Rushing to catch up to Ya Nuo, Zai Feng arrives just in time to see someone pointing a gun at a totally unaware Ya Nuo. Throwing himself at Ya Nuo, Zai Feng takes the hit for her. 

Scrambling up to check on Zai Feng, Ya Nuo is horrified when she sees Zai Feng's blood on her hand.  
So shocked that she could only screams for help, it takes a few seconds before Zai Feng could convince Ya Nuo that the blood is actually red paint. 
Breaking down in sobs as relief washes over her, Ya Nuo throws herself into Zai Feng's arms and cries "I thought I lost you. I can't lose you. Do you know that? I can't lose you." 

Poor Zhe Rui. It was a good strategy to use the puppy to slowly get closer to Ya Nuo... but things are moving way too fast between our two leads now that Zai Feng has figured out his own feelings. 
The one thing I love about about Ya Nuo's character is that she is actually quite girlish. Ya Nuo obviously has a strong tomboy side to her personality but I do find it endearing that whenever she sheds her pretense it is very apparent that underneath it all she is still a young girl with all the normal hopes and uncertainties... especially when it comes to love.  
I am a little puzzled at the several attempts to scare Ya Nuo when she is with Zai Feng. It seems natural to assume that the mob boss who has been coveting the lead position is probably behind it all... but would a mob boss be so nice as to use mere bamboo sticks and paint guns? The bamboo sticks happened during an attack when they were camping. 
Oh, here is Na Na's two pictures for this week. Qing Yang introduces Na Na to the owner of the coffee shop and is surprised when a very friendly Na Na suddenly turns ice cold when she hears the man's name. A clue to Na Na's strange behavior comes a few days later when the coffee shop owner receives a court notice informing him that Na Na is suing him for not providing child support. (So, the coffee shop owner is Na Na's biological father which also explains why her mother loved coffee so much.) 


  1. Thanks for the recap/review, Miss Ninja. It always makes me LOL and smile, so exciting the progression of the OTP and their feelings. Can't wait for the day when Yu ano will introduce herself as her sister to Zai Feng...he will have been deep in love with yu ano and then he will wonder why he is also in love with his blood brothers sister!!! hehe.

    1. Lol,a love triangle with the same person.

    2. I totally thought Zai Feng would meet Ya Nuo's "sister" at the pool so I was pretty disappointed when Ya Nuo changed back into her boy clothes.

  2. OhmyGodOhmyGodOhmyGod
    Im squeeing so hard ive been refreshing your page all day.i love you.
    Haven't read the recap yet im so excited, but i just wonder is anyone as Obsessed with this drama as i am,i marathoned it last week and how anyone endures the wait is beyond me.Thanks and thanks to those who answered me in the previous recap.

  3. Ninja, i practically haunt ur Bromance recap as well as Soompi Bromance. It is so painful to wait each week for the episodes. I stay up late just to catch the episodes as they come out and then i keep refreshing your page.

    1. I'm haunting the same places! This is the first drama I've watched while it was airing, and waiting each week is difficult.

  4. man... i love all the "behind the scene" stuff that taiwanese dramas always does. they're so cute and helps relieve the tension you feel at the end of each cliff-hanger episode. i also i feel like i'm starting to become bii's fangirl... how can he be so adorable? but it seems like all the other guys are corrupting him loll

  5. I really enjoyed this episode but can someone explain to me the part about the hairclip? I'm confused what's Zai Feng knows about the owner of the hairclip. Please explain it to me I totally don't get it. Thanks!

    1. Ya Nuo told him that, when she was little, xiao jing makes her wear the hairclip because she looks delicate (Without exposing that she was a girl). That day the hairclip fell off when she pulled him out of water. She needs to left in hurry when heard people coming. Probably it was Yan Ting that come after that

    2. Zai Feng knows most of the story about Ya Nou rescuing him now. He knows Ya Nou was the one that saved him, and that the other little girl (Yanting?) just found him on the beach. He knows that both of the hairclips belonged to Ya Nou. To explain why a little boy was wearing the hair clips, Ya Nou said that Xiao Jing teased young Ya Nou about looking delicate and put in the hair clips.

    3. Now I get it! Thanks for explaining 😊.

    4. Now I get it! Thanks for explaining 😊.

  6. what is the title of the song played in elevetor scene?.

  7. I loved loved this episode. Our OTP has such chemistry that I'm surprised they don't catch fire. But I also love the laughs. I practically fell off my bed when he confronts her with the packet of sanitary napkins. Zi Han also redeemed herself in this episode. I was getting really annoyed by her pushy ways, but her full support of her brother and his "love" was clearly heartfelt and honest. I also like how Qing Yang in his very matter of fact way also was like "Yeah, your in love." Zia Feng has a great support network.

    And tell me why I should care about Na Na again? That plot seems so superfluous to this show.

  8. как называется дорама

  9. Dang this drama gets better and steamier with each recap. T-dramas are definitely stepping their game up. Hope that once Zi Fang discovers the truth about Ya Nuo, that we'll get a kiss scene XD
    On a side note, man if Ya Nuo was really a guy this would be an intense bromance. Like the bromance goals XD

  10. Got to love the opening of this episode were she strokes his face and comments on his face. More when he wakes up and ask what else. But I well admit this series so far has brought up some really good points were she can admit she a girl to him. When he finds the hair clip I love how she just slightly lies about it but its still the truth.

    Got to love how when she goes home Zia Feng follows her in and sneaks into her room. Finds pads and etc that girls use. She comes up with a good excuse in my books but once again another good opening to say oh hell look im a girl. But I half to admit if she did it this early on the show might not be as entertaining.

    Okay this moment were Zai Han and Zai Feng are at the park bench at night is were I truly started to like her character. She finally admits she can see that her brother is in love with Ya Nao and I think she know from around the time Ya Nao said she was gay that she had a thing for Zai Feng. So she basically says she well suport her brother in his love of Ya Nao which I freaking loved.

    Ya Nao cousin is just desperate to make Ya Nao see that its going to be okay being a woman when her 26th birthday comes along. Well at least this is my opinion I think she just pushes her here and there to do things or say things that she wants Ya Nao to realize its okay to be a girl.

    But yes the scene that cracked me up the most and felt heart warming was when Zai Feng wanted to kiss Quing Yang to see if he liked boys. I think he truly sees Quing Yang as a brother and lmao that just not gonna work. The question is do you think that Quing Yang would have allowed him to kiss him? Which sorry to me would have been hot even if I wouldnt ship them together.

    Loved the jealously towards Zhe Rui that part was cute and you truly see that Zai Feng has realized that he in love with Ya Nao. Know we cant forget when Zai Feng was show with the paint gun and Ya Nao thinks she going to lose him. I half to admit that she does have her girly moments but because of the way she looks you just asume she was a male that had a more girly side.

    Okay then we have the part were Uncle came home and Quing Yang introduced her to Na Na. When hearing his real name she just goes cold blooded all togeter. So here we wonder why and who is she to him. How does she know him if they never litterly meet as well?