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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Love Me If You Dare Episode 5-6 Favorite Scenes & Quotes

Love Me If You Dare Episode 5
Favorite Scene #1
Remembering the little girl's question to Jenny that maybe he is afraid of the fireworks like her, Simon gives a long speech that he used to work with bombs that explodes much more spectacularly than those measly fireworks. Giving the little girl's mother an apologetic looks, Jenny drags Simon away from giving more gritty details.

Favorite Scene #2
Invited by Jenny over to her house for dinner, Simon sits silently while his friend Zi Yu uses his charm on everyone. Wanting to include Simon in the conversation, Jenny's mom says "I have heard how difficult it is to be hired on by the universities overseas so it is so impressive that Simon is an assistant professor already."

Feeling the need to clarify, Simon says "Actually, with my ability and experience I should be a professor but they thought I was too young."

Awkward pause... Jenny Mom replies "Oh! Yes, that makes you even more amazing."

Holding a wine glass, Simon in a matter of fact tone says "That's true." 

Favorite Scene #3
This was a sad scene. Handing Simon a file on Jenny, Zi Yu informs him that Jenny had lost her father, grandfather, grandmother all to a killer who hated Jenny father for putting him in jail when she was young. The police arrived barely in time to rescue Jenny and her little sister before the killer could kill them too. 

Favorite Scene #4
Simon asks" What is it that you are going to be doing at your work again?"
Jenny "International trade."
Simon "Boring, insipid, a waste of life."
Jenny "..." 
Jenny "I had an elementary classmate named Xiao Ming. Xiao Ming wanted Li Li to sit with him, but Li Li had chosen someone else already. So everyday, Xiao Ming would run to Li Li and tells her that her deskmate is fat, ugly and stupid. Don't you think these elementary kids are so immature." 
Simon "..."
Andy (the car) "Jealousy is a common human trait."
Simon "Shut up Andy." 
Ha! This is probably my favorite scene. 

Favorite Scene #5
In his usual honesty, Simon tells his friend "I hope she (Jenny) can continue to be my assistant. She is very good. I like her."
Smiling, Zi Yu answers "I know." 

Favorite Scene #6
A good friend through and through, Zi Yu stifles his laugh while Simon tricks Jenny into renting the apartment right below his. 

Favorite Scene #7
Jenny finishes making dinner for herself and is surprised when she walks out to find Simon at her kitchen table dryly asking "Why are you using your bathroom as your kitchen?" 

Ignoring Jenny's displeasure at finding him uninvited at her house and her insistence that she only cooked enough for herself, Simon picks up a shrimp and stick it into his mouth. 
By the way... why is she using the bathroom as her kitchen?? 

Favorite Scene #8
Looking through all of the MANY MANY things Jenny has decorated her house with, Simon sighs. 
Simon "I think Zi Yu was right. I don't understand women. I don't think I will ever understand why you would spend hundred of hours on things like this? (as he holds a white hippo in his hand)" 

Love Me If You Dare Episode 6
Favorite Scene #1
Smiling as she greets all of her work sunbae in her very first work meeting, Jenny's smile turns to shock as everyone stands up to greet their new director... Simon. 
I love it when the manager assigns Jenny to Simon as his assistant since she is the newest worker without any responsibility yet, Simon causally replies "Oh, whatever," like that's not exactly what he wants. Giving no indication of knowing Jenny at all, Simon turns away as Jenny glares at him. 

Favorite Scene # 2
A bit sheepish after a crying Jenny yells at him for interfering with her first job, Simon seems a bit stunned to find out that Jenny truly sees her job as her dream. 

In a conciliatory tone Simon tells Jenny "This actually won't take too much of your time. I solved the last case in five days. This is a simple corporate case so how difficult can it be?"
Not seeing much softening from Jenny, Simon continues "Can I ask you a frank question? Do you really know what you are doing? Buy low sell high... do you really want to tell your children and grandchildren how many sales you've made? Or do you want to tell them how many people you have saved?" 
And he smiles when Jenny opens the file on the murder victim. 

Favorite Scene #3 
 Laying on a bed at a department store, Simon all the sudden says "Move in with me." After that shocking and very suggestive statement, Simon proceeds to give all the reason that his work efficiency would be much improved if Jenny moves in with him. 

Unconvinced by his sweet talk of how she can do everything he dislikes if she moves in with him, Jenny turns Simon's suggestion down. 
 Not giving up, Simon choose the most inopportune moment of when they are squished in an elevator to ask "Why won't you move in with me?" 

Favorite Moment #4
 Simon listens quietly as Jenny tearfully reads the suicide note left by their murdered victim. 
Dryly, Simon comments "One of the most unnecessary quality of being my assistant is sensibility. Now can you go back to your normal self?"
 With still tears in her voice, Jenny replies "Women are usually very sensitive. Unless you find a male assistant. A man that could cook, help you catch fish, decorate the house, takes care of Silence (the turtle), and don't mind your picky personality." 

Simon "..." 
So sassy, our heroine. 

Favorite Scene #5
 Displease to see the familiar manner Jenny's co-worker treats her, Simon tells her "If I were you, I would avoid physical contact with them." 
Chiding Simon's for his comment when the guy didn't even touch her, Jenny playfully pokes Simon on the cheek. 

After a brief pause of staring at Jenny who smiles after apologizing for "accidentally" touching him, Simon breaks into a smile as well. 

Favorite Scene #6
Simon finds the diary of their murdered victim and is thoughtful after he listens to Jenny reads the girl's long description of the guy she likes. 

After agreeing on the identity of their victim's crush using the clues they've gathered from the various comparisons the woman had used, Simon asks "What metaphor would a woman use to describe me." 

Looking at a rather confidant Simon who waits for her answer, Jenny answers "First, I have to clarify that my answer doesn't mean to belittle at all..." Eyeing the still confidant Simon, Jenny continues "A Labrador that is prideful and arrogant." 

Simon "..." 
Walking up to Jenny, Simon finally says "Your metaphoric ability is no where near the victim's." 

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  1. Thanks, Ninja, for sharing your favorite scenes. I'm sure the episodes are worth watching; but your post makes me want to watch them right away. I like it that many of the scenes you've picked out are amusing.