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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Marry Me or Not? Episode 2 Recap

Marry Me or Not? Episode 2
Episode two begin with a short flash back to where our two leads actually met for the very first time...without knowing it. 

Sitting in a restaurant to consult with a client, Justine (hero) gives Mr. Lee (guest appearance by Bo Lin Chen!) a long speech about why a woman's love is fickle and hands him a divorce form to give to his wife. 

Seemingly confirming Justine's view, Vivienne (heroine) is standing in front of the bathroom mirror in the very same restaurant to rehearse a break up speech with her boyfriend. 

Walking out of the bathroom with determination to breakup with her boyfriend, Shu Hong, Vivienne's resolve is quickly shaken when her boyfriend all the sudden proposes to her. 

Holding a rose and with teary eyes, Vivienne chucks her breakup speech out of the window and accepts Shu Hong's proposal. 
Back to our current time line when Justin stops his car suddenly to walk towards Vivienne ...then walks right past her to a wounded dog. 

Concerned, Justin is about to move the wounded dog off the road to the side walk but a even more concerned Vivienne compels Justin to take the dog to a veterinary hospital instead. 
Impatient with Justin's insistence to obey every traffic law exactly since he has never received a ticket in his life, Vivienne takes matter into her own hand and forcefully turns the car's steering wheel in order to save precious time by making an illegal left turn... which is how Justin received his very first traffic ticket. 
Standing in the vet's office, Justin is too busy staring at his very first traffic ticket to notice that Vivienne has gleefully left after telling the vet that Justin will pay for the huge operation fee the wounded dog has incurred. 
The marriage preparation going in earnest, Vivinne's perfect wedding suddenly hits a snag when she is informed that her reservation for the wedding hall has been cancelled. Guessing that her bride's maid Sheng Nan (2nd female lead, heroine's nemesis and hero's sister) is probably behind the cancellation, Vivinne tries to make another reservation but is told that the reception hall is completely full. 
Putting on a sad face outwardly, both Sheng Nan and Mama Cai are secretly overjoyed for ANYTHING that would stop Vivienne's wedding. 
Vivinne's little frustration over her wedding setbacks soon found a vent source when she spies Justin having a date with a pretty young woman. Still under the belief that Justin is Sheng Nan's boyfriend, Vivienne cheerfully takes a picture of the "date" to send the evidence to her nemesis. 

Caught on a marriage date with a girl whom he has already made it clear that everything from dating to marriage is just a big waste of earth's resources (ie. fancy food that you eat on dates, paper that are wasted on wedding invitations), Justin nonetheless is resigned to his fate when his mother gives him an ultimatum to not leave the date early. Noticing Vivienne taking pictures of him, Justin races out to demand that she deletes the pictures. 
Remembering his sister's pitiful plea that Vivienne must not find out her lie about him being her boyfriend, Justin can say nothing to defend himself when Vivienne accuses him of being a cheating jerk. Not intimidated by Justin's lawyer talks, Vivienne gets in a tug of war with him as she refuses Justin's demand to delete the pictures she took. 

In the chaos of things, Justin's hand ends up right on Vivienne's chest and her scream draws a hoard of witness to Justin's "perverted" act. Hopelessly, Justin tries to assure the crowd that "it is not what it looks like" but his excuses doesn't seem to work... especially on the same cop who gave him the traffic ticket earlier that morning. 
Putting on her "pitiful damsel" face, Vivienne sniffles as she cries to the police how Justin had attacked her after she took an innocent picture of a restaurant. Walking out of the police station with a sly smile while she is still crying "I am so scared", Vivienne leaves Justin behind. 

His bad luck continues, Justin arrives home after his stint in the police station to have a packed bag thrown at him. Furious that he would leave in the middle of his marriage date, Mama Hao (hero's mother) has officially kicked Justin out of the house. 
Pushed to the limit, especially after his sister's continual plea that Vivienne must not marry their uncle, Justin declares that this is is war! 
Putting his lawyer skill on full blast, Justin shows up at Shu Hong's house and proceeds to remind him of all the things he has lost and will lose in the future if he does marry Vivienne. ie. his man cave, his interests and even his dreams! 

Frankly more than a little bit scared after Justin's visit, Shu Hong confesses his fear to Vivienne that she would turn into one of "those" controlling women after their marriage just as Justin warned him. Putting on her charm, Vivienne successfully calms Shu Hong's fear... until she says "I love you the most out of all my many boyfriends." Turning around to hide her wince the moment she realized what she said, Vivienne tells a trusting Shu Hong "Can you forgive me that I have had TWO boyfriends? I know that's a lot..." 
Relieved that she was able to avoid the little crisis moment when Shu Hong asked exactly how many boyfriends she've had, Vivienne calls Sheng Nan to warn her off from trying to destroy her upcoming marriage. Picking up his sister's phone, Justin ends up having his usual banter with Vivienne as the two argue about their diverse view on marriage. A bit moved despite himself when Vivienne declares that she is one of those woman that will give everything she has when she falls in love, Justin nonetheless holds on to his belief that there is no love that will not be lost in time. 
Notwithstanding the many people's effort to foil Vivienne's wedding, the fateful day arrives to find Mama Cai angrily threatening to chop her plumb tree down (for failing its mission) and Sheng Nan wearing her broccoli colored brides maid dress as she waits restless for something. 
An interesting side note is that Mama Hao suddenly feels the great urgency to hide after she sees Mama Cai. I guess the two mothers probably won't be too happy to become in-laws. 
A beautiful Vivienne walks down the aisle to her soon to be husband and everything is progressing smoothly... until a yell of "Vivienne! You can't marry him!" sounds. Turning in shock to see not just one of her ex-boyfriend but four of her ex-boyfriends proclaiming their undying love to her, Vivienne hardily knows how to answer Shu Hong's question of "I thought you said you had two boyfriends?"  

In a flash back we see that Sheng Nan was the one who convinced all of Vivienne's ex that she still loves them. 
Trying hard to remain calm, Vivienne tries to urge Shu Hong to finish the marriage ceremony but Shu Hong halts the whole thing much to her dread. 

I am so excited for next week's episode!!! Especially judging by the preview the story will take a Fated to Love You kind of turn. Of course our heroine is the extreme opposite of the innocent shy heroine in Fated to Love You so I am really looking forward to how this plot twist will turn out. 
After two episode of Marry Me or Not, I can say that I am pretty sold on this show. The plot does seem a bit formulaic but I am impress with the writer's ability to give the characters enough depth that just makes me want to dig for more. For example, I love Justin's over the top focus on saving energy that he can spin just about everything (including dating) to be connected to it. I also really like Alice Ko's portrayal of Vivienne who by all consideration should be the most annoying character except for the little signs of her vulnerability that makes me curious about her. 


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