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Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #55

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My Homes Honey Jar (Korean Daily, Fairly New)
I gave this one six episodes but sadly it is simply not capturing my attention. Misled by the bright looking promotional materials I was taken back when the show quickly dives into the heroine's birth secret... which I really should've expected since this is a K-daily after all. I am not necessary put off by the makjang plot line but in the end what made me lose interest in My Homes Honey Jar was that the four leads are just not interesting enough to keep me watching. 

 Secret Message (Korean Drama)
I had high hopes on this one since it had TOP and Ueno Juri in it but I am afraid it is a bit too artsy for me. By episode six (albeit the episodes are only 15 min. long) I still feel like I am trying to wrap my mind around the random weird tangents the show goes off on. I feel like I am watching a wacky J-drama... except the humor doesn't seem to work.
It was kinda fun to see T.O.P. not playing his usual cool and stoic character though. 
 Kari Kare (Japanese Drama)
I am not completely sold on this one yet, but I am happy to report that after checking episode two out I am liking Kari Kare's vibe. This show strangely reminds me of the J-dramas back in the old days when they still do somewhat normal romantic drams...not that I can promise that there will be a whole lot of romance in this one yet.
Marry Me or Not? (Taiwanese Drama) 
I am really enjoying this one quite a bit! Only two episodes have aired, but I am very hopeful that this one will continue to be a winner. The chemistry between Alice Ke and Roy Chiu is fun and what's more I am hoping by next episode it will turn sizzling! 
 Minami Kun No Koibito / My Little Lover (Japanese Drama, New)
 Based on the manga of the same name, this one has a few remakes already but this is the first version that has the leads in high school and not dating one another already when the heroine shrank into a little person. 

Synopsis: On the night when two estranged childhood (who were also each other's first love) friends parted after a fight, our heroine Chiyomi is suddenly shrunk into 15 cm tall. Worried about Chiyomi's disappearance, our hero Shunichi goes searching for her and finds the tiny little Chiyomi. 
Return of Happiness (Chinese Drama, New) 
My new go to C-drama! 
First Impression: HERE
Nursing Our Love (Chinese Drama, New)
A new C-Drama that follows two sisters (one divorced and one just married) as they stumble on the path of marriage and finally find happiness within their family. I haven't checked this one out yet but might do so after I was so pleasantly surprised by Return of Happiness. 

Oldies but Goodies
Because of You (Taiwanese Drama, 2010)
I actually only watched like two episodes of this one and promptly got distracted by something else back into 2010. However, thank to Bromance, Because of You has surfaced on my radar again since that was the last drama Megan Lai and Baron Chen were paired together as well. Of course it doesn't hurt that Lego Lee is also in it. 
Synopsis: Baron Chen plays the hero Sun Fan who is a stunt double dreaming of making it big one day. When Sun Fan mistakenly thought that Zi Hao, a big top star is trying to make a move on his girlfriend, Sun Fan beats him up. Furious that someone would dare to beat up her idol, our heroine You Tong decides to gather all of Zi Hao's fans to start an internet attack on Sun Fan. Unfortunately instead of ruining Sun Fan, You Tong's internet attack actually makes him into a star! 


  1. I would really love to watch Because of You. I was able to watch episode 1 raw on dramacool but all the rest of the episodes are no longer available. The drama is not available on Viki, youtube, etc. either. Is there any site I haven't tried?

    1. Thanks, Reyna! I hope I can return the favor some day. Take care.