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Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Dram Round Up #56

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 She Was Pretty (Korean Drama, Finished)
This one finished last week and while it wasn't addicting I found it an easy watch. The two leads were really cute together... but Choi Si Won's character was so awesome that he kinda overshadowed everyone else. 

Marry Me or Not? (Taiwanese Drama)
Taiwanese drama sure has stepped up to the plate lately. Too many shows to follow!! I am finding this one simply hilarious to watch. 

I Have A Lover (Korean Drama)
Still fairly addicted to this one. It looks like the heroine is about to recover her memory (I hope!!) and I am pretty excited to see how the heroine will deal with her very unpleasant past. 
Oh My Venus (Korean Drama, New)
Synopsis: Her shiny beautiful self a thing of the past, our overweight heroine gets a double whammy when her boyfriend of 15 years forsakes her for her high school best friend. Wallowing in self doubt, our heroine all the sudden sees hope when she realizes that the a world famous body trainer (hero, So Ji Sub) is right within her reach. 

After checking out the first two episodes I am really hoping this one could turn into an addicting show. 
First Impression: HERE
ps. If you need another reason to check out Oh My Venus... Did I mention So Ji Sub plays a body trainer? 
 High End Crush (Korean Drama, New. 20 episodes (15 min. long/episode))
Jung Il Woo's new drama. This show is a joint production between a Chinese and a Korean company. Judging by the first two episodes though, High End Crush is sticking strictly to the K-drama flavor. 

Synopsis: The golden finger of the entertainment industry, our hero suffers his first set back when he falls in love with a girl who wants nothing to do with the fame and glamour he offers her. 
Beautiful You (Korean Daily, New)
I started this one this week... and I am going to need another week to say yea or nay on it. 

Synopsis: Coming back to Korea as a divorced pregnant woman, our heroine is not surprised when her mother is still furious over the fact she had gotten married against her wishes. Feeling alone and lost, our heroine accepts a job as a substitute writer as a payback to the radio PD (hero) whom she had left high and dry when she eloped 2 years ago. 
All About My Mom (Korean Drama)
I was SO behind on this one, but I am at least caught up to episode 25 now (Episode 29-30 airing this weekend).  As you could guess from the drama title, the romance between two leads actually takes a back seat to the various "mother" problems . The good news is that the secondary characters are pretty intriguing so I do find All About My Mom an easy watch. 

Goodies but Oldies
 Master's Sun (Korean Drama, 2013, written by the Hong sisters.)
I have talked about Master's Sun a few times but thanks to So Ji Sub's latest drama Oh, My Venus I am suddenly having this urge to watch Master's Sun for ... probably the fourth time. 

Master's Sun was my first So Ji Sub drama since I usually connect him to EPIC sob feast dramas. However, Master's Sun totally changed my mind about So Ji Sub and made me into a fan. 
Master's Sun's story centers around our heroine, Kong Sil (Kong Hyo Jin) who lives her life in fear due to her ability to see ghost. A ray of light suddenly shines into Kong Sil's very depressing life when she meets an arrogant mall tycoon, Joong Won who can dispel any ghost whenever she touches him. An overjoyed Kong Sil sees Joong Won as her savior and glues herself to him no matter how many times he tells her to get away from him. Unable to shake Kong Sil off (literally), Joong Won decides that Kong Sil might be useful to him after all when he finds out about her "special ability." 
 I personally loved Master's Sun but Mama Ninja didn't have the patience to watch it through. I think the semi episodic format as the heroine comes to terms with her ghost seeing ability made her impatient. I on the other hand really didn't mind the episodic feel since the show had plenty of romantic development and I found the individual ghost stories intriguing. 

ps. Who knew So Ji Sub had such beautiful hands!!! 


  1. Ninja, thank you for round up #56. I'm amazed that you are able to tell me much about each drama you've seen in just 2 to 3 sentences. And your last observation? I love it.

  2. Thanks for the week's round up. Marry me or not is what i need to get into before the drama enters half way. Marathon drama here i come.