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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Marry Me or Not? Episode 3 Recap

Marry Me or Not? Episode 3
Episode 3 opens with a flash back of a memory of when our two leads first met during their school days. In a voice over, Justin (hero) concedes that he is not necessarily a non-believer when it comes to love, he is just always trying to recapture the heart fluttering of that first love. In the flashback, a young Justin meets Vivienne on their way to school, and Justin's voice continues "Even if that person, has never realized that I have been trailing behind her, looking at her." 
I am assuming this is an actual flashback and not an imaginary of what could've been. Hmm... so interesting. There has been hints that Justin is aware of who Vivienne is because of his sister but I guess this means Vivienne was actually Justin's first crush?

Back to where we left off at the end of episode two. Confronted with her many boyfriends, Vivienne tries to solider on with the wedding but Shu Hong (fiancee) stops the proceeding and is unable to get over the fact that Vivienne had lied to him (about the number of her boyfriends she've had). Soon, chaos ensues when Shu Hong's family joins in on the loud chorus of calling Vivienne as a promiscuous woman. 

Jerked out of her dread when Mama Cai starts a yelling match with Shu Hong's family, Vivienne asks the crowd what crime she has committed. Silence descends when Vivienne goes on to say "What's wrong with dating lots of men? Every time I entered into a relationship I give it my all. When the relationship ends I tell myself to learn from it and what kind of men to avoid from then on." 

Looking at Shu Hong in the eyes, Vivienne tells him "I wasn't lying when I told you that you were the best guy out of all the men I've met, but now I just want to tell you - I don't want to marry you anymore" Shoving her bouquet of flower into Shu Hong's hands, Vivienne turns around and runs out of the wedding chapel... 
and right into Justin. After realizing who she has just ran into, Vivienne turns towards a guilty faced Sheng Nan who is desperately trying to form some sort of an apology (for calling all of Vivienne's exes), and makes a split second decision. 
In front of a shocked Sheng Nan and her own parents, Vivienne plants a big'o kiss on Justin. 
Literally thrown into a taxi by Vivienne, Justin starts to list the many crimes Vivienne has just committed...until Vivienne firmly tells him "I'll kill myself if you get off this car. Everyone saw us leave together. What would everyone think if I write your name "Justin" with my blood." Admitting defeat when Vivienne slyly reminds him that she has noticed that the police has taken a rather strong dislike to him, Justin wisely decides to not argue with an angry woman. 

Approaching a still tense Vivienne with his most friendly face, Justin tries to convince her that this whole mess with the wedding has nothing to do with him. 
Angrily, Vivienne reminds Justin that she has specifically told him to warn Sheng Nan to not mess with her wedding but since Sheng Nan has not listened then she will take her revenge on her boyfriend! Justin tries to explain that the whole thing was a misunderstanding (about Sheng Nan and him being a couple) but Sheng Nan calls Justin's phone at this most inopportune moment. Picking up Justin's phone, Vivienne yells "Hao Sheng Nan, I won't forgive you either" then promptly throws Justin's phone into the ocean. 

Finally fed up with Vivienne, Justin tells her that instead of blaming Sheng Nan, Vivienne should be thankful that she was rescued from a doomed marriage. 
Instead of firing back with more anger at Justin's harsh words, Vivienne breaks down in tears which turns Justin right back into the obliging man he was a moment ago.  

After presenting Vivienne a bag full of supplies that is suppose to help her in her quest to cry all of her frustration out, Justin tries to quickly extract himself from the sticky situation...until Vivienne grabs his leg and looks at him with her puppy face. 
The next morning, a rather stupefied Justin picks up a ringing phone and hands it to Vivienne when a polite receptionist asks for her by name. Suppressing their mutual shock to find themselves completely naked in bed together, our two leads exchanges morning pleasantries with forced normalcy. 
Of course things were a wee bit awkward when a very naked Justin gets out of the bed with only a pillow to cover his vital parts steps on Vivienne's gel bra. 

Unable to remember much other than a brief scene of himself leaning over Vivienne in bed, Justin decides it's time to go into his crisis management mode. Vivienne walks out of the bathroom to find a fully dressed Justin sitting at the breakfast table inviting her to dine with him. Things seems to be going exactly the way Justin wants especially when Vivienne assures him that she doesn't blame him for what happened last night. However, in the next second, Vivienne breaks into tears as she talks about the honeymoon she could be having if Sheng Nan hadn't spoiled her wedding. Flustered when Vivienne cries that she must deserve to be treated as a promiscuous woman, Justin tries to assure Vivienne that he has never thought of her that way. Before, Justin can finish assuring Vivienne though, the mood all the sudden changes again when Vivienne tells him that they should go to the police station. 
At first convinced Vivienne is going to drag him to the police station for what happened the night before, Justin is thoroughly confused when Vivienne tells him that she simply wanted to go to the police station to cancel her criminal charge against him. What's more, a very repentant Vivienne even voluntarily buys Justin a cell phone to replace the one she threw away. 

Bidding Justin goodbye, a pitiful Vivienne walks away from him after a desperate embrace. Smiling as she walks away, Vivienne counts "one, two...". As expected, Justin calls out and stops Vivienne from leaving.   
However, to Vivienne's disappointment, Justin only hands her his business card because "you are part of the group that will most likely get a divorce. So, come find me when you need my services OR I can even be your pre-martial consultant and help you write up a premarital agreement." 
Going back to their respective lives, Justin is immediately interrogated by his sister (Sheng Nan) of what exactly happened between him and Vivienne. When Justin refuses to say anything, Sheng Nan warns him that Vivienne is like a ferocious shark right now and will bit anyone within reach. 

Vivienne walks home and has to duck out of sight when she sees Mama Cai chasing Shu Hong out of her house. Simply glad to see her daughter, Mama Cai holds Vivienne and promises to carry her burden. 
Knowing full well that she really stepped over the line, Sheng Nan shows up at Vivienne's house to apologize for tricking all of Vivienne's exes into believing that she still loves them. Assuring Sheng Nan that she is okay, Vivienne even thank Sheng Nan for saving her from a doomed marriage. Utterly surprised by Vivienne's reaction, Sheng Nan tells her that maybe it's time for them to bury their hatchet. 

Bidding Sheng Nan goodbye, Vivienne sneers to herself "Forgive and forget? Ha! You wish."  
Remembering his sister's warning about Vivienne being a shark, Justin is confused by the friendly and polite texts Vivienne keeps sending him. Convinced that the only way to figure out what Vivienne is really up to is by remembering what happened "that" night, Justin tries to retrace his steps. Unfortunately, while Justin could remember that he got drunk with Vivienne and that they went to a hotel to change out of their drenched clothes after they took a dip in a water fountain, he could remember nothing else. 

In desperation, Justin turns to his friend's hypnosis skills to help him recover his lost memories. Waking up after his hypnosis to his friends' loathing expression, a confused Justin opens up a recording of himself during hypnosis. To Justin's great shock and dismay, the recording portrays a sordid memory of how Justin supposedly resorted to violence to force himself on Vivienne. 
Hilariously, Justin's memory wasn't exactly wrong but he was actually the one that submitted to Vivienne's threat of violence. In a flash back we see that Vivienne had purposefully gotten Justin drunk. Dragging Justin to a hotel, a very much sober Vivienne had tried to take off his cloth. Not cooperating, a drunken Justin waves his arms around in protest and hits Vivienne by accident. Frustrated and angry, Vivienne threatens Justin and proceeds to take off his cloth.  
Convinced he was in the wrong, poor Justin rushes to the hospital when Vivienne tells him that she is at the gynecology department. Burying his head in his hands when Vivienne informs him that she took an "after-morning pill" and thus confirming that they really did the deed, Justin is overwhelmed with self blame when Vivienne apologizes to him for dragging him out to drink that night. 

His heart melting when Vivienne confesses that she has been scared to be alone lately because of all the negative thoughts, Justin stops Vivienne from leaving and tells her that she doesn't need to pretend to be strong in front of him. 
Putting his jacket around Vivienne, Justin tells her "No matter what happens next. I will always be by your side." 
In a flashback we see that Justin has actually made several promises to Vivienne already. After their drinking binge, Justin plays around with Vivienne in a water fountain. Falling into the water with Vivienne, Justin tells her "I will always be by your side." 
In another flashback of that fateful night, Vivienne suddenly stops in the middle of wrestling with Justin's belt and wonders to herself "What am I doing? Why am I making myself so cheap? Is this really what I want?" Overwhelmed by sadness, Vivienne cries as Justin wrap his arms around her. Holding Vivienne tightly, Justin promises "Don't worry. No matter what happens. I will always be by your side." 

Oh, boy. Our two leads are sure playing a dangerous game with each other. Of course at this point our hero looks more like the sitting duck that is about to get smoked thanks to the war between Vivienne and his sister. I do harbor a tiny bit of concern that Vivienne's revenge plan seems to involve taking Sheng Nan's supposedly boyfriend away from her. We as the audience know that the whole thing was fake, but as far as Vivienne is concerned she is purposefully inserting herself into her nemesis's relationship. Of course, from the heroine's point of view she might actually be saving Sheng Nan since she has already caught Justin "cheating" with another girl already. 
By the way, so the show made it crystal clear that Vivienne had planned the whole hotel thing BUT I am a bit confused if she actually planned the whole naked part. In a flashback we saw that she was planning to take Justin's clothes off but as far as we could tell she wasn't even able to take Justin's belt off... so... how did they ended up naked the next morning?

Moreover, if Vivienne was the one that took both of their clothes off then why did she make such a shocked expression the next morning? Was that just the writer trying to throw us off at the beginning of the episode or is that really a prof that something else happened that wasn't in Vivienne's plan? 
ps. I know this wrist holding thing is really over used... but it melts me into a puddle every time! 


  1. Thanks for the recap, love your site and dramas you recommend. I also had problem with hotel scene. If he was drunk and she wasn't, that doesn't sit well with me, but how come it looks like she doesn't remember what happened when she woke.

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  3. Thanks for recapping this!!! If I did not saw this on your blog, I would not know how wonderful this drama is. :-)
    I'm also confused on that "night". I hope the issue will be cleared next episode.

  4. can't wait for ep 4 tonight!!

  5. This was confusing at first for me as well. But!! Im pretty sure something really did happen that night. Vivienne might have planned it at first but we all saw that she stopped half way in taking Justin's clothes off and broke down to tears. Then the episode ended of the two of them hugging. Plus she wouldn't have been that shocked to see herself and Justin naked in bed. I was thinking that Justin and his office minions haven't finished the video recording and they only saw the part when Vivienne is initiating it on a drunk Justin.

    This whole confusion thing if something really did happen scares me that Vivienne might end up being pregnant while both she and even Justin is thinking and I might be very sure that nothing happened that night.

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