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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I Have a Lover Episode 22 Recap

I Have a Lover Episode 22
Frozen as she watches Hae Gang collapses to the ground after being stabbed, Seol Ri stumbles towards Hae Gang but then quickly runs back to her house leaving behind Seol Ri AND her body guard bleeding to death. That body guard sure didn't last too long against the killer. 

Baek Seok comes home and notices the body guard's body first before he realizes Hae Gang is lying a short distance away. With shaking hands, Baek Seok gathers Hae Gang into his arms and sobs. 

Thankfully apparently someone actually called the ambulance and Hae Gang is rushed to the hospital. Sitting in a daze outside of the operation room, Baek Seok breaks down in front of his father and confesses that Hae Gang is not Yong Gi after all. Overwhelmed with guilt that he has single handily made Hae Gang live as Yong Gi, Baek Seok cries as Daddy Baek tries to comfort him.
After a night of sitting numbly in Hae Gang's bedroom, Seol Ri goes home and is snapped out of her stupor when she finds out from Yong Gi (who is working there as her house cleaner) that Baek Seok has already met her. Realizing that this meant Baek Seok has already found out Hae Gang's real identity, Seol Ri rushes to the hospital to find a guilt ridden Baek Seok by Hae Gang's side.  

Seol Ri tries to assure Baek Seok that Hae Gang would wake up soon but in a voice over, we hears Seol Ri's real desire as she begs Hae Gang to just die. Panic washes over Seol Ri as she listens to Baek Seok asking an unconscious Hae Gang what he should call her now and if he should call her Hae Gang like Jin Eon does. Unable to suppress the hysteria in her voice, Seol Ri yells "Are you going to send her to Jin Eon's side?! Can you live if she goes to him? What about you? What about me?" The girl really needs to wake up and smell the roses. 
Still clueless that Hae Gang is at the death's door, Jin Eon gets the distressing news that the Pudoxin victim has finally succumbed to his wounds and died (Tae Seok had someone ran him over with a car). Blaming Hae Gang for his brother's death, the victim's older brother furiously grabs Jin Eon and demands to know why Hae Gang is not there to beg for forgiveness. 

Puzzled to not see Hae Gang as well, Jin Eon calls Hae Gang on the phone but is unable to reach her. Tae Seok actually has her phone. 
Before Jin Eon can start figuring out why he can't find Hae Gang though, Seol Ri distracts him with the news of his mother's dementia. 

Rushing home to see his mother, Jin Eon confirms Seol Ri's words when he finds Madam Choi's notebook that is filled with notation of basic information about her family. (So very basic things such as Jin Eon's name and the fact that he is her son.) 
Daddy Baek runs into Mama Do at the hospital but is unable to bring himself to tell Mama Do the truth about Hae Gang.

Putting all her energy in trying to help Yong Gi, Mama Do purposefully runs into Yong Gi at the hospital and uses the opportunity to convince her to start working at her house. 
Jin Eon receives a mysterious envelope that contains photos of the dump truck that pushed the car Hae Gang was in off the cliff. Trying hard to figure out why Hae Gang would be driving towards the opposite direction of the airport when she was suppose to leave for China that day, Jin Eon comes to the heart breaking conclusion that Hae Gang must've been trying to see him one last time before leaving the country. (That guess was obviously false but what's a little more guilt at this point.) 

Looking at the same pictures he sent Jin Eon, President Choi prays that his son would be able to use the clues he is giving him to not only save Cheon Nyeon Pharmaceutical but to also avenge Hae Gang's death. 
In the mean time, Jin Eon gets the result from the DNA test and confirms once and for all that Hae Gang is ... well, Hae Gang. 

Eager to see Hae Gang that very second, Jin Eon calls the security office to figure out where Hae Gang is and finally gets the distressing news that the security office has no clue where Hae Gang OR her security guard's whereabouts. 
Jin Eon rushes to Hae Gang's house and is horrified when he sees the police tape and the chalk outline that tells the appalling story of what happened to the woman he loves. 
Running into the hospital, Jin Eon desperately claws at the ICU door and yells for Hae Gang's forgiveness. 

Lying just a few feet away within the door that Jin Eon can't open, a tear falls from Hae Gang's closed eyes as memories of of her past with Jin Eon replays themselves in her mind.

Wow! Will Hae Gang finally remember her past?? It would be about time since it looks like Tae Seok is pretty determined to get rid of her as soon as possible. Strangely, at this point I am not so interested in Jin Eon but is more interested to see how Hae Gang merges her two selves together once her memories come back. 
If I had ANY empathy left for Seol Ri before this episode I have none now. While I could find excuses for Seol Ri when she first went after a married man then her subsequent refusal to let go of a man who obviously will never love her as the acts of a young foolish woman, but she has now crossed the line with her utter disregard for human lives. We don't know if the poor security guard died right away, but it is very possible that if Seol Ri had called for help sooner maybe he could've lived. I guess Jin Li (Tae Seok's wife, Jin Eon's sister) did warn that Seol Ri will turn into another Hae Gang or one who is even worse than Hae Gang. 
It is starting to look like maybe the writer will pair Yong Gi and Kyu Seok together, which I would love to see. Yong Gi just seems like exactly what Kyu Seok needs, moreover, he might be the only one that could stop Tae Seok from trying to kill her. 


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