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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Love Me, If You Dare Episode 3-4 Recap & 2nd Impression

Love Me, If You Dare Episode 3-4 Recap
True to his fame of being a genius criminal profiler, Simon stuns the local police as he starts making statements about the serial killer just from the clues they have gathered so far. (ie. The criminal's age, personality to what vicinity he would be living at.) Convinced that most of the kidnapped kids have already been killed, Simon points the police to three areas to start searching for dead bodies.

The police successfully finds the bodies and Jenny (heroine) tries to wake a sleeping Simon in the middle of the night. Jenny had wanted to go home, but Simon gave her bunch of reason why she had to stay at his house... and sleep on the sofa in case the police calls. 

Grabbing Jenny's hand in his sleep, Simon mutters "Silence... go sleep by yourself okay." Pulling her hand from Simon's grasp, Jenny wonders if "Silence" is Simon's girlfriend's name. Silence is the straight translation of the Chinese word here. By the way, who sleeps in a bathrobe? 

Curious why Simon seems so sure that he would be able to give the police more details about the killer once they found the body, Jenny is thoughtful when Simon replies "Because the bodies will show me all of the killer's desires."
Too scared to go see the dead bodies with Simon, Jenny hides in the car. Sensing Jenny's fears, Kitt (that's not the car's name, but since that's what the car in Knight Rider is called I figure I'll just steal it) is sensitive enough to lock the car to give her some comfort and even puts on the Disney movie Big Hero 6 to make her smile. I want a car like that!!! 
Surrounding himself with all the additional clues he has been able to gather from the killer's victims, Simon confirms that there is indeed only one killer and that the killer had built a rudimentary machine to help him chop his victim up. (I am pretty sure there must be an official CSI word for "chop his victim up" but I was too chicken to google it.)
In case we were wondering that the eccentric Simon actually has a girlfriend, Simon's friend introduces Jenny to her boss's pet turtle "Silence". Silence likes to wonder around a lot... including climbing on top of Simon when he is sleeping.
Using the clues from the cuts on the bodies, Simon was able to replicate the rudimentary machine the killer must have built. (Ha! Simon even has the Iron Man technology!)

Quickly closing in on the killer, Simon personally walks the grounds of where they found the killer's first victim to figure out where the killer is. Notice Kitt following Simon as he walks! 
Simon finally tracks the killer down and a chase ensues. The police successfully apprehends the killer thanks to Jenny who threw a wooden stick to distract the killer long enough for the everyone else to catch up. Eyeing Jenny who almost got hit when the killer picked up the wooden stick, Simon dryly tells her "Next time, don't use a wooden stick."
Storming the killer's house, everyone gives huge sigh of relief when they were able to find the child that started the kidnapping investigation in the first place. (The kid was the one that went missing when he was delivering fish to Simon's house.)

Staring at the contraption in the killer's house that looks so much like the one he just built, Simon lays down right on the table and imagines himself letting the knifes falling right on top of him.
Realizing that he was much too big compare to the killer's victims, Simon tries to get Jenny to take his place on the table but Jenny was much too freaked out by Simon at this point. However, whatever fear Jenny had soon fled out her mind when Simon gently pulls a sliver out of her hand then puts a bandit on it.
In case you thought the case was over, Xun Ran (2nd male lead, detective and Jenny's friend) finds a bunch of puzzling numbers painted on the killer's wall but the killer refuses to say what the numbers are about. The numbers are probably from the big bad that is Simon's arch enemy. 
Another indication of the big bad thus far it's that someone is stationed right outside of Simon's house and taking pictures of everyone that comes to visit him. 
Planning to move to another city, Simon assures his friend that Jenny would be willing to follow him and continue on being his assistant. However, proving that the all knowing Simon could be fallible Jenny turns Simon down on his offer of continual employment.
Amazed that her sister really would choose a boring normal job over being Simon's assistant, Jenny little sister pesters Jenny about her decision. Obviously pretty conflicted herself, Jenny sighs and replies "We will meet many many people in our life time. But someone like him (Simon)... you won't even be able to find one in a million. He has a aura around him. I am not talking about appearance but about his thought process. Underneath his strangeness I really can see his kindness and his simple soul. We saved a child together and that's an experience I will never forget. That's enough."
Impatient with his son's seemingly perpetual "childhood friend" status with Jenny, Xun Ran's dad warns him that if he doesn't make a move soon he might lose Jenny to another man. Sighing, Xun Ran tells his dad that while Jenny sees him as a good friend but he hasn't seen any signs that she sees him as a man.
Surprised to get a sudden call from Simon (whom unbeknownst to Jenny has just be laughed at by his best friend for getting turned down by her) telling her to come to his house to get a bunch of fireworks from his house, Jenny shows up somewhat hesitantly with her little sister.
Not knowing what to do with the overwhelming amount of firework Simon has just given her, the girls decides to invite Simon along as they set off all the firework in one shot. And that's how we have the moment when both girls laugh with giddiness at how handsome Simon is as he walks towards them with the fireworks going off behind him.

2nd Impression
Plot aside, Love Me, If You Dare is just so darn beautiful to look at! (A reader commented that it looks like a movie and it really does!) Albeit the show does get a bit cheesy with its liberal use of elements from other shows/movies but they are so brazen about it that it simply makes my geek side happy.
At this point of the story there is still a lot we don't know about the two leads. I love the fact that our heroine seems to be just as much of a mystery as our hero. More than once Simon has hinted that Jenny has something in her past that is casting a big shadow in her life despite her seemingly normal background. That makes me wonder if Jenny's superb observance skilled was learned more out of necessity than just purely by talent. 
The one thing that is surprising about Simon so far is that rather than the cold distant hero I had expected him to be he is actually turning out to be quite charming and honest ...when he wants to be. All in all, I am really satisfied with Simon's character at this point of the story because he totally fits the fantasy of an eccentric brilliant criminal profiler who is just charming enough to intrigue you but odd enough that you keep wondering if it would be wiser to just stay away. 


  1. Started watching, and although not a fan of blood and gore especially violent crime related ones, but loving the story and how the heroine is so calm, she smart and she is making Simon want to be with her and like her. kekeke, that he always has say things so bluntly.

    By the way miss Ninja, the car is called Andy, but Kitt reminds me too of knight rider, brings back fond memories of the 80's, classic.

    1. I grew up watching Knight Rider so I was a bit attached to Kitt but I guess I should be nice and use the car's real name. :-)

  2. Love reading the reviews on this site. Loving the series so far. Poor Simon as no idea what to with and about his feelings when it comes to Jenny. His BFF is a hoot.

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