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Monday, November 30, 2015

Bromance Episode 7 Recap

Bromance Episode 7 Recap
In a surprising move, Wu Han Sheng (son of a mob boss, Zai Feng's childhood playmate who wants to replace his position as the leader) calls Zai Feng out for a meeting and apologizes to him for how his subordinates had taken upon themselves to seek revenge on Ya Nuo.

Zai Feng accepts Han Sheng's apology but also drops the warning that he would go after anyone who targets Ya Nuo.

Fully aware of his feelings for Ya Nuo now, Zai Feng takes great enjoyment of Ya Nuo's close presence when she offers to help him with his necktie.
Lost in his own indulgence of Ya Nuo's closeness, Zai Feng fumbles when Ya Nuo suddenly turns her head thus causing him to drop a cup of drink on top of a file. In a hurry to rescue the file, Zai Feng reaches behind him for the tissue Ya Nuo is handing him but ends up putting his hand right on Ya Nuo's derriere. After a moment of mortification, Ya Nuo runs away by making a quick excuse that she will just reprint the file for Zai Feng.
Looking at a sleeping Ya Nuo after he drives her home, Zai Feng couldn't help but leans closer to her to reconfirm again that heart skipping feeling whenever she is near. Jerking away when Ya Nuo suddenly wakes up, Zai Feng awkwardly pretends he had also fallen asleep and gets out of the car to open Ya Nuo's door. Completely confused why Zai Feng, her boss would be opening her door Ya Nuo nonetheless bids him goodnight. Ha, I love how Zai Feng is starting to treat Ya Nuo like a girl even though he is still convinced she is a man. 
Utterly confounded by how he should deal with his mounting emotion towards Ya Nuo, Zai Feng sits on a park bench and wonders if it is really alright to like his "brother."

Also sitting on a park bench somewhere else, Ya Nuo has none of Zai Feng's confusion, instead she is more worried about how Zai Feng would react once he finds out that his brother is really a sister.
After much pleading from Ya Nuo, Xiao Jing givers her three solutions to her dilemma: 
1. Keep being a man. 
2. Go tell Zai Feng the truth right now, then confess her feelings. 
3. Tell Zai Feng that Ya Nuo is going overseas to study and assume Ya Nuo's "sister's" identity so she can pursue Zai Feng as a girl. 

Feigning frustration when Ya Nuo poo-pooed all three of her brilliant ideas, Xiao Jing tells Ya Nuo that her foremost responsibility is just to simply deepen Zai Feng's feeling towards her. Nodding in agreement, Ya Nuo could only hope that by the time her secret is revealed, Zai Feng would care about her enough to forgive her. 
Han Sheng invites both Zai Feng and Ya Nuo to dinner to formally apologize again for what his subordinate did to Ya Nuo supposedly on their own accord. Taking note of Ya Nuo's thoughtful gesture of peeling shrimp for Zai Feng and Zai Feng's subsequent concern when Ya Nuo accidentally poured some hot soup on her hand, Han Sheng's eyes narrow with interest. 

Thinking back to the intimate pictures of Ya Nuo and Zai Feng he had received from his men, Han Sheng mutters "These two... are sure getting more and more interesting."  
Back at Qing Yang's coffee shop once again, Zai Feng confesses to his best friend that while he doesn't know if what he is feeling towards Ya Nuo is love, but one thing is certain "I want to protect him for life." MELT... 
While on the amusement park bus during a regular work surveillance, Zai Feng and Ya Nuo are forced into playing doctor when a pregnant woman suddenly goes into labor. 
Convinced by Ya Nuo that they have no other choice but to rely on his pitiful animal delivery experience, Zai Feng becomes the labor nurse and successfully welcomes a newborn babe into the world. 
Still exhilarated after putting the very grateful mom and her tiny daughter on an ambulance, Zai Feng confesses to Ya Nuo that he was actually very nervous throughout the whole delivery process. 

Looking at Zai Feng tenderly, Ya Nuo listens as Zai Feng tells her that the whole experience reminded him of how hopeless he felt when his father disappeared seven years ago and he had no choice but to step up as the family patriarch. Turning his grateful gaze on Ya Nuo, Zai Feng continues "However, this time I wasn't alone. I had you with me."
Grabbing hold of Zai Feng's hand in her's, Ya Nuo assures him "I will be with you not just this time, but every time from now on. We will face everything together." 

Ya Nuo's promise finally gives Zai Feng the courage he needed and he invites her to have dinner with him that night. In the privacy of his office, a buoyant Zai Feng tries to practice his confession speech on Ya Nuo's hair pin but finally decided to write his jumbled thoughts down on paper. 
Unfortunately, an accidental push on Ya Nuo's phone quickly kills Zai Feng's confession plan as he listens via the intercom of Ya Nuo and Guang Chao's (heroine's friend) conversation. Having no clue that Zai Feng is listening in, Ya Nuo assures Guang Chao that she will never like someone who is the same gender as her. Mistakenly assuming that Ya Nuo is saying that she would never like a man, Zai Feng slowly crumbles up the paper he has been writing his confession speech on and throws it into the waste basket. 
Frantic with worry when Zai Feng disappeared from his office without a word to anyone, Ya Nuo explodes in anger when she finally finds Zai Feng at his secret spot. Overwhelmed with relief, Ya Nuo starts yelling at Zai Feng to give him a earful of why he shouldn't disappear on people but suddenly stops when she realized the last reason she gave was "because I like you."  
Freezing in mortification, Ya Nuo turns around to leave but Zai Feng grabs her arm to stop her. Putting himself in front of Ya Nuo, Zai Feng asks "What did you say?"
Looking up shyly, Ya Nuo replies "I said I like you."
Calmly, Zai Feng says "Thank you, Ya Nuo. Actually, I like you too."
Hardily believing her own ears, Ya Nuo repeats "You like me too?"
Upong hearing Zai Feng's affirmative answer, Ya Nuo's face breaks out into a smile ... only to quickly wane in disappointment when Zai Feng continues "Because you are like a brother to me. So I care about you like you care about me." 
Oh! You cruel writer! 
Lost in his own effort to hide his own feelings, Zai Feng doesn't notice the thunderstruck disappointment his words has just caused and instead has moved on to apologizing to Ya Nuo for making her worry. Trying hard to play his good brotherly role, Zai Feng ruffles Ya Nuo's hair and promises to not disappear again. Giving Zai Feng a silent glare, Ya Nuo suddenly puts her head right on Zai Feng's chest. His hand freezing in midair as he looks down at the head nestling on his chest, a mixed expression flashes across Zai Feng's face. 

Poor Ya Nuo. Zai Feng is lucky she didn't just punch him out because I would've. Of course I do understand why Zai Feng said what he said because the poor guy is probably convinced that he has been reading way too much into Ya Nuo's "pure friendly" actions and is determined not to make the same mistakes again. Still, in such situation as this, the fault ALWAYS lies with the guy so he still deserved a kick in the shins. 
Oh, well. Sweet torture as our two leads tries to dance around their own feelings. The good news is that according to the preview for episode 8 we can have some hope that Zai Feng's new determination to just be a good friend to Ya Nuo will get severely challenged with the reappearance of Zhe Rui (second male lead, the vet who has a crush on Ya Nuo).   
This week shed a lot of revelation on Na Na's story. Qing Yang's uncle (not biological, just a term of respect) turns out to be Na Na's biological father. Na Na had thought her father, Daddy Nan had forsaken her mother and herself but in reality Daddy Nan had no clue he had a daughter. Na Na's mother had broken up with Daddy Nan because he refused to leave the mob world and she had disappeared without telling Daddy Nan about her pregnancy. 


  1. Thank you for the recap, Ninja. I LOL at "...the fault ALWAYS lies with the guy...." notwithstanding the context of your paragraph.

  2. Thank you very much, i've not been able to watch it on viki, since I have been having trouble with the site and was dying to know what happen.
    Actually I have not done much of drama watching this week, due to my troubles with the site.
    I'm waiting for your recap on marry me or not ep 4

    1. Hi, Mina. Have you tried dramacooldotcom? I watch it there.

  3. Thank u ninja. Read ur recap earlier but couldnt comment.
    Reading ur recap is like reading a fav book.

  4. Oh this show is really killing me. So cheesy and yet so compelling....LOL!

    I really like that Ya Nuo is actually so girly and Zhi Feng is so macho - when they're together, the whole thing is just like those yaoi manga - so many heart fluttering moments(to borrow a term from kdramas).

    The funny thing is when you watch the BTS, Megan Lai is actually quite the tomboy and Baron Chen is actually rather boyish. Not sure if Megan is trying some "method" acting or something...

    This show gives me the same feels as the classic movie He's a Woman, She's a Man and kdrama Coffee Prince. The best part was when the male lead just gives up and goes with his feelings, gender be damned. Hope Bromance keeps up the emotional tension!

    1. Rabbit rabbit carrots carrotsDecember 1, 2015 at 1:45 PM

      Hi can you share a link for Bts ive been searching YouTube to no avail��

    2. Some of the BTS are posted in the Soompi thread for the show. But I haven't seen any with English subs.

    3. Yea, usually the BTS has no eng subs, they can be pretty long between 5 to 15 mins. They usually air immediately after the episode ends. Just google "Taiwan dramas online". The first website should have it, name starts with Su..... It has been uploading Taiwan shows for years - website is in english but the episodes usually have no subs.

    4. Rabbit rabbit carrots carrotsDecember 6, 2015 at 2:44 PM

      Thanks guys,off to watch

  5. I literally cheered at my screen when i saw this. Just got home from a work day that turned into 12-hour one, so thank you! Thank You!

  6. This show manages quite the balance of having lots of action between the leads, but still keeping her gender a secret. I think they are going to delay that reveal until much later in the show.

  7. Always a pleasure to read your take on this fab drama Miss Ninja. Great that both feel things for each other both feel the need to protect each other, but both misunderstand each others signals!
    I too think the big gender reveal will be much later on, possiblly when the second mob boss son's attacks Ya Nou and accidentally reveals she is a female in front of Zi Feng.
    Zi Feng will then go all out to save his precious beloved Ya Nuo. :)

    1. I think Ya Nou will get kidnapped at some point. But I also hope Ya Nou has more chances to rescue Zai Feng. I want them to be equals.

  8. he is zi feng, he isn't zai feng.
    i like your recep very much.

    1. Ha, you are totally right... thanks for bringing that up. I won't go back and change all the old post but I will go with Zi Feng starting ep. 8.

  9. thank you hope you can recap ep 8 love this show it is so great! thanks for your great insight and recaps.... clau