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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I Have A Lover Episode 23-24

I Have A Lover Episode 23-24
Tearing up as he watches Hae Gang calling out Eun Sol's (their daughter) name, Jin Eon froze with terror as Hae Gang's heart stops beating. Snapping out of his shock after the doctor declares Hae Gang's time of death, Jin Eon loses control and shouts for Hae Gang to come back.

Through sheer will (or b/c it is really bad to have your heroine die half way through the show), Jin Eon actually does the impossible and brings Hae Gang back to life.

After personally making sure Hae Gang is out of danger and is moved out of ICU, Jin Eon pays Tae Seok an overdue visit. Not bothering to say anything to his brother-in-law, Jin Eon starts punching but a rather calm Tae Seok simply says "I can't stand people who are pure and spotless. You are so very very clean. Not even one spot on you. Why would a human being not have dirt on him. Because you are a good person? No, that's not it. Because there always have been people to get dirty for you."

Tae Seok's speech makes me wonder if Hae Gang was that person that allowed Jin Eon to remain spotless before. By the way, despite Tae Seok's talk about hating people who are pure but that's exactly the kind of person he is trying to make sure his brother Kyu Seok can remain. 

Gaining more confidence as he talks, Tae Seok proudly tells Jin Eon that there is no way he can be beaten by someone like Jin Eon. For all of Tae Seok's big talk, his cool is shattered when Jin Eon informs him that the woman he has been trying to kill the last two times is not Yong Gi but Hae Gang.
Back to the hospital to guard Hae Gang, a rather pitiful Jin Eon hides by the door to steal a glance at Hae Gang. Feeling Jin Eon's gaze, Hae Gang turns and stares at him wordlessly.
Sitting outside of Hae Gang's hospital room, Jin Eon catches Woo Joo's wayward ball and have a friendly conversation with her as Yong Gi looks on. Smilingly calling for Woo Joo to come to her, Yong's expression turns to one of terror when she sees Tae Seok.
Staring in disbelief as he watches a terrified Yong Gi running away with her daughter, Tae Seok starts to follow after her but is stopped when Jin Eon grabs him. Furious that Tae Seok would dare to show his face around Hae Gang's hospital room, Jin Eon vehemently threatens to tell Kyu Seok all of Tae Seok's dirty deeds. Blaming the whole thing on President Choi, Tae Seok tells Jin Eon that if he keeps digging he will just end up having to bury all the secrets himself to save his own father.

In her haste to run away, Yong Gi hurts her ankle but fortunately Kyu Seok shows up in time to help her and Woo Joo. Kyu Seok was going to just coldly ignore Yong Gi but ends up softening when Yong Gi grabs his leg and pitifully pleas with him to take her daughter. 

With no where to go, Yong Gi names Mama Do's place much to Kyu Seok's surprise. (Kyu Seok lives at Mama Do's house and he didn't know before this time that Yong Gi has started working there.) 
Feeling the urgency to be frank with Baek Seok, Hae Gang confesses to him that during the moments when she was dying the only person that she was thinking of was Jin Eon not him. Driving the last nail home, Hae Gang tells Baek Seok "I love that person. Don't wait for me anymore."
Having convinced Hae Gang to let him stay in her hospital room for the night, Jin Eon quietly tells Hae Gang how he first met her. Smiling as she listens, Jin Eon recounts how he liked everything about Hae Gang and how she was the only thing that existed for him.

Of course Hae Gang had to ask the natural follow up question "Why did you guys separate then? Because your love had cooled?"

After a short pause, Jin Eon replies "Because I was exhausted by my love."

I Have A Lover Episode 24
A bit sheepish after he was chastised by the nurse for sleeping on Hae Gang's hospital bed, Jin Eon nonetheless confesses to Hae Gang that he has fallen in love with her and asks "Would it be okay for me to love you?"

Not satisfied with Hae Gang's effort to just change the topic, Jin Eon pushes her for an answer. Answering Jin Eon honestly, Hae Gang replies "The me who met you for the first time in 2015 loves you, but as for your wife who first met you in collage I don't know if she still loves you."
Despite feeling a bit forlorn after hearing Hae Gang's answer, Jin Eon nevertheless still breaks into a smile when Hae Gang teases him and tells him that she wants to love him.
Hae Gang and Jin Eon's sweet moment is interrupted when Hae Gang senses Seol Ri's laser like glare as she watches them from the doorway. Sending Jin Eon off on an errand so she could talk to Seol Ri privately, Hae Gang asks Seol Ri why she wasn't the one that called the ambulance. Forcing herself to be calm when Seol Ri freely admits that she would've called the ambulance for someone else, Hae Gang tells Seol Ri that they would continue the conversation when she recovers her memory. Not suppressing the hatred in her voice, Seol Ri tells Hae Gang that she sincerely wishes that she would not only recover her memory but she would return back to the person she was before.
Madam Choi's symptom of dementia is getting worse at an alarming rate to the point that even President Choi realizes that something is seriously wrong with his wife. Accepting her own illness, Madam Choi asks her husband for a divorce, but now that President Choi knows of his wife's condition he is unwilling to get a divorce no matter what.
Despite having already guessed for herself that she is probably not Yong Gi, Hae Gang finds herself shaking with emotions when the lady issuing the resident identity cards tells her that her finger print is not a match for Yong Gi's. (Hae Gang was there to get a reissue of her identity card since the attacker took her wallet.)

Taking Hae Gang to a cafe, Baek Seok slowly tells her everything he knows from her twin sister Yong Gi to why Yong Gi had stolen her car that fateful day.
While Hae Gang is finding out about Yong Gi from Baek Seok, Yong Gi also realizes that the woman who inadvertently saved her life is actually her twin thanks to Jin Li's (Jin Eon's older sister) visit to Mama Do's house and her jeering remark that Mama Do was lucky enough to find a house cleaner who looks exactly like her deceased daughter.
Wanting to say goodbye to all the kids even though she has told Baek Seok of her plan to move out, Hae Gang is unable to stop sobbing when she sees the welcome home notes the kids had plastered all over her room.
Looking at the kids who are fighting to sleep next to her, Hae Gang smilingly suggests that they should just all sleep in the living room together like they used to. 

After ignoring Jin Eon's insistent phone calls a few times, Hae Gang lays awake but is unable to stop herself from thinking about Jin Eon.
Parked outside of Hae Gang's house, Jin Eon jumps out of his car when he wakes up to find Hae Gang standing a short distance away. Jin Eon is overjoyed when Hae Gang asks "Can you trying calling me Hae Gang ah? I feel like if you call me Hae Gang ah, then maybe I could accept my name."

Overwhelmed with emotions, Jin Eon calls out "Hae Gang, Hae Gang... Honey (Wife)"

I am sort of happy? I really thought our heroine would regain her full memory by now but I guess I should be happy that she at least knows her real identity now. 

One thing I was really satisfied with this week's episode is Hae Gang's speech to Jin Eon that while she herself loves him but she can't vouch for the Hae Gang that shares all the memories with him. At this point, Hae Gang still sees herself as a separate being from the wife Jin Eon keeps describing but at least she is not so far gone in love that she doesn't realize once her memories come back her feelings towards Jin Eon might change.
Our two leads aside though I am WAY excited about the change in Kyu Seok. Stunned to hear Hae Gang's name from Jin Li's lips, Yong Gi sits in shock and doesn't notice the stares Kyu Seok keep giving her.  Kyu Seok FINALLY notices someone other than himself!!! 
Knowing full well what a odd duck Kyu Seok is, Ji Li can hardily believe her eyes as she watches Kyu Seok plays with Woo Joo. Kyu Seok even jokingly tells Ji Li that Woo Joo has claimed him as her future husband. Ha! I am not sure if Kyu Seok will fall in love with Yong Gi but it is obvious he is already in love with Woo Joo. 

ps. I know I shouldn't get all soft towards the big bad but this scene between Tae Seok and Jin Li sure makes me wish they could just live happily instead of destroying everything with their greed. 


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