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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I Have A Lover Episode 19-20 Recap

I Have A Lover Episode 19
Realizing everyone's worst fear (or hope for the villains), the news of Hae Gang's death brings Jin Eon to his knees and almost destroys him as he mourns. 

Knowing full well that she has lost Jin Eon the moment he finds out about his wife's death, Hae Gang doesn't react when Seol Ri dumps a bucket of wet kitchen scraps on her. Stoically, Hae Gang tells Seol Ri "I am already standing at the edge of the cliff. You might as well push me off. Maybe this way it will finally stop me." 
The real Yong Gi finally comes back to Korea and the two sisters pass each other in the hospital without realizing it. 
Still convinced that Yong Gi and Hae Gang is the same person who is doing an elaborate scheme to trick him, Kyu Seok refuses to have anything to do with Yong Gi ... until she collapses right in his office and he has to rush her to the emergency room. 

Unfortunately for Yong Gi, when she finally wakes up in the emergency room her luggage is no where to be found. Understandably upset since the luggage had all of her savings, Yong Gi has no choice but to latch herself to Kyu Seok with the excuse that he is the biggest suspect since her luggage went missing from his office. Despite his usual manner of "your problems are not mine", Kyu Seok nonetheless finds himself softening under Eun Sol's (Yong Gi's daughter) pitiful eyes and actually takes the mother and daughter back to their old house. 
Waiting for Jin Eon in front of the columbarium that housed "Hae Gang's" ashes, Hae Gang froze with pain as Jin Eon walks right past her without any acknowledgement. Confirming once again her belief that Jin Eon would've never looked at her if it wasn't for the fact she resembled his wife, Hae Gang tearfully tells him "It may have ended for you, but not for me. It may have never even started for you, but that's not the case with me. I will disappear once you start looking like a human being again. Once you start eating, sleeping and going to work then I won't show up in front of you anymore. If seeing me makes you miserable, then dust yourself off and get up! So I can let you go. So I can stop doing this crazy thing!" 

Not reacting to Hae Gang's pleading, Jin Eon walks past her numbly and ends up in front of his old house. Clutching her chest in pain as she watches Jin Eon pitifully calls out his wife's name again and again, Hae Gang cries silently.  
Standing in front of the zombie like Jin Eon, Hae Gang calmly reaches into her bag to takes out another bottle of water after Jin Eon swap away the first bottle. Actually encouraged by the flash of anger in Jin Eon's eyes, Hae Gang informs him that she will appear in front of him day after day.

Perhaps finally moved by Hae Gang's determination, Jin Eon tells her "Thank you. And I am sorry for what I have done. For being disrespectful, for doing whatever I wanted, for making things difficult for you... and for confusing you. I am sorry. Miss Dok Go Yong Gi. I'll go home. And you should go home to your family too. Go home to the person that is like a light house to you." Boy, whenever Jin Eon calls Hae Gang "Dok Go Yong Gi" is like a reminder to both of them that she is not the woman he loves. 
Dragging himself back to the house, Jin Eon receives another blow when Tae Seok tells him that Hae Gang didn't die in an accident but she committed suicide. Knowing full well that Tae Seok is lying through his teeth, Seol Ri's eyes flash with anger as she watches Jin Eon feels the full responsibility of his wife's death. 
The next morning, Tae Seok checks on Jin Eon and is immediately flustered when Seol Ri pointedly asks him what he is hiding that he felt the need to make up the lie about Hae Gang committing suicide. Giving the sleeping Jin Eon a worried glance, Tae Seok ushers Seol Ri out of the room. 

Apparently not sleeping at all, Jin Eon opens his eyes after the door closes. 
Surprised to suddenly see Jin Eon when the company is swirling with the rumor that he will be gone for a long long time, Jin Eon's assistants are obviously agitated when he orders them to tell him everything they know about Dok Go Yong Gi. 

Already suspicious that Hae Gang's death might be tied to Dok Go Yong Gi and her deceased husband, Jin Eon starts to wonder if Tae Seok or even his own father might have a hand in his wife's death. 
Baek Seok gets a surprised phone call from his high school teacher and is stunned that Yong Gi's mother is desperately searching for her. Feeling unsettled since Yong Gi's parents had both supposedly passed away when she was young, Baek Seok calls the number his teacher had given him and becomes even more confused when Mama Do tells him that she has already fond Yong Gi and her granddaughter so she doesn't need Baek Seok's help anymore. 

Showing up at Mama Do's house, Baek Seok is astonished when he finds out from Mama Do that Hae Gang and Yong Gi are twins that were separated when she and their father divorced. (So Mama Do had Hae Gang who was the older one of the twin while Yong Gi went with their father.) 

Horrified to confirm that Hae Gang really is not Yong Gi, Baek Seok holds his head in desperation as he remembers Hae Gang's words about how hard she tries to live up to his image of Yong Gi. 

I Have A Lover Episode 20
In case there was ANY doubt in Baek Seok's mind at all about Hae Gang's true identity, Baek Seok soon runs into the real Yong Gi at the hospital. Numbly watching Yong Gi as she goes through all their old chants and familiar memories, Baek Seok finally snaps out of his daze when Yong Gi is about to give up thinking he has completely forgotten about her. 
Telling Baek Seok to stay put while she goes off to get Eun Sol (her daughter), a frantic Yong Gi is soon running around the hospital searching for her missing daughter. Yong Gi finally finds Eun Sol in Kyu Seok's office, but is caught red handed when Kyu Seok points out that Yong Gi's Korean is sure fluent while she is desperately searching for her daughter. Up to this point, Yong Gi had pretended that she and her daughter are Chinese. 

Warming up to Yong Gi after their bout of searching for Eun Sol together, Baek Seok is shocked when Yong Gi tells him that she has been hiding in China to avoid the men who killed her husband. He thought Yong Gi's husband had committed suicide 

Brightly asking Baek Seok if he has a girl that he is dating, Yong Gi is dismayed when Baek Seok replies "There is a woman I want to marry... but she is someone else's wife." 
Unable to hide the sadness in his eyes as he looks at a drunken Hae Gang, Baek Seok uses the excuse of going out to buy more alcohol in order to meet with Jin Eon. 

Listening with mounting confusion as Jin Eon tells him that he has found Yong Gi's wallet in Hae Gang's belongings, Baek Seok couldn't understand how the two sisters could have been together on the day Hae Gang "died". Unable to bring himself to tell Jin Eon the truth even as Jin Eon confesses "I need to know how my wife died. Why Dok Go Yong Gi's stuff was with my wife's belongings. Why in my eyes those two are still the same person. Why when all the circumstances and everyone tells me no, in my eyes she looks like her, so I am afraid to even look at her." Wanting to a avoid Jin Eon's talk about finding out the truth, Baek Seok stands up and excuses himself because Hae Gang is waiting for him. 

Before Baek Seok can leave though, Jin Eon's phone rings and Baek Seok walks numbly away knowing that Hae Gang has just called the man who she really has been waiting for. 
Trying to remain distant even while Hae Gang swears at him and promises to end her feelings for him, Jin Eon finally loses his inner battle with himself when a sleeping Hae Gang calls out "Jin Eon, Hey! Choi Jin Eon!" over and over again. 
Drinking in the sight of Hae Gang as she sleeps, Jin Eon eventually closes his eyes as he falls asleep right across from Hae Gang. 
I love that Jin Eon always have this look of contentment when he closes his eyes around Hae Gang like "Finally! She is here so I can rest now."  
In case you were wondering where Baek Seok went off to since he never went back to the office, we find Baek Seok in Hae Gang's bedroom as he pats an imaginary sleeping Hae Gang while saying "Forget everything. Just forget everything and sleep." 
Jin Eon wakes up the next morning to find a crying Hae Gang in front of him. His heart breaking at the sight, Jin Eon mutters "Why are you crying, Dok Go Yong Gi. Why are you ... in front of me... like this? Please don't cry, Dok Go Yong Gi. If you do that... then ... I... I..." Seemingly wanting to wipe away Hae Gang's tears, Jin Eon reaches out a hand towards her but stops himself in time and stands up with determination to leave. 

However, Hae Gang's voice stops Jin Eon in his track as she answers his previous question "Because I am afraid. I cried because I am afraid. I am afraid I might fall in love with you. I am afraid I might already be in love with you. I am afraid of you." 

Now I don't see how he could've possibly think this was a good time to ask this question ... Looking at Hae Gang with hope, Jin Eon asks "I am hoping you will recover your memory. Do you want to find it together with me?" Accepting Hae Gang's silence as her refusal, Jin Eon leaves. 
Not worried at all when Seol Ri tells him that he should stay away from Yong Gi since she might one day remember evidences about Pudoxin that could harm him and the company, Jin Eon instead takes the chance to have "the talk" with Seol Ri. 

Admitting freely that he had mistakenly thought that he could start a new life if he leaves Hae Gang, Jin Eon tells Seol Ri "I have finally realized what I want and what I can't let go. I want to be by my wife's side. I want to be by Hae Gang's side. Even if it's now. Even if it's like this. I don't want to let go of her. I can't seem to let her go. I am sorry. I am sorry Kang Seol Ri." 
Remembering back to the conversation he heard between Seol Ri and his brother in law, it suddenly dawns on Jin Eon that Tae Seok wouldn't be searching high and low for a dead person. 

With shaking hands, Jin Eon opens the urn that supposedly contains Hae Gang's ashes and let's out the breath he has been holding when the urn turns out to be empty. Whew! Tae Seok had ordered his minion to find a body to cremate but they must haven't had the time to do it yet.  
Holding Hae Gang's picture in his hand, Jin Eon pleads "Just be alive! As long as you are alive, Do Hae Gang!" 

We end episode 20 as Jin Eon is still shaking with relief from the hope that his wife is still alive and Hae Gang walks into his office at that exact moment. 

Whew! What a ride. Although I have just realized one tiny... okay gigantic problem I have at this point: We still have 30 episodes more to go!!!!  I Have A Lover has certainly been one thrilling ride up this point but why do I feel like I am about ready for it to end? 
Not that I don't enjoy the pain I get just from suffering along with our hero (and that melty feeling I get whenever he looks at Hae Gang with "those" sad eyes) but I am ready for the villain to get their justice and Hae Gang to regain her memory. 
Of course strictly speaking we really do have a whole lot of material we still have to cover despite the fast pace everyone seems to be uncovering secrets left and right. 
  • The two sisters needs to meet.
  • Madam Choi's dementia. 
  • Hae Gang needs to recover her memory and with it the guilt over her daughter's death. 
  • Poor Baek Seok to get his happy ending with someone! Anyone?! 
  • Kyu Seok to fall in love with Yong Gi. 
  • Seol Ri to just leave the country. 
  • Anyone else getting the feeling we might lose President Choi? 
  • Our two leads will need to figure out where they stand once Hae Gang recovers her memory and see if they still want to give it a go. 
Sigh! So I guess we still have a ton to cover. By the way, I did shorter recap this week (so I don't run out of steam for the next 30 episodes) but here are some of the things I left out during the recap:
  • Seol Ri finds out about Madam Choi's dementia and convinces her to go see the doctor with her. 
  • Daddy Baek is stunned when Seol Ri asks him to kick Hae Gang out for betraying her brother. Showing up at Hae Gang's office with breakfast, Daddy Baek tells Hae Gang that he trusts her and asks her to turn back since going any further will just hurt herself and his son. 
  • Tae Seok is plotting to kick Jin Eon out of the company by framing him with embezzlement. For Taek Seok's plan to work, he needs Jin Eon to carry on his research project with Kyu Seok. Kyu Seok had turn Jin Eon's suggestion of funding his research down, so Taek Seok is trying to convince his brother to accept Jin Eon's offer.  


  1. Thanks a ton for recapping. Looked high and low for someone who was reviewing the show. So a big thanks.
    Thoroughly enjoying the show. Chemistry between Ji Jin hee and Kim Hyun Joo i amazing

  2. Alex:
    Thanks for the recap. Before starting on IHAL, I've searched high and low for the recaps. And since i couldn't find any (yours didnt show up on the search then), i started watching it myself. And now, i'm so sucked in by it. It's great that you are recapping this drama. Feels like i've got someone's hand to hold through this. *not in any creepy or romantic way.though. ^^"

    I really have no sympathy for Seol Ri. I guess that it holds true for some people that when the shoe is on the other foot, they try to justify their actions by any means possible. And in the process thoroughly loose themselves. In this case, Seol Ri justifies that she cannot let go of Jin Eon because she loves him. And will will always choose the same path that leads to him. Maybe she did 'love' him on the onset. But i think she leans more heavily towards liking the image she portrays him as and the feeling of being a comfort towards someone she looks up to. She was there for him because of his fallout with his wife that eventually lead to their divorce. At this point, what she feels is more 'possession' than love. And her pride is the shaft that prevents her from letting go.

    Whew...that was long. Sorry. And thanks again for your recap.

  3. Thanks for the great recap! I too have been looking for someone who's been reviewing this drama. A friend recommended that I watch it, and now I am hooked! Can't wait for your episode 21-22 recap.... disappointed that episode 22 didn't air today as scheduled after such a shocking cliffhanger. Looking forward to next weekend!