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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I Have A Lover Episode 21 Recap

I Have A Lover Episode 21
Walking into Jin Eon's office, Hae Gang is surprised when a very emotional Jin Eon tells her that his wife's urn is empty. Holding up his wife's picture to Hae Gang, Jin Eon pleads with her to take a look at the picture but Hae Gang replies that she is not ready to look yet. 

Looking at a hopeful yet dejected Jin Eon, Hae Gang promises to try to regain her memory in order to help him figure out what happened to his wife... and also a way for her to get over him completely. 

Back to following Hae Gang around like a lost puppy now that he realizes she still could be his wife, Jin Eon looks at Hae Gang with embarrassment when he stumbles on the bus and spills coins all over. Looking at a scrambling Jin Eon, Hae Gang turns to hide a small smile.
Lost in thoughts as he and Hae Gang take turns stealing glances at each other on the bus, Jin Eon has a flash back of an old memory.

Clinging to the bus window, a young Jin Eon desperately tries to convince Hae Gang that they are meant together. Rambling on, Jin Eon even uses Issac Newton in his persuasion. 

In a chiding tone, Hae Gang asks "Do you want me to hit you?"
Jumping up and down to try to get closer to Hae Gang, Jin Eon excitedly replies "Yes! It's time we should have some skinship! Hit me with your lips."
The bus starts to pull away, and Jin Eon runs to keep up. Suppressing a smile, Hae Gang calls out "Be careful!" 
Sigh... such a sweet memory. I always love to see how silly Jin Eon was in these flash backs. 
Sitting with Jin Eon at another bus stop waiting for their transfer, Hae Gang calmly looks at Jin Eon as he asks "Do you get cold easily but the hot doesn't bother you as much?" 
In a firm voice, Hae Gang replies "No, not at all. Who were you thinking I was when you followed me all the way here?"
Not avoiding Hae Gang's eyes, Jin Eon tells her "I was thinking it would be nice if Dok Go Yong Gi is my wife. Because when I see you, I feel nervous. Because when I look into your eyes, I feel pain." 
Furious that Jin Eon had found out Hae Gang's urn was empty, Tae Seok confronts President Choi and accuses him of deliberately leaving the urn empty so his son would find out. Admitting freely to Tae Seok's accusation, President Choi replies "I couldn't fight against you, but my son will." 
Noticing how awkward things still are between Baek Seok and Hae Gang, Daddy Baek tells Hae Gang that she is part of their family and that the two should just talk things out. Stopping Daddy Baek's speech, Baek Seok quietly says "Not yet. She is not family yet. Don't trap Yong Gi by calling her family." Turning his eyes to Hae Gang, Baek Seok tells her "You were always honest. The one that couldn't do it was me. I am thinking some things over and agonizing over them. Just give me a little time then I will look you in the eyes and confront you honestly." 
Showing up at Baek Seok's office to get more information about the day he found Hae Gang, Jin Eon tells Baek Seok frankly that his wife's urn was empty and that he still feel strongly that Yong Gi is Hae Gang. 

Telling Jin Eon that they should focus on Hae Gang herself and her happiness, Baek Seok reminds Jin Eon "All of these, empty urn, fake columbarium, questionable accident. Cheon Nyeon Pharmaceutical, your family did this. What are you going to tell her? What are you going to do when she recovers her memory. When she remembers you, when she remembers everything, what is that woman suppose to do? Choi Jin Eon, this time you won't find your wife properly either. And you shouldn't look for her." 
His expression darkening as his listens to Baek Seok's pointed questions, Jin Eon can offer no arguments. 
While Baek Seok ducks out of the office to take a phone call from the real Yong Gi, Jin Eon spots Hae Gang's tooth brush on her desk and decides to take it in with Hae Gang's old tooth brush for DNA matching. 
Confused as to how her wallet ended up with Jin Eon's wife's belongings, Hae Gang fearfully asks Baek Seok about the possibility of Jin Eon's wife dying because the killer though she was her. Knowing full well that Yong Gi is alive and well, Baek Seok assures Hae Gang that her fears are unfounded... especially since it was really the other way around. 

Tentatively, Baek Seok asks Hae Gang to imagine what Jin Eon's wife would feel towards her in-law and her husband if she was still alive and if she would be able to forgive them. After a pause, Hae Gang shakes her head sightly and answers "No, I don't think I would be to forgive. That woman probably won't be able to either. If she found out Cheon Nyeon Pharmaceutical, where she devoted her life to, did that to her."
Finally able to convince Madam Choi to go with her to the hospital to do a check up for her dementia, Seol Ri sits at the waiting room and is stunned when she sees the real Yong Gi with her daughter. Befriending Yong Gi by introducing herself as Baek Seok's sister, Seol Ri even hires Yong Gi as her cleaning lady. 
Unable to hide her tears as she confirms for good that Yong Gi is really her brother's first love after listening to Yong Gi happily chatting about her past memories with Baek Seok, Seol Ri storms over to Hae Gang's office. 

Shaking with emotion, Seol Ri tells a clueless Hae Gang "You must hate me, but I hate you too. I am scared of you, the way you eat away at me. You are still destroying me. I want you to disappear from this world the most. I wish you were dead!" Actually one would think Seol Ri would be really happy that Hae Gang is alive since she has already lost to a dead Hae Gang so maybe she could win over a live one. Oh, wait. I guess she didn't win Jin Eon either when he thought Hae Gang was alive. 
Baek Seok gets the whole story of how Yong Gi stole Hae Gang's car in order to get away from the killers. Baek Seok tries to convince Yong Gi to tell him about the evidences she has against Cheon Nyeon Pharmaceutical but Yong Gi is too scared to do so and only wants to live quietly with her daughter. 
Hae Gang accidentally finds the reports on her old self that Baek Seok has gathered and grabs her chest in pain after she reads how her daughter had been killed by a man whom she had put in prison. She still doesn't realize that she is reading about herself of course.  
Seemingly not too surprised to find Jin Eon waiting outside of her company, Hae Gang listens quietly as Jin Eon tries to make up some lame excuses and finally just tells her to get into his car. Turning down Jin Eon's offer to take her home, Hae Gang tells him to check on Seol Ri since she didn't look well during their brief "visit" that afternoon. Looking at a rather dejected Jin Eon, Hae Gang assures him that she will be careful going home and that he should drive safely. His eyes light up at Hae Gang's words, Jin Eon chases Hae Gang down and asks her to say the words "drive safely" again. In a very obligating mood, Hae Gang does what Jin Eon asks before turning to go. 
Hae Gang walks home just in time to see Seol Ri walking out of the house. The two women stop and stare at each other wordlessly. Before either women can speak, a dark figure runs to Hae Gang and stabs her. Seol Li watches with horror as Hae Gang crumbles to the ground. 

In the background we see that the bodyguard Jin Eon hired to protect Hae Gang had stopped the killer from leaving.  

 It is interesting that the writer is inferring that Hae Gang wouldn't forgive Jin Eon and her in laws once she regains her memory. From my point of view, there is really no doubt that Hae Gang would forgive Jin Eon himself. As much as the affair had hurt Hae Gang, up to the time of her divorce she was still willing to patch things up if Jin Eon would come back to her. In fact, President Choi had sent her to China with the promise that he would make sure Jin Eon wouldn't marry Seol Li and that after a few years she would be able to get back with his son. So while as a viewer I am not too sure about her willingness to forgive Jin Eon's affair but from the plot itself it doesn't seem like she was that terribly hung up on Seol Li. 
Article on Hae Gang's daughter's death
Jin Eon aside though, I think President Choi is going to be a huge hurdle since he did kill Hae Gang's father after all...but then I suspect President Choi might not make it all the way to the end of the show. The biggest obstacle I think to our two leads getting back together is actually Hae Gang herself. Once Hae Gang regains her memory she will also remember what kind of person she was and the guilt of her daughter's death all over again. While the pre-amnesia Hae Gang might have been able to live with herself after doing so much of her father-in-law's dirty deeds but I am not sure the post-amnesia Hae Gang would be able to handle it.  

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