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Friday, November 27, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #57

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 Love or Spend (Taiwanese Daily)
I am way behind on this one. Kingone Wang's character is really sweet in Love or Spend so I keep trying to talk myself into following it but I keep getting distracted. 

First Impression: HERE

Taste of Love (Taiwanese Drama)
I find this one a really easy watch. The plot tend to meander a bit but the two leads are so cute together that I don't mind it. 

First Impression: HERE
Imaginary Cat (Korean Drama, New)
The very first K-drama about a cat... is k-drama starting to go the way of J-dramas?? Oh, well, at least this one looks like it will still have some romance in it even if it definitely gives off a J-drama vibe. 
By the way, the hero's cat makes comments (in a voice over) and they are simply hilarious. 

Oh My Venus (Korean Drama)
The pacing on episode 3-4 still feels slightly off for some reason BUT I am enjoying the show immensely anyway. I especially love So Ji Sub's character and the two leads' chemistry together. 
Beautiful You (Korean Daily)
This one is a K-daily about a divorced pregnant woman finding herself again as she work through familial issues and a new romance. 

I am still undecided on this one. Beautiful You has a pretty smooth plot in that I find myself watching one episode after another without realizing it. However, the character set up is a bit clunky. The heroine has two male leads both vying for her attention...when they still believe her to be married and about to have her husband's baby. The hero's (I think he is the hero judging by the poster) attention on the heroine is a bit more understandable since they work together but the 2nd male lead just comes off like a perverted stalker even though it seems pretty obvious the writer wants him to be that typical warm and sensitive second lead. 
Return of Happiness (Chinese Drama) 

I am really behind on this one but I am still following it... slowly. I really wish this show's villains weren't so one dimensional (so hateful to the point that they are rather boring). Fortunately the leads are still cute enough that I am not planning to jump ship anytime soon. 
Sweet Savage Family (K-drama)
This one has a hilarious premise about a gangster who rules the street during his "work hour" but back at home he is just a typical husband and father who comes off rather docile. I am planning to check this one out this week. 

I Am Sorry, I Love You (Taiwanese Drama, Finished)
I tried watching this one but bailed the moment I realized I was probably on a sinking ship... and yap, it sank spectacularly.  

Oldies but Goodies 
 Queen In Hyun's Man (Korean Drama, 2012. 16 episodes)

Synopsis: A scholar during King Sukong's period, Kim Boong Do worked tirelessly for the reinstatement of Queen In Hyun. Narrowly escaping death from a bunch of assassins, Boong Do suddenly finds himself in the modern time. Completely lost in this strange new world, the wheel of fate starts to turn when Boong Do meets our heroine Choi Hee Jin, a small time actress who just happens to be playing Queen In Hyun in a historical drama. 

 Queen In Hyun's Man is the first time I have seen Yoo In Na (the heroine) in a lead role and she did such a great job in this one that I really hope she would be able to cement her status as a leading lady soon. Choi Hee Jin's character could've easily become a bubbly annoying character especially when she is paired with a hero that is the complete opposite of her but Yoo In Na successfully made the heroine come off as the perfect counterpart instead. 

 Ji Hyun Woo is no stranger to being a leading man so I wasn't too surprised when he delivered a spot on performance as the time traveler scholar who struggles between his responsibility to his old life and his yearning for the heroine. Ji Hyun Woo has never been the actor that I swoon over on sight but he has always been able to make me fall in love with whatever character he plays and this one was no different. 
As you would expect in a time traveler story, Queen In Hyun's Man does spend quite a bit of energy putting our two leads' through the wringer as our two love birds are literally separated by time and space. However, the writer were able to keep up with the cute through the whole show and if we as the audience will just ignore certain plot holes than you should be just as satisfy as I was with the story. 


  1. I watched some of Taste of Love, but I'm not sure yet if I want to stick with it.
    I've really liked Yoo In Na in supporting roles, so I should probably check out Queen In Hyun's Man.

  2. Hey Ninja, I know you've been disappointed in Japan drama being averse to romance lately but have a look at 5ji-kara-9ji. Yamapi's character is a little out there but the romance between the leads is pretty cute and compelling. Give it a try and see.

    Thanks for the blog!

  3. Don't give up on Return On Happiness! The OTP has great chemistry and their relationship is really well fleshed out despite the zany villains! Thought Li Qin was shrill in My Amazing Bride but she's good here and Ron Ng is amazing too - hey have crazy chemistry together! Also totally agree with your review on taste of love - OTP is cute but the restaurant side drama is so unnecessary!