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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Love or Spend Episode 1-3 First Impression

Drama: Love Or Spend (戀愛鄰距離)
Country: Taiwan
Episodes: 70 (This one is a daily)

Love or Spend Episode 1-3 Quick Recap
Born on the same the exact same day, our two leads Pei Zheng Xi (Kingone Wang) and Mo Cheng Zhen (Jennifer Hong) know each other inside and out. After living next door to each other all their lives, our two leads are so familiar with each other that they are convinced that no romantic sparks can ever happened between them.
 Unfortunately, our two leads' mothers believe otherwise and have made it their life long goal to become in-laws. Bending to their mothers' iron will during one of their weak moments, Zheng Xi and Cheng Zhen had agreed that they will marry each other if both of them happens to be single on their birthday (on any year, so no specific age).

While Cheng Zhen has vowed to be married to her career, Zheng Xi has not trouble at all in getting girlfriends... until he is dumped the day before his birthday. After a desperate conference, our two leads calls Cheng Zhen's brother to warn him to not leak any information to their respective mothers about Zheng Xi's single status.
Regrettably, under the threat of a rubber band gun to um... certain precious parts, Cheng Zhen's brother quickly decides to throw his sister to the wolves and our two leads' mothers are soon happily greeting each other as in-laws.
 Scrambling around to come up with a boyfriend in less than a day, a desperate Cheng Zhen starts to look at her assistant, Li Yang as a possible candidate thanks to Zheng Xi's suggestion. Already harboring a crush on Cheng Zhen, Li Yang jumps on the opportunity and kisses her at the first sign that Cheng Zhen might be interested in him.
Feeling guilty that she is using Li Yang to solve her own problems when she has no intention of entering into a relationship, Cheng Zhen decides not to introduce him to her family. Undaunted, Li Yang surprises everyone (and to the great dismay of both mothers) by showing up at the birthday party to formally introduces himself as Cheng Zhen's boyfriend.

First Impression
So, that's pretty much the set up of the show so far. Two best friends who are convinced that they are not for each other but of course that belief might start to change as they begin to notice the twinge of discomfort when they realize someone else is trying to wedge themselves between their "friendship".

I am a bit torn on how I feel about this show at this point. I am not too interested in following yet another show where the two leads have to date a bunch of people before they realize no one is as good as the one who have been with them all along. BUT, I have to admit that Love or Spend is a really easy watch thus far. I am enjoying Kingone Wang's hero who has a little bit of naughty charm that turns to all out melty warmth when it comes to Cheng Zhen. Speaking of melty warmth, it is interesting that the writer has chosen to use Li Yang who really is almost a copy of Zheng Xi when it comes to how considerate he is of Cheng Zhen's every need as the hero's competition. So often in these kind of bestfriend romance plot the hero/heroine usually fall for the second leads who are the opposite of their best friend so it is interesting to see how our heroine will react to a second male lead who is so much like the hero.

By the way, here is a scene that I thought was rather clever in displaying the interesting dynamic in the two leads' relationship.
Furious after siting through a lunch with her work superior who took every chance to use her gender to attack her work ability, Cheng Zhen is unable to stop the tears that keep coming.

Taking a deep breath, Cheng Zhen tells Li Yang that while she is grateful for his help in fending off her mother but she is not ready to enter into a relationship yet. With determination, Cheng Zhen declares "I am going to put all my effort on my career so no one will be able to put me through the shame like I had to go through today."
Grabbing the hand that is trying to wipe away her tears, Cheng Zhen yells "Do you hear me?!" 
Quietly, Zheng Xi replies "I hear you." 

How interesting is that! The first part of Cheng Zhen's words was to Li Yang but her declaration was obviously to Zheng Xi and both of them knew it. Sigh, the trap of a best friend romance plot is that as a viewer you can't help but to analyse every word and every gesture to figure out if our leads are aware of their own feelings yet! 
Anyhow, in conclusion I am currently trying to talk myself out of following Love or Spend ... but I will most likely lose to the twinkle in Kingone Wang's eyes.


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  2. im curious but havent tried to watch it since it has 80 something episodes... im waiting for your next recap :) and comment ^^