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Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Drama Round #54

2:56 PM Posted by ninja 3 comments
 Good Time (Chinese Drama, Finished)
I actually finished this one from beginning to the end. Just a warning, this is one of those shows where you keep waiting for the hero to finish dating all the crazies before he finally realizes the heroine is the one. All in all, pretty draggy, cheesy ending... but still a good one to watch while you are doing dishes. 
 Bromance (Taiwanese Drama) 
Hands down the most blush inducing show out right now. Here is the proof. 

 Marry Me or Not? (Taiwanese Drama, New) 
Couldn't quite tell by episode one if this one is a winner yet, but there are sure a lot of pretties around! 
First Impression: HERE
I Have A Lover (Korean Drama)
So addicting... so... many... more... episodes... to go... SIGH! MUST not melt every time I look at those eyes! 
Save the Family (Korean Family Daily, Finished)
Believe it or not, I actually finished this one...and I am not sure why. The two leads took FOREVER to finally get together but the happy couple only lasted about two episodes before they are torn apart then I spent the rest of the show putting up with the annoying female second lead. Sigh! At least the ending was satisfying enough. 

My Home Honey Jar (Korean Family Daily, New)
This is the new daily that is filling the time slot that just got vacated by Save the Family. I checked out the first two episodes but the show is still busy introducing the various characters so I'll talk more about this one next week. 
 Kari Kare (Japanese Drama, New)
A new drama about office romances and since this is a J-drama, there is plenty of wackiness that comes with it. This one is only 8 episodes long so I am assuming the plot will move very quickly. 
5 ji Kara 9 ji Made (Japanese Drama) 
This one has such an interesting hero who is a cross between a scary stalker and a boyfriend every girl dream of. That is if your dream boyfriend is a monk who looks like Yamapi. 
Secret Message (Korean Drama, New)
T.O.P and Juri Ueno's new drama about two people who are both struggling with the loss of their first love. I checked the first two episodes (each episode is about 25 min. long) out and right now I am still pretty confused about what's going on but I think episode three is where the two leads' will start to interact with one another. 
Love or Spend (Taiwanese Daily Drama, New)
Kingone Wang's new drama about two best friends who are forced to quickly find boyfriend/girlfriend when they mothers insists that they should marry each other. Is it me or is there a lot of best friend turn lovers shows lately. It is easy to wonder if it's a fad after In Time With You, but then to be fair, In Time wasn't exactly the one that came up with the best friend/lover concept either. I personally like the best friend/lover plot line, but what I really dislike is when I have to watch the hero/heroine date bunch of jerks for the whole show before the two leads finally get together at the last episode. (Don't ask me why I just finished Good Times which fits that almost to a T.) 

Oldies but Goodies! 
Drama: Love Shuffle 
Year: 2009
Episodes: 10
Synopsis: To answer the question if there really is such thing as soul mates, eight people decides to play a game of "love shuffle" as they swap partners every week. Sounds kinda suggestive... but we are talking about a J-drama here so I can't even promise a kissing scene. 
It has been a few years since I watched this one, but if memory serves me right Love Shuffle had a pretty wacky vibe but also deals with the rather intriguing question of what makes two people compatible with each other. 


  1. where can i watch love or spend with eng subs?

    1. Looks like Viki has it but it does have region restriction.

  2. Ninja, you should recap 9 to 5 yamapi drama. Ep 5 is up and i am in love with it. Less smut that the original manga but enough to keep the plot goingn